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hi guys i am again here but this time with my first ff i hope u all will like it and pore ur love on it as u give to my ts hope so if u like han comment if not than ur wish……. and thanx for all ur support toward my ts hope u like my this try also i am here with the intro and small chit chat of sisters now stoping my talks
so let’s start

Swara Gadodia:21 years old cute, beautiful, lovely nature, sweetness overloaded, intellegent, singer, all rounder but is a silent girl somehow serious also whatever anyone say never forgot it, mature and take decision carefully, helpful, love everyone in her life and respect them, love her sister ragini very much
Sanskar Maheshwari:22 years old handsome hunk, intellegent, dancer, all rounder, not talk with girls without any reason girls fall for him and want to talk to him for once but badluck he don’t like girls because he think that they only good before him because of his looks personality family name and fame and his money also {their is reason behind this got to know later as it continue}, helpful, love by everyone, respect everyone, allrounder, love his bro laksh very much
Ragini Gadodia:21 years old beautiful, intellegent,singer, a bit talktive, make friend easily, good in nature but when angry than worst than anything, respect everyone, do many mad things with her twin sister swara, love her more than anything, do all the craziness
Laksh Maheshwari: 22 years old handsome, intellegent, do all the craziness in the world, dancer, make everyone friend easily, girls are crazy for him but he don’t give a damm, friend with whole class talk with girls also but no one have entry in his heart, respect everyone, love his brother sanskar very much they share best friend bond, do whole world craziness
Gadodia Family:
Shekhar, sumi, dida, dadi, dada ji
Maheshwari family:
Ap{annpurna maheshwari}, dp{durga parsad maheshwari}, sujata, ram, adarsh, parineeta, uttara
{families are as they were at starting of serial}

So let’s start:
two girls are goin to collage as it was their first day at their new collage and a new day in a new city kolkata as they came back to their home town after many years yesterday night only and now going to their collage as it is their first day they are thinking how the collage is going tobe new place, mnew surrounding, new friends many more things and the important one how they are going to settle themself in this new place new city lots of challenges are there waiting for them to come and face them
First girl: shona its so amazing experience we are going to a new collage in a new city its going to be so awesome…. i am very exited how they rag us and how i will remember them their grandmother i am just thinking about that whom thought u are lost in what r u thinking shona {no response} shona… shona… swara{almost screaming}
{the girl is swara}
Swara: i was thinking that why you always think about the things which r not going to happen ragini {the other girl is ragini}
Ragini:what is the thing that i was thinking and it is not going to happen? because whatever i want that will happen
Swara:ragging and all about which you are thinking ragging is already banned and if someone try to do it they will got punished and its a crime so in many it is fully restricted and than also someone try to do it than just a phone call and there also this will stop and this all things are now stop so stop thinking about them……..{cutted by ragini}
ragini:swar swara hold on yr you know what in serials and story books it is now also written about ragging so i think we also experience that and whio wanna rag us will got rag by us what say its a….. {cutted by swara}
swara: u know ragini what the serials storybooks fiction rwritting are all fictionous and ragging ius banned and no one will going to do ragging and….{cutted by ragini}
ragini: this all is not fiction its a reality sometime and may today also it happens
Swara: ragini u know na that many things changed this also changed with passage of time and where ever it is left it will stop there also a few days and if we live in that world only than today also girls don’t have a right to study, vote and all we live in a democratic country and the crimes like this will came to end as many effort are making in this process writters also taking this topic up and debates are going on and much more one day the things klike this came to an enbd trust me and if no change occur than today also girls have to wear a veil and they don’t got rights to study they will kill before there birth only i know that today also this are happening but with passage of time many thing changes so the remaining things also will change with time
ragini:who will argue with my sisternoone can win from u dude u r amazing and u know what i love this in u most to proove ur point and go to any extent to prove it love u
Swara:love u too my sisy and i have this much guts to prove my point because of u u know na we are incomplete without each other we are
Swara Ragini: SWARAGINI
Ragini: see we reach collage in between our talks now lets enter
Swara:hmm lets move to a new beginning of our life
they both procced towards the main gate

done with the prolouge hope u like it if u like than tell and if find any mistake than also tell that i will make my mistakes correct thanx for reading ??now comment if u want

CREDIT TO:who encourage me to write and all who read this

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  1. Hey sweety i am happy that u are writing an ff one request plz swasan and raglak plz plz plz

    1. Radhika..

      thanx simin and yes i am making it swasan and raglak and don’t request just order??thanx dor encouraging

  2. Cutiie

    nice…but make it swasan

    1. Radhika..

      thanx and it is swasan only??

