Because being together is enough (episode 2)


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It was 10 o clock and shivanya was not back from office . devyani (ishivanya’s mom) gets restles and says ishu , why is shivu not back , she usually comes by 9 o clock itself . ishitha says mumma , this is too much , sometimes I come home at 11 or 11:30 and u don’t care at all . devyani says ishu , shut up , u know I love u both equally . ishitha says sab pata hai mujhe , u like her more than me . devyani thinks , how can I tell ishu that I have promised them that I will take care of shivanya more than my daughter ishu also . shivanya comes , devyani says , u r not going anywhere after this ok . It is already 11 o clock and don’t try to go to office again , shivanya says ok , I will not go after this ok ? devyani says ok . shivanya hugs her . ishitha says ab bhi mujhe bhool gayi , devyani says pagal , yahan ao and hugs both her daughters

The next day…
Shivanya says nia , u r late again . nia says I am sorry mam ,shivanya says r the papersready . nia says which papers mam ? shivanya says those papers which r to be sent to raheja industries . nia says sorry mam , btw u have a meeting wid raheja industries . shivanya says u r not fit to be in my office , u r telling all these things now . nia says mam the meeting is at 2 pm , u still have time . shivanya says ok , I will handle . kyun gussa nikalti rehti ho is bechari pe ? nia smiles seeing siddarth standing there . shivanya sees this and says tum jao . shivanya slaps sid on his head and says kya hoga thera , do u know anything other than flirting wid girls . sid says kya hoga tera ? when will u settle in life , when will u marry , u r already 25 . shivanya says no ,I am not . I am 24 and I am gonna become 25 soon .

Meanwhile devyani is seen seeing the calander , she says what , only one month left for shivanya to become 25 . omg , what will I do now and gets teary eyed . I promised them , will I be able to keep up the promise ? shivanya says hamesha shadi , shadi , shadi ,aur kuch ata hai tujhe, I thought u will ginish ur studies and help me in business but no , u want to marry somebody and settle . shivanya says why don’t u call me di or didi , something wid respect , u give a lot of respect to ishu di . sid says I don’t feel like giving u respect . ok then where should I drop u ? shivanya says ya , drop me near raheja industries . sid says no car , I will take u only by bike , is it ok ? shivanya says , ok whatever , I don’t have my car, its wid the mechanic , that’s why I called u . sid says chalo

Precap : rivanya’s first meet
Why is devyani so worried abt shivanya , what is so special abt shivanya becoming 25

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  3. Jasminerahul

    So shivanya is not devayanis daughter. Then whose daughter is shivanya?did devayani promise to reveal the truth to shivanya when she turns 25 and to return her to her real parents? Shivanya did scenes r cool.waiting for rivanya meeting. Waiting for ishra scenes too

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