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hi guyss…i’m athira…..i’m the writer of Aur Pyar Ho Gaya…i’m a tamilian…i never watched swaragini but i love it…. i love raglak pair very much…but the maker didn’t think about our feelings for raglak…they alway makes scenes of swasan more….but i’m not bashing swasan….i love them also. but a little more raglak… i had read the written updates…whenever i read it…i feel very annoyed that the makers keep raglak low…..

i want raglak scenes more. they are beautifull couples.. swasan also they are looking cute….i had thinked to say to the makers to make raglak scenes more…i want the two parallel pair be at same position…like 1 min scene for swasan and the other 1 min for raglak… i’m saying this because i want you to know how hurt i am because of the makers…if anyone know how to tell maker about raglak…say it…..i don’t know how…so help….please swasan fans support raglak fans…for me…or for your friends relaters who are raglak fans…please….


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  1. Very true

  2. It’s enough swsan and swara now we want raglak story

  3. hi athira even im a tamilian i 2 luv raglak i suppor u dr even i want raglakl scenes not more but equal 2 swasan sooo lets hope 4 best

  4. I also feel plz cvs think about raglak fans

  5. Moni

    Yes raglak are neglected both couple should be treated equally..i was supporting Want RagLak Saga in twitter there i requested some swasan fans(who were also involved in bashing) to unite but they said they can’t…can’t everyone move on…i love all 4 of them so i just created a fb page where we all will support no to bashing and be swaraginian instead of swasan and raglak separetely..if you all want to support it pls join.-.i will also want to add more admin among you..i want to erase the hate between fans

    1. hey..moni..what is your fb page name?

  6. Hai athira..even iam a die heart raglak fan..iam from kerala and i began 2 watch swaragini when i accidently saw one of its promo during kavya track..from that itself i fall 4 tejaswi..i love temish very much and just watched swaragini 4 raglak..but now i quieted that show..bcz its al about swasan.i have no pblm with them but just need equal importance 2 both pairs.but these cvs always hurt raglakians…just hope they wil give balanced track 4 both raglak and swasan bcz trp is now too low..just hope 4 the best dear nd i wil suport raglak always..

  7. Megha123

    I even if agree with u athira case people have named it swaragini bt they aren’t keeping that in point .for godsake ppl it’s story of two sisters nt a sister alone bt everytime swara is given limelight & nowadays story has even become partial .they r just showing the story of swasan that’s it & raglak they are not even in consideration if at all they r considering they r showing them individually that too hardly for half a min

  8. I do feel d same athira….. Raglak r so fab nd they must be given as much as importance swasan get in the serial as per the current track…… I think you must take this to Twitter or fb nd I hope it works…. :-/ (I’m sorry if it is a bad idea)

  9. I m swasan fan but I do like raglak .. both pairs should give equal importance. And more over the drama is swaragini not swara sanskar so I agree wid u but CVS can’t understand our feelings

  10. I also want Raglak scene

  11. Hi athira im also a tamilian and a die hard fan of raglak. I watch SwaRagini one and only fr thm nw i stopped watch it bcos of the cvs partial behavior btwn leads. But i still support raglak nd fight fr thm. We raglak fans on twitter daily tweet to colors nd cvs asking fr raglak track. If u want to support raglak plz join twitter nd tweet to chnl nd cvs with us. This is the only way to help temish/raglak to get their importance.

  12. tq guyss for your supportive comments

  13. Thnku so much athira for writting dis dear…i m nt a raglak fan bt i m a ragini\tejaswi fan…i love her from d core of ma heart…i jst want equal importance to ragini n swara as well as raglak n swasan…i always request n comment for equal importance in every episode of swaragini serial bt nthng happed till nw…lets see wen cvs will grant our request…

  14. I agree with u…plzz it’s a request to all writers that give equal importance to raglan as swasan…

  15. Seenu90

    u r right athra

  16. Ragini and lakshya are always ignored…dats y I have stopped seeing the serial….bcoze I like them more

  17. Hai athira..I completely agree with u. I’m not saying that I’m a huge fan of swasan but still I like them but raglak is my most favorite Jodi. They are super amazing and very talented. I also wish to see raglak scene more than it is now. They barely give any importance to raglak comparing to swasan and I feel offended as a raglak fan

  18. Yes u r right Athira they never give equal importance to both the couples…. Plz CVS plzzz don’t do this it’s a humble request…

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