  3. Reyaa

    please swalak pllllzzzzzz
    n seems good one

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for the lovely comment and encouraging me ??but the couples are swasan and raglak sry for disappointing u??

  4. Interesting .
    Next part first meetings .
    Thanks for raglak and swasan .

    1. Radhika..

      thanx ashnoor for your lovely and encouraging comment??no direct but indirect u will got to know in next part

  5. Sreevijayan

    Nice start dear

    1. Radhika..

      thanx very much for ur encouraging and lovely comment??

  6. Kakali

    Radhikaa!!!!!!! Ur new FF….. yehhheeeiiiii!!!! m soooo happy…
    SWASAN,RAGLAK,college life,college masti,love …. uhhhuuuii thnk u again for writing FF based collage life… i love it love it…

    Prologue was Awesome,,, swaragini conversation was damn carroct… specially Swara’s… well said Swara((whoooppsss Radhika,, iit was u who said na soo hatts off)) …
    one more thing use more exclamation marks dear…then it will be super duper awesome…(i thought to say,,so said it))
    take care….

    1. Radhika..

      di ur comment means alot its very lovely and encouraging one and am glad u love the collage and collage based life even i too love it same pinch hmmm swara conversation with ragini actually i want a new thing to be in this ff so i add it with time passage u will get what new is in this ff than other collage ffs it is same like them but with some differences
      and its the quality of a sis to correct their younger or elder sis on their mistakes u do thesame di even if u find any other mistake of mine fell free to tell it will help me to improve and whatever u think to tell just tell it and if it hurt also than also it is for godness so fell free and thanku in not allowed so i am not saying instead love u ?? for the lovely one ??

  7. SNY

    Vry nice dr….

    1. Radhika..

      thanx very much for the lovely comment??

  8. Scooby

    Superb radhika.. keep writing..

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for the lovely and encouraging comment i will keep writting??

  9. Can u tell me name of a recent swasan os its story is like swasan get married but sanskar cheats her with shina then swasan get divorced then sanskar meets with an accident and becomes sterile then swasan get married and in end both adopt two kids

    1. Radhika..

      the name is Love doesn’t want any other things… Os and the link is http://www.tellyupdates.com/love-doesnt-want-things-os/ hope it is useful to u ?

  10. Anshupriya

    Awsum superb n just everything

    1. Radhika..

      thanx for such a lovely and encouraging comment just loved it????

  11. Kakali

    Awww!!! my little Radhika iss sooo smart n understanding….. proud of u dear… take care…

    1. Radhika..

      really di u r proud of me how sweet of u and u r also very understanding and lovely u too take care di??

  12. Mica

    ahaaaaa Radhikaa! new FF dear!!!!… good job..

    1. Radhika..

      hmmm a new ff a new journey… thanx for the lovely and encouraging comment dear??

  13. Malika

    Surprise surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?????????

    choooooti finally you undated . Aaaaaaah. Really love prologue. Wow. You rock yr. Thanks God you published it superb. Swaragini are twin and really love sanlak intro. Radhu marvellous happy to see you again. Really love swaragini conversation it was fabulous . Yrr what to say I am very happy today to see your new ff. You made my day truly speaking.

    College time. I’m eagerly waiting for swaragini and sanlak meeting. Update soon. ??????????

    1. Radhika..

      aww di such a lovely and encouraging comment what to say and fir thanku ?hmmm intro is done and it is based on collage life i am double happy by sseing ur comment di really so sweet of u
      yup in next part they r going to meet but how it is a surprise i wrote the next part and going to upload it now ????????

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  15. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome ….

    1. Radhika..

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