Together we are everything :twinj (episode 8)

Hi guys , so I will continue

Scene 1
Naina and kunj is walking in the road ,
N: so…..
K: I wanted to tell you something
N: ya go on
K: I……
K: I love you !!!!
N: what ???
K:ya I love you so much
N: really so will you marry me ?
K:ya sure
N: but …. U are already married
K: what ?????
N: Yes, with twinkle taneja , before you lost your memory
K:b….bu…… But
N: yes Mr . kunj sarna
She walks in fornt , kunj stands there in shock some negatives flashes through his mind suddenly a car hits him , naina was shocked she goes near him and calls a taxi and takes him to hospital.

Scene 2
Doctors does treatment to kunj and he gets fine and changes him to a room
Kunj is asleep , and naina is siting near him a tear dropped from naina’s eyes kunj wakes up due to her tears , naina clears her tears and gets up to go , but kunj holds her hand
N: what do you want ?
K: u are my twinkle right ?
She turns back and she is surprised she hugs him , he hugs her back
K: twinkle I am so sorry twinkle , my memory …… I can’t remember
T: its ok now you are feeling better right ? And cups his face
K: yes twinkle
T: kunj I want to ask you something?
K: I know what you want to ask , that day it was Anita aunty who hitted us with a iron rod and ………………….
T: kunj …… But why ??
K: we have to find out
T: lets go home , now
K: but I am meeting u after many months , lets have romance for sometime yaar
T: first you become fine , then let’s do romancing ok , now lets go home come and one more thing no one should know that I am twinkle we have to act until we bring out Anita aunty’s truth .

Scene 3
Naina and kunj reaches home , Beebe enquires them about where were they and the bandage in kunj’s head , they manage to tell that he slipped and goes to their room .
Naina goes to her room and goes to change she comes out ( she is wearing a pink one piece top and a black sweat pants) and goes to bed and sits there , suddenly she sees someone’s shadow she gets scared and shouts before she could kunj closes her mouth with his hands and tells drama queen its me , she gets relief and asks what did you call me drama queen ???? She starts to hit him with pillow they both falls down ( ishq wala love plays) all the feathers falls on them , she asks why did you come here ? He tells her that he came to say good night , she tells Ok and tells him to go to his room , she insists and he goes.

Scene 4
Naina is laying in the bed , her phone beeps it was kunj’s message they both chat with each other and sleeps .

Precap: Anita , surjeet and cheery comes to Sarna house and cheery flirts with naina , kunj gets jealous and haldi

Credit to: Twinkle


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