Because being together is enough (character sketch )

Hi guys , this is a ff on ishra and my favourite couple rivanya . I used to write a ff called ishra and rivanya . I stopped it in the middle . jasmine rahul di suggested me to continue the ff , though this ff is not completely based on the plot , it is somewhat similar to it . thanks a lot jasmine Rahul di . this is dedicated to u and all the ishra and rivanya fans

Here is a character sketch of all the characters

Raheja family
Raman raheja : owner of raheja industries , loves his chacha ,chachi a lot . he is a very short tempered rude man who only cares about business but loves his family a lot .27 years old
Ritik raheja : sweet and dashing young man , loves his family and bhaiya a lot . owner of raheja industries ,is 25 years old . he is so handsome and calm and sweet that every girl will want a husband like him
Ankush raheja : father of ritik. Loves his son ritik a lot . he has a past and his past will be revealed soon
Yamini raheja (played by sudha chandran ): mother of ritik. she is a caring mother who lovesher children very much . she has a past and her past will be revealed soon
Shanta raheja (played by kshitee jog who portrays the role of devyani in yrkkh) : a very loving mother , loves all the family members , she lost her husband at a very young age . her family is everything for her . loves ritik a little more than raman and riana though he is not her son . (she has a past , that will be revealed soon )
Riana raheja (played by lovey sasan ) : is in her first year of college . loved by all the family members but the most by her raman and ritik bhaiya . she is the sweetest member of the family .

Mehra family
Ishitha mehra : a doctor , she does not believe in any supernatural or superstitious things , loves her family and specially her sister a lot . very quite and calm . totally opposite to raman . she is 26 years old
Shivanya mehra : she is the owner of mehra industries , which ran in the leadership of shivatsav mehra (ishitha and shivanya’s father ) . after shivatsav’s death , shivanya only took care of the company and raised the company to great heights . she is 25 years old
Devyani mehra (played by lata shabarwal ) : she is a very family oriented women . loves her daughters a lot but shivanya a little more than ishitha .she is over protective towards her daughter for some reason (she too has a past that will be revealed soon )
Siddharth mehra (played by pratap hada ) : very fun loving guy . the younger bro of ishitha and shivanya . studies In college

Guys please comment . thanks a lot for taking ur time nd reading my ff .

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  1. Intro of character is super. continue ya

    1. Thanks a lot ? janani di

    1. Thank u

  2. Jasminerahul

    thanku so much 4 this ff.happy 2 c ankush yamini in positive roles.wonder what past they have.hope they wont return -ve.surprised 2 lovey n pradap here.r they going 2 b a pair in this ff?it seems 2 b a mysterious ff.waiting 4 mysteries 2 unfold

    1. Thanks a lot di . Yes they will be a pair in this ff . I got this idea from ur ff only . I liked it when u paired pratap and lovey as Mona and Samar in laal ishq . I will soon comment on both of ur ffs laal ishq and pyar ka meetha…. I was quite busy wid my school .thats why could not comment

      1. Jasminerahul

        happy 2 inspire u 4 pairing pratap lovey

  3. mouni roy fan

    Hey varshini i am ridzi.the character sketch was fantastic .and one thing we have in common that is I also watch only nagin,beyhad and ishqbaaz.but what’s srk?

    1. Hi ritzi ,thanks a lot . Skr means siya ke ram .

  4. nice one

    1. Thanks a lot di . U have a awesome dp

  5. Siddhi

    Wow the intro seems interesting update soon please

    1. thanks a lot , will update soon

  6. very nice pls update it soon.

    1. thanks a lot sowmy di

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