Today’s episode unrealistic post ur comments


Hi guys how was todays episode please post u r comments.
I just felt felt today’s episode is very unrealistic cum super dramatic.
I alo felt that Anika’s character lost its charm. Her charm is her selfrespect and self esteem today after huge drama between her and shivaay how come she is still staying in oberoi’s mansion just by shivaay’s word.

Today I agree with Tia she is besharam she should have left the house if the writer want her to stay in that house they should have thought of some other reason to stop her.
And the height of Anika’s besharam is confronting shivay again after such humiliation
and challenging shivaay after his egostic reply.
It is very unrealistic.

Day by day this serial is very dramatic and it is like all other serial a guy keep on insulting a girl but she will save him from every problem typical Indian soap.

If u alo feel the same just write to producer and write .
If You have different opinion about this please post that also in u r comment.

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  1. Nithu

    Hey dear…i loved todays epi did u understand y did anika stop ..listning to the stupid words of shivaay the nki reason is love…love can make anything possible dear…i dint feel dramatic…and u say ..indian soaps are like this…
    But no..did you watchye dil na maane badtameez dil nisha aur uske cousins and many families who live in india….they ill treat their DIL for dowry etc…Im happy that ib is not turning like sns yrkkh etc…

  2. No dear…I don’t agree with u… I’m sorry… We cannot judge each & every move of anika with regard to her self respect… 2day Shivay did not insult her & it was visible in his eyes… Somewhere anika also felt it… & that is why she stayed back… 2day’s epi was based on pure love & the understanding that Shivika have… They very well understand when they are insulting each other & when they are supporting… This is the sign of true partners… It would have been an insult for her if he would have really signed the divorce papers & would have not stopped her indirectly… We all know SSO is not good when it comes to expressing his feelings… But 2day he at least tried… & honesty speaking… I loved the episode… It was a complete blend of good & bad which was soothing to the eyes as well as heart…

  3. I agree with u sandhya….Ishqbaaz is loosing it’s glory! !

  4. Ya u are right

  5. I agree aid u arshi dear…
    Shivay is not doing it intentionally…. He is just protecting his brother..
    which is not wrong at all…..
    And coming to Tia… She has no right to call Anika besharam….
    After all she is trapping Shivay wid d help of false allegations….
    N above all there can be no relation without trust…. N that is what made Anika stay back as she trusts Shivay that he won’t do such thing without any reason…. Cuz some tym back he was agreeing wid Anika that it was not his child….. BT suddenly he himself is askinisher to give divorce….
    N I think u didn’t notice the happiness on his face when he saw Anika returning back… N according to me it is far better show than Sath Nibhana Sathiya n Kumkum Bhagya…. I think Pragya be record set kardiya h i kidnap hone ka..
    Sorry if I hurted anyone…..

  6. Puvi

    I am sorry dear I am not agreeing with u because Anika did by staying back and Shivay didn’t hurt are really it was is circumstances Anika saw tht ur calling India soaps are like not really dear have u saw yeha mein ghar ghar kheli, tere liye , bidaai if u have saw u would have told tht and abt the way they are showing obros bonding when are cousins it’s a great concept and anika chartcer seen show very positively

  7. Hey everyone…. I’m really very sorry if I hurted anyone….
    I was jussst frustrated from something n then kya bolu yar RAITA PHAIL GAYA….
    I hope u guys forgive me…

  8. Anika aur Shivaay ki irada ek hai.Jabki Shivaay khud chahta hai ki Anika rok jaane.Tia k rahte Anika ko sidhe rokne keliye kehna mumkin nhin tha.Ghar mein sirf Pinky na chahta thi Anika ko.

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