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Hey guys got some time so a small promo is here hope u like it

Scene 1:
A very beautiful set up like a earthly heaven the floor is like clouds. And the whole room is decorated with red and white curtains and flowers in every corner there is a beautiful flower vase with flowers in it there is a screen where some moments of a girl and boy is flashing and on the next wall their is written with glittery thermocol pieces I love u ragini and on the next wall their are lots of pic of ragini and laksh doing masti, fight, teasing, dancing and much more and on the next wall their is a pic of ragini and laksh not a pic many pics join together that it form a heart and in between written love u for everything and at the centre of room there is a small stage on which there are only flowers and flowers and ragini is standing there in between the flowers and at the other end near the heart pic there is a table and candles are there on the table and 2 chairs on either sides laksh come and bend down in front of ragini and said

Laksh: ragini I don’t(coversation muted)………………………………….. Ragini i love u will u accept me

Scene 2:
Laksh: what type of girl u want??
Sanskar: I don’t want a relation that serious all the times . I want someone with whom I can laugh and be silly with. Someone that not only gets my weird sense of humor, but think it’s hilarious too.
Laksh: means u don’t love swara.
Sanskar: no, lucky actually firstly I think that but after meeting her one more thing add in this list that may be a serious person is also make his all things possible and that’s why I love her and I wanna confess this asap to her.
Laksh: I am happy for u.

Scene 3:
Sehkar: shomi our company is facing many loss if we loss this deal than we r out from this business world.
Shomi: don’t worry shekhar we will get this deal and u will again set it to that heights where it was firstly.
Shekhar: but shomi how come we took the expenses of swara and ragini studies as the collage is very expensive and their needs ………(cutted by shomi)
Shomi: don’t take tension everything came to their place don’t worry shekhar everything will be fine.

Shekhar: hope so.
Someone hear their conversation and is sad by hearing all this and think how to help them come out of this problem.

Scene 4:
Breaking news: the daughter of famous business man shekhar gadodia car fall from a cliff police find the car but the girl is still missing .

Scene 5:
Shekhar: meri beti shomi wo thik hogi na use kuch nahi hoga na(my daughter shomi she is all right na nothing will happen to her na)
(He is crying like anything)
Shomi:(crying) shekhar hamari beti ko kuch nahi hoga baghwan Sab thik karenge tum himmat mat haro(shekhar nothing will happen to our daughter god will keep everything fine u don’t loose hope)

Dadi:(crying) hey Mara katur sham ji meri poti ki raksha karna(oh my lord please protect my granddaughter)

Scene 6:
Girl: r u mad please get up yr why are u sleeping in between the road that too at 12:00 clock in night.
Other girl: u know what , its a fun to do so u also join me its so fun to be in between road looking at the stars and moon and the road that r full day crowded now is not even have vehicles come na let’s try.
Girl: ok u r mad and doing crazy things and with u me also huh…
Other girl: dude.
Girl: Coming.

Scene 7:
Employ: u know sir is very strict, arrogant , heartless and he don’t even like girls .
Other employ: but why??
Employ : don’t know may be some bitter memory.
Other employ: boss come.
Boss:I want u. All on ur seats right now I don’t give salary to u to gossip I give it for work go and do it .and what about happen to my new pa.
Employ: sir actually a girl came but after knowing about ur previous pa she left the job.
Boss:ok get someone other who knows how to work not how to gossip and do wrong things and all i want a perfect girl for pa now who don’t do mistake by mistake also(galti se bhi galti na kare)

Scene 8:
Girl: why she leave us why??
Boy: (consoling her): don’t think about the bitter
memories may god also want her as it is said na god always take good people.
Girl: but why her its been more than 4years still no one come up from the incident mainly ur brother he never come up from this and his personality, attitude everything change. He became a stone heart person….why this all happen?
Boy: (sadly) that’s god wish.

