Title Missing for Story?! (1st Half Precise of Story)

Cast-He,the StoryTeller
She,the listener
StoryEpi1’s Precise:Searching a Coin by Shivaay of the Storyteller’s story..

StoryEpi2’s precise:The StoryTeller n the listener’s names called by Someone as “Dev n Sona”..
Dev portrays Shivaay’s story n Shivaay’s Animal is coming as Shepherd Girl..

StoryEpi3’s precise:A Romeo draw the events coming in Epi1 n Epi2 in the big chart n sign on it as “Om”..
He take the Pic to Gallery by walking..
N collides with someone..
He is Actually Shivaay..From Shivaay’s fingers, A coin depict 1947India falls on ground.
Om shocked n in his mind”So,Dev,the story teller too exist in the real world”..

StoryEpi4’s precise:”toi ćest une voix”(U r my voice)(“My mind is a Stranger” song from 100footJourney)on bg..
Dev take a locket from shelf in his wooden house n wear..n walk towards the small door..with bare legs..n opens the door..
He see Sona in mine of their house..

StoryEpi5’s precise:
Om Strts following Shivaay..n realise Shivaay is a hypnotician..actually magician..
In Dev’s house,
Dev asks Sona “Who R U?”Bt didn’t see her face..
Sona turns n asked “Who R U really?How U got Eve’s Ring n One piece of 30Silver??”
Dev loads his bullet n smiles ..
Aims towards Sona..

StoryEpi6’s precise:
Sona wake up with shock n realised its all a dream..n comes out in their wooden house..
Shivaay see the Art Show of Om accidentally n got the message that Om actually draw him..He too thinks “Who is tat Storteller?”..
Dev make his look as A Clown n he too see the art show..
In Om’s house,Om draws the Pic as Dev See His Art show..
He realise that He ‘ll meet Dev soon..He run towards The Art Show from house..
Bt Dev leaves..

Hi Frndzz,I hope U like tiz 6 PreciseEpisodes of Story”TitleMissing”..
Tanqq for Readingg n Kindly write ur thoughts after reading. It’s just a try of creating Half of the Story..Though I just write the lines at the moment I hear the Songs (not thinking what is coming next)..I try to give the Half Story Here..8

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