Together we are everything :twinj (episode 1)

Hi guys I know I will post it from 11th but still I am posting one episode as my exams only finish on 13th .
Scene 1
The episode starts with a girl coming from bathroom drying her hair . The next scene is shown the girl is sitting infornt of the mirror and doing make up .(her face is revealed she is twinkle) , she starts saying kunj to get up as its already late he have to go to college . a person brings his blanket down and blocks sunlight but his hand his face is revealed kunj. Twinkle starts to blabber saying that he is always late , but kunj is busy in staring at her ( she is wearing a blue and purple churidhar , with her hair curled infornt ). She gives him his dress and tells him to get ready and come down .

Scene 2

Twinkle is arranging the dinning table and usha and Beebe praises her , twinkle calls out mahi its shown a girl’s leg then lips then eyes then its shown mahi (she is not wearing glasses) (she is wearing a red churidhar , and her hair is left open).mahi comes and greets everyone , Beebe says that usha got 2 good bahus . that time a voice came saying what about us its uv and kunj . kunj comes down and says the reason behind the good bahus are that we are their husband ,
T: well its not like that Mr . kunj sarna and pushes him
Kunj brings his eye brows up

Scene 3
Twinkle and mahi serves food for everyone and kunj teases twinkle saying the curry has so much salt

K: twinkle what’s this , is this panner or salt curry
B: what’s it kunj putar , the curry is perfectly fine
T: look Beebe he is always like this
And starts their nok joks Beebe stops them
All finish their food , kunj goes to college uv goes to office

Scene 4

Twinkle is cutting veggies suddenly her hand gets a cut , mahi comes and tells her concentration is somewhere else .
M:twinkle what are you thinking ?
M: oh oh kunj han
Twinkle comes backs to her senses and tells nothing and goes upstairs. Mahi tells to herself oh meri twinkle siso , something is fishy .

Precap :someone tells kunj that twinkle got accident , he tries calling to the number but she is not taking phone , he gets tensed , kunj comes home and shouts at twinkle saying how tensed he was , twinkle asks him what happened why is he so angry , if something happened to u then I would have died , I love you twinkle ?????

Please comment guys howzzz my episode , and I made the confession early because there is gonna have a lot of twists ……

Credit to: Twinkle


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