Because being together is enough (episode 1)


Here is the first episode . first of all , I am really sorry for the delay in updating , I was actually busy wid my studies . for those who have not read the character sketch . here is the link :

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A beautiful girl is seen working on her laptop very seriously . suddenly another cute girl comes nd closes the laptop . the girl says sid , just go out . why r u spoiling my work and turns back and gets shocked . she says di , u ? stupid cant u see I am working . the other girl says u r stupid shivu , how much time will u work , it is already 1 : 30 and as I have already said u a person needs atleast 6 hours of sleep cutie . yes the first girl was shivanya . shivanya says ishu di , pls don’t start ur doctori gyan . I will sleep within ten min ok ? ishu nods her head but takes the laptop and goes running . shivanya comes running behind and says ishu di , give me mylaptop back or else . ishitha says or else what will u do . shivanya finally catches ishitha and they both go to sleep as per ishu’s instructions .

The next morning
A handsome young man is getting ready , he Is dressed in a elegant black suit . another handsome , cute man comes inside and says raman bhaiya chale . yes the man was raman . raman says what , ritik , u will not come to office today , u r not feeling well and u r trying to come wid me to office never . I will tell this to choti ma . ritik says ok , I will not go to office today and ya bhaiya today we have a meeting wid our foreign clients . raman says fine . take care of urself . don’t try to do any office work sitting here , ritik smiles and hugs raman and then raman leaves for office

Meanwhile a beautiful lady is seen getting dressed , she gets dressed wid full make up and goes to ritik’s room wid the soup. She sees ritik doing work and says ritik beta I told u not to do work . ritik says ma, u ? yes the lady was yamini . she says han ritik I knew u would be working . ritik smiles . he says love u ma . yamini says I love u too beta and ya now eat this and feeds soup .

A girl greets raman when he enters the office and she asks sir? Ritik sir… actually everytime he comes wid u . today , he did not come wid u ? why sir ? raman gives a stern look and says it is none of ur business , he will not come today , that is all u need to know and goes from there . the girl says are , what is this yar , the office will look empty without him yar ?

To be continued…….

Guys this was just like a intro of the characters . soon all the mysteries will start to unravel . please comment . thanks a lot for reading this ff

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  1. Jasminerahul

    I was waiting for this ff. Shivanya ishita scene was very cute.both have the mannerisms of business woman and a doctor. Raman ritik. .yamini ritik were nice.who is the girl who is missing ritik in the office?

    1. thanks a lot di

  2. Kumud


    1. thank u

  3. it’s nice

    1. thank u

    1. thank u

  4. Cynthia

    Very nice di, pls update ur yrkkh and dabh2 ff soon, I really miss it… Every time I go to tellyupdates I always look for ur ffs especially those. And how r u?

    1. thanks a lot dear . really sorry for not posting those ffs . will update yrkkh by today and dabh ff will be posted by tmrw . i was very busy wid my studies , thats why i could not write any ffs , got some time and wrote this . i am fine dear , how r u ?

      1. Cynthia

        Its ok I was just asking, I am also fine. Good luck with ur studies.

  5. Siddhi

    It’s really lovely loved it

    1. thanks a lot

      1. Siddhi

        Do read my os naagin (os) impossible love as this os is for naagin os competition then please please please read and comment if you liked it

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