Are you tired seeing Aaliya’s evil games in KumKum Bhagya?


KumKum Bhagya on Zee TV has got a good fan following, thanks to Abhi and Pragya’s love story, which moves on the tortoise pace and the show has the rabbit paced evil games by Abhi’s sister Aaliya. Abhi is the Sister’s boy and believes her a lot. Aaliya has been supporting Tanu always and wants to get rid of Pragya, as she hates her for losing Purab. Aaliya has been coming up with new evil games, and is eager to allege Pragya for having an affair with Suresh, having known that Pragya wanted to marry Suresh. She wants to use this fact and also shows the video to the family of Pragya and Suresh in a compromised position.

As seen in the last episode, Abhi is extremely happy with the money he has earned through his game of cards and he goes to his room to put the money. He by mistake enters the changing room and sees Pragya there and this leads to an argument between them. Later, Pragya and Suresh have a conversation about their past and Alia hears them. She learns that the two of them are ex-lovers and her evil mind gets into action immediately. Meanwhile the Diwali puja takes place after which Abhi tries to force Pragya to light crackers but Pragya is too afraid to do so. Just then the police interrupt the celebrations and enter the house with a search warrant. Aaliya will be putting the blame of all this in poor Pragya again, and what will Abhi do this time. As far as his intelligence quotient is seen by viewers, we think he will fall in Aaliya’s dug pot again. Abhi has to see Aaliya’s selfish side soon. What do you think about her scheming plots? Are you tired of such evil games of Aaliya? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. It is really ridiculous That role of Abhi, its as though he is illiterate and cannot think for himself. The dumbest character ever. Is he supposed to be the dull comedian on the show…….
    He has no self respect or else he would never treat a woman like that. As for Aaliya and Tanu, what are they Satan Number 2 or just plain egotistical and dumb.

  2. If I could vote a hundred times, it will be yes every single time….the show is getting boring because of its repetitive nature…..writers need to get back on track. .

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  5. Kick aaliya out of the show she is a rotten sister and her continuing evil act is so boring I stop watching

  6. This show is full of crap the negativety is toooooo much not watching this crap again

  7. They ask this question BUT then they don’t listen to the viewer’s answers. They know that EVERYONE with a Brain Cell is Sick & Tired of the Same Old Story line going around and around. Do You Really Need to Ask?!?!

  8. Seriously, I’ve been watching this HBP show since the beginning as I had such high expectations… But now all I see is a bunch of losers in a jokershow (No offense to the actual actors who’re just doing their jobs). As much as I love Sriti, Supriya ji & Mrunal, this show makes me want 2 hang myself so I quit watching it… WE have better things to do than watching the same ridiculous & sickening crap for almost a year!

  9. P.S Who are we to say anything guys? Even if the cast decides to quit the show, the makers will just find replacements for AALIYA, TANU, etc. etc. and just will go on making shit episodes for another 2 years 🙂

  10. getting bored of Aliya’s bad tricks.. no more .. please give a story a diff look. instead of same evil games..

  11. Too much negativity… Writers should learn to instill the proper dose between right and wrong. This serial is getting too repetitive. Come on give Pragya and Abhi some break from the evil doers Alya and Tanu!!!!!

  12. Ekta Kapoor shows have one thing in common – the bad gets away every time so that the show stretches on for years…….the handful of comments don’t bother her as majority of the people watching the show are happy switching on to a channel while peeling vegetables. Of course if Ekta Kapoor can get away with a crap, crappier and crappiest storyline and still earn millions why bother for these handful of comments who want meatier content? She has to dish out double / tripple salary to an intelligent scriptwriter !!!!

  13. YES YES YESSSSSS………… i am!!!!! but does it matter at all???? why this question on 1st place? is THE GREAT EKTA going 2 follow our wishes??? no na !!!! then why bother us people with such things???? try to understand d feeling with which i say this- U R GOING 2 CONTINUE WITH ALL UR SHIT STORY. WITH ALL UR DUMB ABHI N PRAGYA CHARACTERS. N YET WE WUD CONTINUE WATCHING IT BEING D DUMBEST OF ALL.

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