Together we are everything :twinj promo sneak peek

It’s shown a big Mansion there u can hear a girl singing the bajan (she is wearing a pink saree ) her face is shown she is twinkle near her a man is standing its of course kunj (he is wearing a red shirt and blue jeans ).
All are there in the pooja room she gives prasad to everyone and atlast she goes to usha , usha takes the arati plate from her and throws it . everyone is shocked especially kunj
Bebee shouts usha …….
Twinkle cries and goes to her room , Anita sees this and gets happy

So why did usha BEHAVE LIKE this with twinkle ????? what’s the reason ??? Is Anita behind all this ???
Wait and see together we are everything : twinj
Starts from March 11th

And guys there is a good news from tashan e. Ishq kunj and twinkle starts to have feelings for each other everywhere kunj sees twinkle and twinkle sees kunj wait for it

I hope they will confess their love soon and mahi will be attempting to kill twinkle ???? I know all are freaked out lets wait and watch wats gonna happens
Hope you all liked the sneak peek
Love you

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  1. Amazing…waiting for next part

  2. mind blowing episode

  3. nic intro waiting for episode

  4. Nice plse update nxt part soon

  5. amazing promo continue soon

  6. Wonderful promo nd thanks for the news Twinkle

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