Together we are everything :twinj (episode 10)

Hi guys so hope all are liking the current track

Scene 1
Naina is in her room , changing she suddenly feels a hand on her shoulder , she shouts it was our hero kunj ,
K: twinkle why are you worrying like this ???
N: u always have a reason to scare me and tell that I am a drama queen
K:chill babe
N:wait a sec , when did you start calling me babe ?????

K: as you changed to naina talwar , I changed my ways too
By saying this he keeps his hands in her shoulder
N: after , I went for approximately 1 year , u became a flirt !!!
K:twinkle listen to me
Suddenly twinkle sees a lizard , she screams and hugs kunj
Kunj thinks : this is the best moment , I am make her understand ,
K: twinkle dear don’t worry I am here right ,
She hugs him more tightly .

Scene 2
Manohar tells to usha to get kunj’s signature in some documents , on the way to usha hears some noise from naina’s room and sees kunj and naina hugging , she gets surprised first then she thinks let it be as naina is the perfect girl , she smiles to herself and goes , kunj asks naina
K: so whats plan for tonight
N: what plan sleeping is my plan , I don’t know about u
K: really I also love sleeping , especially with you
N:really , but I am not interested in sleeping with you
K: twinkle please yaar , twinkle yaar
N: kunj please understand stand the situation , ……..
K: ok , he gets more closer to her
N: kunj ….. Why are you getting closer huh???huh???
He comes closer to her ears , she closes her eyes he tells in her ears
K: good night twinkle
(Funny tune plays )

Scene 3
It’s morning everyone is engaged in some or other work as its chinki’s mehandi
Kunj( he is wearing a blue shirt and white jeans) goes to naina’s room but doesn’t see her, then he comes down and sees her talking with cherry , naina ( she is wearing a blue long top and white leggings)

C: naina ji , u are really funny
N thinks : oh , this idiot is toooo much now he will start to touch me also what if kunj sees this ??? Babaji please help me !!!

C: why are you not speaking anything
N: nothing bhaiya
C: bhaiya ?
N : ha , Beebe told me we have to call our brothers bhaiya
Cherry feels embarrassed , and goes from there , kunj sees this and smiles
Naina sees kunj and goes to him , he acts angry
N: kunj ……
K:what you want ?
She takes him aside and gives him and kiss , he smiles and shows his other cheek too she kisses that also , she makes him laugh and they share a cute moment and hug each other

Precap: mehandi , twinj romance with mehandi and prank on Anita

Credit to: Twinkle


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