Together we are everything :twinj (episode 11) Holi Special


Hi guys , hope all had and bash yesterday , so I will and this is a holi special episode

Scene 1
The mehandi function starts everyone has changed their cloths naina comes there ( she is wearing a modern lacha saree in yellow , red , orange , pink , blue and green colour )
She comes and sits beside chinki , kunj comes ( he is wearing a orange kurta and yellow pant ) , naina starts to put mehandi on chinki’s hand , the girls cracks jokes and laughs naina laughs and kunj is mesmerized in her beauty her hair starts flying , when he see her laughing kunj was like in heaven , suddenly uv calls him and he comes to his senses
Anita comes and tells rudely to the palour girl to put mehandi on her hand and that to the latest design , naina thinks and smiles naughtyly.

Scene 2
Anita : what are you waiting for put
Palour girl: ok madam

A: it should be better than the bride’s
PG : sure madam
She puts mehandi and Anita goes . It was naina’s turn to put mehandi and she sits , the palour girl puts mehandi ( it looks so beautiful , it was a modern design )
N: wow , thank you so much di it looks beautiful
PG: for the first time someone called me di , and gave me respect , thank you so much , she gets teary eyes and naina wipes and makes her laugh , kunj sees this and thinks she is turely amazing and I love her so much …… He smiles to himself , suddenly Anita screams everyone goes there
A: see this what happened to my beautiful hand , it got ruined look at the colour
Naina smriks and remember what she did
Anita was shouting at the palour girl to put mehandi nicely , she sees this and goes and put ink and some paste and when someone applies it in her hands it ruins the design .
Fb ends

Scene 3
Kunj drags Naina to a side , and closes the door
N: kunj , kunj leave me
K: did you do that
N:yes off course , she tells him everything how she treated the palour girl and
Kunj laughs badly
N:kunj , see the mehandi in my hands howzzzzz it ???
K:so beautiful

N:really ??
K: it became more beautiful when it was applied to your hand
N: hmmmmmmmmmm my husband has turned more romantic
K: so what I have all right to romance with you
N: really , then find k letter in my hand
He takes her hand and she feels butterflies in her stomach and he starts to check after sometime , he shows her the letter k which was really tiny written on her hand she gets surprised
K: Ok, now Mrs .twinkle kunj sarna , now I will get something from you
N: what ???? I don’t have anything
K: really , he gets closer to her and holds her by her waist
N: Ku….. Kunj ,

K:shsssssssss , he feels her face with his , they were totally lost in each other they were I soul and 2 bodies , he kisses her on her eyes , neck , forehead , and then they were finally about to meet by their lips but someone knocks the door , naina go and opens the door it was mahi , before she could say something she puts colour on her and says happy holi they share a siso moments. Naina takes some and looks evilly at kunj

Scene 4
She comes near kunj and is about to put colour on his face , he falls down she gets tensed and keeps the colour down and shouts kunj to get up , she keeps her head on his chest and cries Suddenly
N:kunj kunj
He takes colour and applies on her face and tells her happy holi meri pyaari patni
N:kunj its not fair , no it’s not fair , that was the last packet
K: sorry , twinkle lets go outside
N: ok …,.

They come out twinkle comes and sees full garden with colours , water balloons and all and twinkle gets excited , they go and change and wear white cloths and comes
They all celebrate and have fun , balam pichkari and dances on that , she thinks of something to bring out anita’s truth and tells to kunj , he goes somewhere and shows thumbs up to twinkle , they both smiles

Precap : twinj dances on dilliwali girl friend and naina gets intimate , leela sees this comes and rises her hand to slap naina but kunj stops her ………..

What was twinj’s plan to bring out anita’s truth , stay tuned
Guys please comment if you are liking the story or else I will end my ff

Credit to: Twinkle

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  1. Awsome yar keep it up

  2. I think they will make Anita drink BHAANG & bring out her truth……. Plzzzz update soon……

  3. Muskan{News reporter}

    Great episode.

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