Together we are everything :twinj (episode 4)


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Scene 1
Everyone get up in the morning and start their work , kunj goes to college and uv goes to his office , twinkle comes to kitchen (she is wearing a blue churidhar) and starts her work she gets a message (its not shown ) she gets shock and goes somewhere in a hurry .
Kunj was going to college in his bike ( he is wearing a yellow shirt and blue jeans ) , he gets and message and gets shocked he also get hurry to go somewhere.

Scene 2
Twinj reaches the place it’s a mountain area and near a cliff , both come near the cliff , twinj are shocked to see each other , before they could say something someone hits twinj with a iron rod and they faint someone laughs evilly and goes from there . Mahi gets worried as where is twinkle ? Uv calls mahi and say something , mahi gets shocked and dropped the phone , Beebe comes and asks what happened , she gets shattered and says k….ku……kunj aur twinkle , everyone starts to cry and runs to the hospital.

Scene 3
Uv is waiting outside the ICU ,everyone runs to him mahi asks about twinkle ,uv tells her that twinkle is not found nowhere , mahi is hell shocked and go to a corner and cries , uv consoles her. The doctor comes and informs manohar that kunj got a memory loss because of the injury is on the Nevers . everyone starts to cry , leela , usha , Beebe asks uv about twinkle , uv tells them that twinkle is nowhere found in that area . Everyone cries badly .

Scene 4
1 month later kunj is shifted to room and everyone decides to not give him any stress as its bad for his health. Everyone tries to make kunj remember his past but he couldn’t and the doctor said don’t give him tension.

6 months later

It’s a pleasant morning and a car stop infornt of sarna Mansion the door of the car opens a leg steps out (drama Queen from hasee toh phasse play’s in BG) her pink sneakers she comes out of the car (her face is not shown yet) her wavey hairs , she removes her glasses her beautiful eyes are shown , then its zoomed to her baby pink lips , (she is wearing a blue jeans and baby pink sleeve top and a white net coat ) she comes and rings the door bell , mahi comes and opens the door and she is shocked

Precap : who is she ? What’s she doing in sarna house

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Credit to: Twinkle

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  1. I guess its twinkle….btw nice epi dear…post the next 1 soon

  2. Nice Twinkle!!!Hey is your name really twinkle or do you really like Twinkle???

    1. My pet name is twinkle , my real name is naina

  3. Nice epi…….i think the lady must be twinkle

    1. Thank you

  4. I guess it must be our twinkle… ur ff is awsm yaar

    1. Thx yaar

  5. apni TwiNki h

    1. Thank you

  6. Meenat Abubakar

    I guess d gal is twinkle, and d episode is just superb

  7. Muskan{News reporter}

    Hmmm i guess tWinkle anyways ff was good.

  8. Nice….

  9. I guess it will. Not b twinkl……..btw episode was nice ut not too long

  10. Guys I was a silent reader.I am from South africa .Namsta everybody!!!

  11. it must be twinkle but what happened in 6 months

  12. Yaa it’ll b twinkle I guess..btw d episode was awesome

  13. Who are you thanking twinkle??

  14. I guess it’s twinkle … It is awesome

  15. Awesome ….I guess that girl is twinkle ….luved it…

  16. I am finally on holiday!!!When do you guys go on holiday?????????

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