To whom does Soumya match best in SSEL?

Soumya in SSEL has been getting in news for her negative character in the show and breaking Suhani and Yuvraaj’s marriage. Dadi asks Yuvraaj to buy Soumya’s products to make her win the ‘ideal woman’ contest. Suhani wins the ‘ideal woman’ contest. Yuvraaj informs Suhani about Krishna getting remarried. He thinks Soumya still loves Krishna and if they make her realize her mistake, she can go back to Krishna and Dadi can also realize her mistake of trusting Soumya. They think Soumya has some feelings for Krishna, as she has stayed with him for a long time and they will have some special memories of their togetherness which can revive love in Soumya’s heart again. Yuvraaj comes to know about Krishna’s marriage and sends Suhani to stop Krishna, knowing he still loves Soumya and is marrying against his will and just for his family sake.

Suhani reaches there and stops the wedding, while Yuvraaj tries to make Soumya recall the time she spent with Krishna and talks to her about her love and first marriage. Rags does not leave any chance to taunt Soumya on her marriage with Krishna. Soumya feels bad hearing ill about Krishna and can’t digest the fact that he can move on. She gets angry knowing he is marrying someone and does not realize she has ditched him. Yuvraaj asks her to think where she went wrong, and why did she leave Krishna. He asks her to think of the best qualities Krishna had in him and why she has just dumped him for his low status. Soumya thinks about this and feels bad. What do you think about Soumya, will be go back to Krishna or stick adamant to marry Yuvraaj? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. good soumya deserves krishna but selfish sounya deserves none!!!

    1. Soumya is still Soumya she’s just been changed because of Dadi otherwise he never would’ve thought about Yuvraj herself

      1. yea thts what i meant too 🙂

  2. Soumya to be “na ghar ka na ghat ka”

  3. She will go back to Krishna at the end of all this drama bc that was her first love

  4. Soumya was so selfish she dont deserve them.

  5. She doesn’t deserve any one of them.. Dirty b*t*h

  6. I agree with u sree soumya don’t deserve any one of them pls director/writer let her loose both this will be example for other and pls let yuvraaj realised his love for sushani

  7. They choose soumya for the character by her beauty. But the truth is other than the fair colour she don’t have beauty. Her cheek to chin looks they don’t know the beauty. Seriously she is not that beautiful. Yak yak
    even the big mouth. Looks like a frog

    1. Yaa I agree
      and what about when she smiles. her gums made me vomit. Yakh Yakh
      so chee

  8. Selfish soumya deserves none that’s good

  9. Soumya you are just a gold digger. You dont deserve anybody. You uglg cheap dirty b*t*h. Steal your best friend her husband. Evil witch you are not beautiful got that b*t*h!!

  10. soumya shld b punished 4 her dirty deeds. she deserves none-it’s the only good punishment she could get

  11. Soumiya doesn’t deserve anyone ……..she is so selfish nd too her smile yuck……….:-* :-*

  12. She deserves dadi they should get married and run away together

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