time teaches everything……. part 3 (fight sry)


hey guys sry for the late and thanku for such lovely comments and about the misunderstanding i am going to reveal it and after revalation just give ur views and yup tell me if i do any mistake that i will improve and also tell if u wanna me to add something and thanku for the response and sry once again so now stoping of my talks and start the part

prev part:sanskar hate and everyone thinking like this 1 and half week pass
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here we go with today part:

Laksh: hmmm lets move
after a while
Laksh: by the way sanskar what happen exactly ??? ?
Sanskar:ok i will tell actually when i go to meet her i introduce myself and on that she say the lines that all the girls are saying that i like ur personality style and much more and than the famous line of our whole collage girls i fall for u….. dude what this all girls think of themself came and say whatever what is this yr….{cutted by laksh}?
Laksh:why are u thinking about her so much she is a random girl like other girls ignore her also why to waste time by thinking about her and u say right she fall for u because of u she fall and u r saying like ??
angry glare by sanskar and laksh is like nothing ? ??
sanskar:she is not a random girl i just fell that she is different from them as u say about her to me her way of talking and thinking about others in her pain alo and helpful nature and whom i meet is just opposite to her i don’t kno why i am thinking about her there is so many girls who show something else but that doesnot affect me but she affect me and girls also say this lines but it never felt like this much bad that i was feeling now my heart is saying something and brain something else i don’t know what she has done to me but something happen that she is not going out of brain ….. what to do lucky???
Lucky: are u serious u r thinking all this i think u like that girls thinking thats why because she think like the way u want and her nature is like u want so but when u go face to face she is something else because of that may be u r angry and frustated on her and that’s why she is coming in ur mind again and again
Sanskar:may be u r right laksh no no u r absolutely right that’s the reason only and i was thinking for this only the girl …. just leave it and tell about the girl u see with her and whom u r eager to meet said with a teasing smile??
Laksh: bai u never leave any chance to tease me and miss scolding i will find her anyway in one way or other and wanna meet her and tease her after all she do pangga {engage in fight or a matter} with laksh maheshwari now she have to bear my stupid pranks??
Sanskar:i was thinking what will be her condition god save her from ur hands and make u meet ur miss scolding soon ok laksh now stop all this we have to finalise the girls for our partners in dance
Laksh:oh yes i forgot about it lets move bhai as we r already late
they both are going toward dance room no no walking they are running and than only laksh bumps with a girl and her notes fall down she is just going to scold him when she sees his face and get more angry but laksh don’t see her face as he is engage in collecting the notes pages
Girl: i think in ur family no one has eyes i think everyday someone is bumping in someone why don’t u open a hospital where u will do treatment of ur eyes and the persons who got injured because of u are u listening or u have hearing problem also……????☺
after listening the voice laksh recognise the girl she is no other than ragini ??
Laksh:oh hello miss scolding e u having any problem that before listening to anyone u just start scolding the person and why are u saying me to check my eyes and ears first u go and check urs because its not only my fault its ur fault equally u r also not walking by seeing its ur fault ok and i give u the right name miss scolding whenever come just start scolding……?
ragini: oh hello its not my mistake its ur and what u say me mr fighting king i am a look u like i scold someone how dare u say me that…?
Laksh:oh hello madam from which angle i am looking u fighting king and i don’t fight with anyone and if u don’t scold than what r u doing is it called a new prayer or new song???
Ragini: oh hello from which anglke u r not a fighting king whenever u meet me always start fighting and if u don’t fight than what will i call this is it a new style of caring others or talking hmm and if not that than i am special case with whom u fight only ? tell tell…??
laksh: u ur the one because of whom this all happen…
ragini: no u
Laksh: u
ragini : u
laksh: u
a voice of two persons: u ??

