Together we are everything :twinj (episode 2)


Hi guys I am not so happy with the response , I wish I get good comments as I have planned many things for this ff in nights .I wish everyone likes it , please comment.
Scene 1
The episode starts with kunj going to college in his bike and he gets a call , he picks it and he is shocked ,he tries to call twinkle but she is not taking the phone .he gets so tensed and goes to Sarna Mansion , everyone has gone to gurudwar but twinkle didn’t go as she had a head ache , he gets inside the house and shouts twinkle , twinkle comes down , he starts shouting her for not taking his phone and tells her how much tensed he was

K:twinkle why can’t you understand, how tensed I was ???
T:kunj why are you getting so dam angry ? Why are you getting this much tensed ? Why do u care for me so much ?
K: twinkle because I love you i love you so much that I can’t even see you in pain for a sec , yes twinkle I love you
Twinkle is hell shocked and gets happy hearing this
Kunj was stunned when he remembers what he said
Twinkle hugs him and says

T: I love you too kunj
Kunj and twinkle have a passionate hug and plan to have a plan to meet today night and make it a special day .

Scene 2

Everyone comes from gurudwar and sees kunj home and asks why he is hear
B: kunj putar u went to college na how did you come here
K: Beebe actually today in our college we have strike so no classes so I came back home
B:teke putar , twinkle putar please get some juice
T: ji beebe
Kunj was about to go to kitchen when Beebe stops him
B: kunj putar where are you going?
K: Beebe I want some water
B: wait putar she is bring na don’t worry ur twinkle will not go anywhere

Scene 3
Twinkle remembers how kunj confessed his love and blushes, mahi comes and sees this
M: omg seriously my dear sister , u r blushing
T: nothing di , I was just ………
M: don’t worry it’s OK
T: where is jiju?
M: he has gone to office
T:ok di , let me go and serve this juice to them

Twinkle takes a bath and comes and selects the dress to wear she thinks when kunj sees me in this saree , he will be mesmerized . twinkle gets ready and combs her hair ( she is wearing a pink and blue saree with white backless blouse , a diamond necklace and earrings , and her hair is curled in fornt and behind its wavey) she is looking so dam gorgeous. Kunj comes from washroom and changes his dress and imagine his big day with his twinkle . he is wearing a black suit .

Scene 4
Twinkle reaches the venue and looks for kunj , she finds a beautiful room wiht romantic date set up, and a bed decorated for their sugharat. When she sees the bed she blushes .
Twinkle sees kunj coming , she smiles and is happy , they come closer and have a wild lip lock . kunj makes twinkle sit on the chair and pours wine in the glass , twinkle eyes him lovingly. They drink kunj makes her wear a ring . they come closer to each other and hug passionately. When they were having a hug kunj unties twinkle’s Dori and takes her in her arms and makes her lay on the bed then he offs the light and they get intimate.
Twinkle wakes up in the morning and sees she is sleeping on kunj and both are naked .
She shies and covers herself and goes to the wash room .

Scene 5

Twinkle gets a bath and comes out , (she is wearing a blue churidhar, ) she comes informt of the mirror and with respect she is about to wear the sindoor , but kunj comes and makes her wear sindoor on her forehead. Twinkle gets overwhelmed with this and had pride tears in her eyes . she hugs him and says kunj I love you . he hugs her back and tells her he loves her more .

Scene 6

Twinj reaches sarna Mansion , usha enquires about them where did they go yesterday before they could give answer Beebe says usha Rani lets them enjoy . twinj goes to their room .

Precap : chinki and anand comes to Sarna house ( uv’s and kunj’s cousins) , twinkle welcomes them and twinj romance

Credit to: Twinkle

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