hey guys im new at this ff so everyone is married btw
Shivaay and Anika
Ishana and Om
Soumya and Rudra
Hope u guys like it

In the Oberoi mansion
Anika is making tea
Shivaay comes there and covers Anika’s eye
Shivaay: Guess who it is?
Anika: if u want people to be confuse use a different voice….Shivaayyy
Shivaay: shit!! eh whatever
A: so what do u want?
S: what do u mean? and sits on the counter
A: really? and holds his ear
S: not the face!!! sorry…
A: now tell me the truth…
S: i have a son
A: what?!!! and eats him with a carrot
S: sorry….im kidding… get ready tonight by 8…we r going out for dinner
A: thats wht u were hesitating…
Shivaay comes behind Anika and hugs her waist and says its not easy for mens…
A: leave me….anyone will come
Ishkara comes there and Rudra is with them
R: guys get a room
Shivaay leaves Anika
Anika laughs and Shivaay says it’s nothing…. and shut up!! and where is Soumya
R: don’t even talk about that sumo wrestler….!!
Ishana: they had another fight
shivery: maybe u should worry about that…
R: shut up!!

Everyone is in the kitchen except for Soumya
Soumya comes there hiding something behind her back…
R: Sumo wrestler is here
S: listen… rudra…
R: no!! i can’t believe u started wearing these clothes…
S: but listen to….being interrupted by Rudra again
R: I don’t care anymore…. u…u.. sumo wrestler
Soumya starts crying and drops the pregnancy test and runs to her room…
Everyone sees the paper on the floor…
Rudra picks it up and sees Soumya is pregnant!!!
om: what did u do?
Ishana: stress can harm the baby and Soumya
Avantika comes there and says muma??
Ishkara: what happened beta?
( guys yes they have a daughter that is 4 years old)
Avantika: muma… soum…Aunti crying
OM: what?
ishana: say it again?
Avantika: soumi Aunti crying
Ishana: soumya Auntie is crying?
Avantika: yes…and nods her head
om picks Avantika up and ishana and anika goes to Soumya

PRECAP: Rudra starts caring for Soumya their fight is over…. Anika and Shivaay romance at the hotel room…
ishana and om,Avantika starts packing for their trip to Hong Kong….

plaza comment if it was good

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  1. Hey its different and amazing plzz upload fast …eagerly waiting for another

  2. It’s really good and I agree with piya that it’s different. Please update the next episode asap.

  3. Akshaya

    Different but I want to see the real stupid Singh oberoi

  4. Goms

    Yes it’s different… But plz make it lengthier..

  5. Goms

    Yes it’s different… But plz make it lengthier..Maya

  6. Ananya7044

    its nice update asap all the best waiting for more

  7. Sat

    Very nice . Please continue and update ASAP

  8. Adhya

    It’s Nice…Mayaa….! but something different…om has child before Shivay has? That’s plz continue and upload next episode soon..plz

  9. Incredible… something unique… keep rocking !!

  10. Awesome episode ..I hope you show how Thai all happend ..means how they got married and all…

  11. Jasminerahul

    why r u not updating Romihka ff?miss it very badly.plz update it

    1. MAYA444

      girl..u read my other ff’s i love u!!! now i will post for u jasminerahul

      1. Jasminerahul

        i dont watch this show.i read yhm ffs.thats y plz finish romika ff.dont discont it

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