time teaches everything……. part 4(raglak masti)


Hey guys thanku for ur response thanks for commenting and reading thanks all of u for ur support this part is small and I write it vastly so don’t know it is good or not and it may be boring yup it is boring in today there is more raglak in tomorrow there will be more swasan so now stopping of my Talkings let’s start
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Today’s part:

Swara: because of this u hate her blurt out in laughter
sanskar firstly give her a glare but after that just start adoring her lovely and start laughing with her
Sanskar:ok now done of our laughing session, let’s move raglak are waiting for us.
Swara:ok,let’s move.
They both move towards principal sir. At the same time raglak also come out from sir office.
Swasan ask them about what all happen in room they tell everything except their fight.
Swasan are happy as they are each other partner whereas raglak was a bit angry ad upset well not a bit very much angry and upset to get each other as partner??
Sanskar:by the way swara, ragini do u know how to dance as swara told me u r singer.
Swara:yes sanskar we know .
Sanskar:ok, but how u learn it means take classes or just at ur own??
Ragini:actually sanskar we learn it at our own as we are singers. So, while performing on stage we have to cover the whole stage because of that we have to dance also,and on stage dance should be perfect or else we got insulted na so,we make our dance moves best and now we can dance with u both as mam also say that our style can match urs. So, partners keeping her hand in between everyone keep their hand on her hand and say partners and than everyone took up there hands and close their hands enjoying the new partnership.

Dance practice:
Raglak are doing their practice first so, that swara hand will get some rest.
Ragini and laksh are standing and the step is ragini and laksh are standing together ragini in front and laksh just back of her laksh chest is touching ragini back and he has to lift ragini by placing one hand on her waist and other hand move with the flow of dance they start.:-
Laksh lift ragini and move ina circular motion like a spin he do and after that he have to leave ragini at right time that she don’t fall but laksh is laksh he left her at wrong time and she falls and while saving herself from falling she hold laksh shirt collar and laksh also falls with her.
Ragini:laksh u because of u i fall.??
Laksh:because of u i fall??
Ragini:if u don’t leave me at wrong time than we will not fall because of we both fall.
Laksh:i can’t lift u r very heavy that’s why, i could not balance and u fall and i also fall because of u this all happen because of i u??.
Ragini:what do u wanna say?? That i am fat .??
Laksh seeing her anger
Laksh:who say u r heavy or fat u r lighter than flowers ….. I am very weak that’s why u fall down sry mistake is mine ??
Everyone present their start laughing seeing raglak fighting and laksh afraiding of her and raglak new avtar
Laksh:(wispering)never ever say a girl heavy laksh beta the result may be very bad … Now she leave u next time don’t know what she will do .
Ragini:u say anything.
Laksh:no who am i to say anything (to himself(bach gaya))??

ragini:ok lets practise .
They continue their practise.
And swasan also start their practise.
sanskar hold swara right hand and make her spin a move and than pick her up as swara feet are on sanskar chest and she is in the air floating position she open her hands like praying to god something and slightly moving with the song after that sanskar took one feet and other hold with his other hand and make swara move and than by holding by waist mave a lift and then land her on the floor and than hold her right hand again and left hand was on her back (as we all stand in front of techers or in standtis position like that but only one hand is on her back other in sanky hand)he make her move with the music and after a whike turn her and she falls in sanskar arms and sanskar is standing holding her and just clapping sound start coming.
Raglak:ur both step was amazing and dance also.
Swasan:thanku guys.
Aft the practice session they all got tired and start having their lunch.
Laksh:I don’t wanna eat this.
Ragini:I also don’t wanna.
Laksh:are u copying me, like what I don’t eat u also not eat.
Swara:actually she don’t like it and never eat this but why u r no eating laksh??
Sanskarar:he al hate it.
Swara: u both have many things in common ragini and laksh..
Sanskar:i agree with it. Ur masti, tesing, craziness and fights are very much same like each other.
Swara:hmmm you are right.
They finish their lunch and proceed towards chemistry lab as its their practical today.
As because of dance swasan and raglak are in same group
Teacher told them how to do the practical they move to their respective places swasan are doing the practical while raglak are busy in finding something new to do a prank with but they don’t find anything their bad luck and they have to do the practical but raglak are also raglak how could they live without doing any madness they took a paper from their notebook and start pouring all the acids they are neutralised but still its harmful when tacher or lab attendant see that side they stop the work mam say students don’t go nearthe acids as its risky but raglak wanna experiment whole acids and they do so atlast the paper got burnt by the 5acid and they stop their doing as they got it others are more harmful.
After the lab got ended they went toward their class and biology period is going on sir are telling about digestion and all the process in human and ragini and laksh are sitting together ragini on first bench and laksh on second they are continously laughing????
Sir:ragini what i am talking about explain.
Ragini explain everything but still laughing sir say
Sir:ragini are u gone mad??
Ragini:no sir .??
Sir:go and drink water and all.
Ragini:no sir i am fine still laughing.??
Sir:ok take ur seat.
After sometime
Ragini:sir how can 6feet small intestine fit in us??
Sir:u go to meat shop and when they r cutting goat just ask them to give its intestine and than seee how it feet and check it whether it is 6feet or not
Ragini:eww….. Sir how can i do that what r u talking
Sir:in next session u have to do all this things
Ragini:ewww…… How could we sir???
Sir:with ur hands .
Ragini:sir but its really bad to do like that na.
Sir:so why u opted medical field ??
Ragini:sir to achieve my goal.
Sir:i hink u can only achieve one thing laughter.
Ragini:no sir……..
Sir:learn something from ur sister
Ragini:yes sir
After sir went from class
Swara:what are u doing and why are u laughing in class??
Ragini:actually laksh say me to teach him a choota anar aa bada aam so i was telling hima nd than oo choota iolu and he start memicring like owl and than u know(he say me to teach him hindi alphabets aa small pomeogrante aa big mango and than oo small owl and all that )
Swasan:what will happen to u both
Raglak start laughing thinking about it ????


I am done with the part if u like than comment if not han why let me know by ur comments and help me to correct my mistakes kakali di I used marks in this chappy plz tell its ok or not if not than try more to add and I know this part is boring sso dry for that and next will on 28 means day after tomorrow ok now my work is done now ur work start do it do comments to make me improve my writing ok by


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