Together we are everything :twinj (episode 5)

Hi guys so I was happy with your response ,

Scene 1
Mahi opens the door and she is shocked and hugs her saying naina , she brings her inside the house and calls out everyone , everyone is shocked to see her , mahi introduce her to everyone.
M: Beebe , maa this is Naina talwar my best friend from London
N: hi I mean sorry namaste ,
B: namaste putar
U: namaste putar
N: oh di , is the hot wala my jiju (in mahi’s ears)
M: shut up u
N:hi jiju
Uv: mahi(he is confused)

M: she is my best friend , she was my roommate naina
Uv:oh hi naina
N: hi jiju
Uv: why are you calling me jiju
N: I have learnt that sister’s husband is sister’s jiju right ? Mahi oops di
M: actually, she is younger to me a d she considers me as her own sister .
Kunj comes down (he is wearing a red shirt and blue jeans , looking hot as always )
M:kunj , she is my friend came from London
Kunj extends his hands for a hand shake, naina extends her hands too and have a shake hand (This time some negatives flash through his mind , he leaves it as he gets stressed )
N: hi, I am naina talwar
K: hi , kunj sarna
B: OK , putar she will be tried and mahi putar take her to guest room
M: ji Beebe

Scene 2
Naina and mahi goes to room , they get inside mahi closes the door and asks twinkle are you OK dear , I was scared a lot , I am OK di , after all I am twinkle kunj sarna . they hug each other and have a sister moments suddenly someone knocks the door , mahi goes and check it was Beebe , she comes inside and hugs twinkle and tells I was really scared twinkle tells her that she has came to win back her love and to find out who was behind the accident , I am sure kunj had seen the person’s face , first we have to bring back kunj’s memory back and then ……. , she gets emotional and hugs them .

Scene 3
Twinkle/naina comes down to have breakfast ( she is wearing a white sleeve top and pink jeans ) , she greets everyone , kunj comes down ( he is wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans) and sits near naina/twinkle (as that was the only place vacent ) leela comes there (as mahi called her ) and sits near twinkle/naina , mahi introduce leela to naina/twinkle and twinkle gets emotional but controls . Everyone starts to eat , leela sees n/t (naina/twinkle) asks her what happened , why she hasn’t started to eat , she tells her that she is looking for a spoon as she never ate with hand , mahi hides and spoons and she tells leela to fed n/t ,she agrees and feeds her , tears drop from n/t eyes .

Precap : twinkle/naina sits behind kunj’s bike and goes for shopping , and their small nok -joks

Credit to: Twinkle


  1. Rashi verma

    Had twinkle undergone plastic surgery….????
    Can’t wait when twinj start feeling for each other…

  2. shreshtha

    Esha I have a best friend Esha.Is it esha khan from south Africa???Soooooooooooooooooooo sorry for asking but I NEED TO KNOW!!!

  3. fiona

    twinkle episode was mind blowing

    and i am warning you to not to stop your fanfiction

    please post new FF fast

    thanx for your mind blowing FF

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