Together we are everything :twinj (episode 9)

Hi guys , I hope everyone likes the Current track

Scene 1
Naina is in her room , and thinking about Anita aunty , kunj comes there
K: hello drama queen what are you thinking
N: kunj , stop teasing me I am really tensed
K: twinkle , why are you getting tensed when your sweet husband is with you
N: you are too much kunj
K: really ?? He gets closer to her

She takes each step back , she gets stopped by the wall , he pins her up and holds her by waist , she closes her eyes he kisses , and she cluthes his shirt and they were about have a lip to lip kiss , kunj’s phone rings and he lossens her waist and she runs from there ( funny tune plays)

Scene 2
The haldi function starts kunj comes down ( he is wearing a yellow kurta and a white Patiala pant) looking so hot , he is waiting for naina , suddenly a car stops a lady comes out of the car , she is Anita , then a man comes out he is surjeet and a man comes out he is cherry , Beebe and usha welcomes them , kunj fakes to act nice . suddenly wind starts to blow fast , kunj sees naina coming ( she is wearing a yellow anarkali churidhar ) and looking so dam gorgeous , kunj couldn’t take his eyes from her , cherry sees her and opens his mouth , she acts as if she is seeing them for the first time and acts sweet .

Scene 3
Everyone puts haldi on chinki’s face , it was naina’s turn and she puts and cherry was looking at her in a bad way , kunj sees this and takes naina to another side ,
K: be careful
N: what happened ?
K: cherry is not so good
N: oh Mr.possessive husband , don’t be jealous I am only yours 🙂
K: Ok, so you are not applying haldi on my face ?
N: actually now I am not interested and look my hands with get destroyed
K:really ????

She starts to come towards him , kunj was stunned by her action , she comes close to him and rub her cheeks to his ( be

Precap: kunj comes to naina’s room , and hugs her , usha opens the door and is shocked

Credit to: Twinkle


  1. Aarti

    Oh now dis Usha will start dreaming of Kunj n naina’s marriage so dat she can eliminate Twinkle from Kunj’s life..but 4 her misfortune naina is Twinkle herself..

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