To My Daughter — shivika — 3rd letter and 4th letter

the 3rd letter from her mother:

Dear Choti,
Mama cannot believe that you are already 3! You must have started nursery now. I am sure that you have a lot of friends.
So today is your birthday!! Yay! So you will enjoy. I wonder what cake your papa has ordered. I am sure it’s coffee…… just kidding meri choti. I am pretty sure that you have taken after mama and wanted chocolate cake!
If possible, dance to hava hava Hawaii.
Though mama may not be here, I am right up. In the skies, watching you.
Love from
Your mummy, Anika




4th letter to her daughter:

Dear Choti,
Mama cannot believe that you are 4. Oh my god! My little Choti is growing up sooooo fast. It feels like yesterday I gave birth to you. So today there might be a big party, lots of chocolates. Unless you are like your papa and prefer that kaali drink than chocolate. Chi! Mama does not like kaali drink but your father does so pretty sure that you taken after your papa. So missing mama? Even mama is missing you. But remember I am always by your side. Forever and ever.
Hugs and kisses,
your mummy Anika.

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