PRECAP: Rudra starts caring for Soumya their fight is over…. Anika and Shivaay romance at the hotel room…
ishana and om,Avantika starts packing for their trip to Hong Kong….

i have been getting lots of comments… so yes i did make the ff lot diff from many other ff because i want people to read my ff not my ff that is similar to other… sorry let me get started with the ff…

Anika is ready and is wearing a above knee length tight nude pink dress with stomach cutouts and nude pink strap heels and curled hair and a nude pink clutch and jewelerys
Shivaay is waiting laying his back on the wall and says how long will u take? its been over 2 hours
A: since we r going to a restaurant i have to look good…
S: no….not anymore…. we gonna stay home now….

A: so u got me ready even after knowing i take time? ugh!!! im gonna kill u!!!
Shivaay laughs and says fine… hurry up tho!!
they start leaving
Pinky comes there and says wait… where r u going? its been a lot time… Shivaay u said to dadi that u will give her a baby on her lap after u get married…but what?
S: umm…and stares at pinky signing her not to say anything more
Anika is trying to keep her laughings inside but says lets go…
Shivaay yes lets go
At the Hotel
A: u said we were going to the restaurant!!
S: umm change in plans, lets become one tonight?
A: is this about pinky ma
S: ummm
A: ur serious?

S: yes…
A: i thought u weren’t ready….
Shivaay kisses Anika on the lips inrupting
they have a long passionate kiss they undress each other
they go on the bed and they get intimate….
Oberoi Mansion
Ishkara and avantika is at Romya’s room planning to go to hong kong
Romya: wheres shivaaay bai and anika di?
OM: they went to a restaurant
Ishana: oh? should we book 7 tickets?
Rudra: Lets takes the private jet if we r taking shivery…
Soumya: For real? i can’t even with u!! ishana is om ever this greedy..?
They all go to their respective room and fall asleep

In the Hotel

Shivaay wakes up and looks at Anika who is still sleeping
Shivaay remembers last night and smiles
Anika wakes up and sees the time and says oh no!! we have to go back home…
Shivaay says why?
Anika says we have to go to hong kong tonight everyone in the house is waiting for us…
Shivaay: why? we will leave at night its enough time…
Anika: fine! u tell them an excuse why we did we not come home last night
Shivaay: fine i will!

Precap: Anika and Shivaay gets some news they hug and Anika cries a lot and says Shivaay..this is tears of happiness….Shivaay gets tensed and says this can’t happen

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