Scene 9:
Boy talking with a pic:
Boy:(crying) tum mujhe chodh kar kyu chali gai kyu kyu tum to janti thi na mai tumse pyar karta hu phir bhi tum mujhe chodh kar chali gai kyu tumne aisa kyu kiya tum muje kyu akela chodh kar gai…….. Please vapis aa jao please aa jao vapis mai har pal tumhare bina mar raha hu har din har lamha har pal mai mar raha hu …. Har koi kehta hai tum mar gai ho par mai kaise manu ki tum mar gai tum muje chod kar chali gai mai nahi manta ki tum mar gai ho police ko tum nahi mili tum jinda ho kyoki meri sanse tumhari saanso se joodi hui hai agar tum mar gai to mai kaise jinda reh sakta hu ……. Please vapas Aa jao mai tumhara intzar kar raha hu tumhara pyar tumhara intzaar kar raha hai vapas Aa jao.

(why u leave me why u know na I love u still u leave me why why u leave me alone ……. Please come back na please I am dying without u everyday every second every time I am dying u know what everyone say that u die but how can I believe that u die how can u leave without me i don’t believe them u will come u r not dead police didn’t find u. u r alive u r alive if u r dead than how come I live my breaths are attach with ur breath if u die than how come I live I know u r alive …. Please come back na please I am waiting ur love is waiting please come back) ………………….
He hug the pic .

What will ragini answer?? How sanskar propose swara?? Who hear the conversation of shekhar and shomi and what the person is going to do to end their problems?? What happen to gadodia family business?? Who fall down from the cliff ragini or swara?? What happen to her ?? Is she fine or not?? Who r the two persons talking and about whom who change in stone heart?? Who is the good people who die?? Who is the girl in between the road what is she doing?? How is the boss and why is he so arrogant ?? What was his past?? Whom the girl is with the photo boy is talking?? What happen to girl?? who is the boy?? Is the girl alive or not?? If alive than where anand if not than what will happen to the boy???
Oh god so much questions and answers u have to find or to know the answers read the ff

Done with it .okay now please don’t kill me for this and this all is gonna happen after 4-5 episodes as now there are some things occur before it and dry for the mistakes and all write fastly and do tell me do u like the twists which are gonna come as the track is totally gonna change do tell me about his and if u want something else than also do tell me in the comments and tthe next chapter as u know will be on 15 Oct so wait for it
Di tell me about this in ur comments by meet u in comments and here meet u on 15 .☺


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  1. Rafeee


    1. Radhika..

      Thanx for the comment ??

  2. Awesome? and my mind says it’s swara who fell down but my heart says it’s ragini . Huhhh soo much of suspense and the girl will be alive
    yaar. It’s thrilling promo yaar and last not the least love you and stay blessed di.

    Update soon ??

    1. Radhika..

      Thanx for the comment when I saw the comment I was shocked because u only write nice awesome and wishing comment but when I read this comment I am very happy that first time u comment so big one now stopping all that

      May be ur mind is right may be heart is right but don’t gonna tell or unfold the suspence so easily wait for to open up after 3-4 updates as sometime is need became this track and than all the suspence will be open and if one suspence han all get open as one is connect with other may be she alive or not but yes she is alive
      Pleasure is mine that u fell it. Thrilling love u too ?? u too stay blessed and u r younger to me??

      Update will be soon on15 oct till than no update

  3. Malika

    Awww what choti soo much time. Wow very fantastic promo yr. Can’t wait. I have to wait on fifteenth aaaaah oooh God please . It’s to long but don’t worry I will wait. Study well. Thank you soo soo much for writing this ff. Who is that girl. ?? Noo I will not kill you don’t worry. Haha…. Update when you are free. …….

    Soo many questions ooh God I think I’m in am examination room where I have to answer these difficult question. Choti you only reveal it. Otherwise my head will break into pieces haha…..

    1. Radhika..

      Sorry di what to do exams are there na. pleasure is mine that u fell it fantastic. U have to keep patience di as u always say to keep patience so have some patience . yup d i will study well ur welcome di and thanku for reading my ff. That will reveal with time who is the girl .i am happy that u r not gonna kill me i am safe yuhu .

