BECAUSE BEING TOGETHER IS ENOUGH | few chapters | chapter 1

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my first ff on SuKor..
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“But I loved you vivaan!!” chakor shouted.

Vivaan, a handsome boy, chakor’s childhood friend, and her crush was standing right infront of chakor.

Chakor sat on the floor and cried.

“I didn’t know that you loved my sister!!” she sobbed.

Vivaan sat opposite her and held her hand.

“’re still my favourite Best friend’s just I’m madly in love with your sister!” Vivaan said.

Chakor rested her head on Vivaan. “I’m sorry” whispered Vivaan.


As the sun went down, Chakor slowly dragged herself to her house. Heart breaken from the incident, she didn’t have any emotions.

“Chakor!!” shouted Kasturi, her mother as she showed infront of their house. “Why did you take so long dear?!”

Chakor didn’t hear anything, she walked to her bed and kept her head on the pillow.


“Di..I’m sorry about Vivaan” said Imli, when Chakor woke up in the morning.

Chakor smiled and hugged her. “Don’t worry you lucky girl” said chakor.

Chakor went out of her house to wander about in her village, where she grew up.

The mango trees, where she and Imli picked mangoes, the school where they sell them…all the memories coming back to her.

She sat on a bench near the trees and made up her mind.

She loved her sister a lot! ‘If she’s happy, then so am I.’ she thought to herself.

The last tear for vivaan dropped out of her eyes. She wiped it from the back of her hand.


“I’m so happy for you and Imli” said Chakor, handing over a bunch of pretty red roses to Vivaan and Imli.

“Ch-” started Vivaan.

“No I’m really happy for you two” she said, hugging her best friend and her sister.

They all laughed together.


As Chakor spent the whole afternoon with them, A handsome man stepped out of a big car.

“Oh bhaiya!” shouted Vivaan.

“Is this your brother who lives in England?” asked Chakor.

“yeah!” Said Vivaan.

They all greeted him.

“Hi..I’m Suraj” said Suraj.

Suraj and Chakor shook hands. Suraj stared at Chakor.. in amazement!

‘Such a beautiful girl’ he thought to himself.


Chakor waved good bye to the couple and suraj.

She wanted to go to her house for a nap.

“Hey you!” came a voice from behind.

Chakor turned back to see who it was! It was suraj.

“Were you calling me?” asked Chakor.

Suraj was a tall man. Vivaan has told a lot of stories about him. He stayed in England for his studies.

“Yeah I was” He smiled. “What’s your name?”

“This is weird..I mean we just saw each other” laughed Chakor. “Anyway I’m Chakor..Friend of Vivaan”

“Sorry if that made you uncomfortable” Said Suraj. “Maybe you can show this place?”

Chakor nodded.


Eventhough Chakor wanted to have a nap, she couldn’t say no to her best friend’s bhai. Though she felt bored at first, it was really entertaining with Suraj’s jokes.

“Thanks for the tour” said Suraj, as it was getting dark.

“My pleasure! maybe we can meet tommorow?” asked Chakor hopefully.

Suraj nodded. They waved goodbye to each other.

“A mysterious man” mumbled Chakor.


Hi guys! this is an small story of SUKOR!!

I have watched Udaan from the very first episode, but currently enjoying the track very much because of SuKor!

I was a silent reader, but I thought of writing an small story..

this is only have few chapters..

I really do hope you guys will enjoy this..

do comment. suggestions are appreciated!

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