      Really di u r in examination hall i don’t know about u di but i am daily at examination hall so that’s why i am asking that much questions na . hmmm di i will them soon after 3-4 chaptes as the story need some time to change the track . and di please don’t break ur head as it is very precious there are so many ideas we want to know and much more so please di don’t give us that much bug shock love u di????

  4. nyc..r u d writer of swara d beauty queen??

    1. Radhika..

      Thanx for the comment and this is my first writing of ff before that I only write a ts that too on group of friends I am not writer of swara d beauty queen sorry and whats ur real name?? if u don’t mind to tell thanx ??

    1. Radhika..

      Thanx for the comment dear??

  5. so many mysteries together nice

    1. Radhika..

      Thanx for the comment pleasure is mine that u like the promo. Hmmm yes the mystery are somehow needed

  6. Sweety itna bada promo omg
    Itne twists oh gosh
    I think i know some answers
    Swara heard conversation between her parents and she fell off the cliff sanskar changed into stone hearted person and he was crying holding swara’s pic

    1. Radhika..

      Yup the promo is big . and full of twists what to do twists are also needed na or else story will become boring .Oh my god day by day u r becoming a detective but about the answers are right or not i will tell later as it will reveal the suspence na but for now ur becoming a gret detective keep it up . thanx for the comment??

  7. SNY

    Amazing dr…..

    1. Radhika..

      Thanx for the comment dear??

  8. Kakali

    Waaaaaa !!! Radhikaa … i know all d answers … but i m not gonna answer any of them… why will i tell u haaaaa ?? cheating huhhhhh !!!!

    Lovely n terrible promo dear !!! love it n also tremble a bit … huhuhuhu !!!
    i don’t have heart problem … but i think after reading this … something is gonna happen… hahahah…

    Thnk u soo much dear…. m waiting for 15 oct… keep smiling .. stay bleesed… 😉

    1. Radhika..

      Really di u know all the answers …. Ok so will maintain the suspence ok no worries…. Yup di never tell me how to cheat i always work on ur footsteps na so if u don’t help me in cheating than i will one day achieve everything on my own. …. And this answers also i will find

      Pleasure is mine that u fell it lovely and terrible but don’t tremble di.
      No no di i can’t afford u to have a heart problem how can a heart that is so pure and so cute sweet and full of dramebazzi a lovey heart get a problem hu …….. Don’t worry di u will always stay blessed and fine and by saying this u r giving me heart problem di .

      Ur welcome di and thanx for reading the ff ok wait till 15 oct di u too keep smilling and whenever i read anything by u a smile crept my face di don’t know why…… U too stay blessed ?? love u di??

      1. Kakali

        Waaaa !!! bacchaaaa !!! u r soo smart… ur words touch my heart.. uhhhh… thnk u… n love i tooooo….

      2. Radhika..

        awww repally di my words touch your heart ur welcome di love u infinity (because infinity se bada muje kuch yad nahi) ?

  9. Asra

    superbbb….so many mystery….waiting for ur update to clear the mystery…

    1. Radhika..

      Thanx dear for ur comment and the mystery will be clear after 3-4 chapter as have to get the story in this track and i will update on 15 oct and u commented first time thanku for commenting dear ?? can we be friends??

      1. Asra

        Of course dear…..am glad to be ur friend…
        wow am Vry happy. Today I got a new friend…
        Takecare and good night frnd….

      2. Radhika..

        thanx for accepting and i too get a friend. good morning friend ?

  10. Mahjabeen

    Omg so mny suspense..waitng eagrly fr da episodes

    1. Radhika..

      Thanx for the comment dear hmmm the episode will be post on 15 Oct as exams are going on so have to wait till than and the sixpence will come after 3-4 chapters as the story will take some time to get in the track thanx for the comment dear??

  11. Sweeety ffs padhke is mamle mein thodi smartness aa gayi hai mujhe

    1. Radhika..

      hmmm that is seen by ur guessing oy??

  12. Super interesting

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for the comment dear glad that u find it interesting??

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