and they are swasan
Laksh: sanskar how can u say that it is all because of her
ragini: swara how can u say this this is his fault only
saying this he see swara he is shocked because he see some other girl in the class and she is someone else he is just out of words
Swara: yes
sanskar: u r the girl which fall because of me ?
swara; don’t geeting anything about what he is talking?
Laksh: yes bhai she is swara because of u she falls
Sanskra: but lucky i see some other girl in the class?
Swara: if u don’t mind can i ask something?
Sanskar: yes why not ?
Swara: whom u r talking about because i don’t meet u in morning
sanskar: actually i go to first year class for finding u and apolozise to u but i didn’t find u but a girl named swara and she is someone else
Swara: actually i am in 2nd year and got admission on the day of that incident
Sanskar: i am really sry for that actually i don’t have any intention to make u fall that all happen suddenly and i don’t even got to know about that??
Swara: its ok u no need to ask sry instead i have to ask because of me u both got late and i agree that its not ur fault after all why will someone wanna fall other person without knowing them and by meeting u i don’t think that u even wanna hurt ur enemy also by falling him so why me whom u even u don’t know?
sanskar: u also don’t have to ask sry and ur thinking must say is amazing ?
Swara: thanks and ur thinking also
Sanskar: i am also from 2nd year means we r classmates?
swara: yes can we be friends? forwarding her hand
Sanskar: why not friends by shaking their hands and thanks for understanding that i don’t do not intentionally and ur hand is not well till now
SWara: why will i think so and yup their is one rule in friendship no sry and no thanku so don’t say this words and it will get well soon don,t worry
Sanskar: ok no sry and no thanku?
Swara: very happy ??
than she see ragini and say Swara: she is ragini my sis
Sanskar: hi ragini i hear many things about u from laksh as he praie u very much u and ur scolding??
Laksh: bhai u also and ur name is ragini nice name but for me miss scolding is all right?
Ragini: hi sanskar and sry for that day and sry laksh for the scolding
Laksh: bhai my ears have any defect or u also hear the same miss scolding saying sorry oh my god {checking his ears with the help of finger}
Ragini: oh don’t go in air and i firstly say check ur ears u have problem see??

Swasan just see their fight and give impossible look and laugh on their silly talks and say both
Swasn: nothing will happen to u ??
and than see each other and laugh and raglak make an innocent face ?
Sanskar: by the way swara how r u now ?i hear that u got many injuries??
SWara: i am all fine sanskar?
Ragini: ur not fine
Sanskar: what happen to her ragini?
ragini: actually because of major injury on hand she got infection as the hand is not fully recover and because of the dressings infection occur and she got slight allergies
swara give ragini a glare and ragini become silent??
Sanskr: because of me u got this much problems i am sry
Swara: sanskar its not because of u see i am absolutely fine and in some days will be like before so don’t take tension and don’t hear this ragini she is like this only ?
Sanskar: show me ur hand swara its bleeding?
swara than see her hand and she see the dressing cloth is full of blood which is because of the handshake
Sanskar: its also because of me
SSwaraa: no nothing like that sanskar
Sanskar : come with me to the medical room
Swara: sanskar i am all right it will be fine
Sanskar: nothing just come {with anger }
swara don’t say anything just nod to him seeing his anger
Ragini: i will also come
Sanskar: no ragini u and laksh go to office for the work u came as laksh will do our work and u will do ur and swara’s work and after dressing we will come here and they proceed towards medical room and raglak went to principal sir office for which they come her

Laksh: may we come in sir
sir: yes come in
Raglak: good morning sir
Sir: good morning
they both are going to enter but as the passage is small only one can go first but they are fighting for going inside
Laksh: i will go first
Ragini: no i will go first
Laksh: i will go
Ragini: no i will
Laksh: i say na i will go
Ragini: i say i will go…
Laksh and Ragini pissed off of fighting:
Laksh and ragini: ok u go
Laksh: u go
Ragini: no u
Laksh: no u
Ragini: no u
Laksh: no u
Ragini: no u
Laksh: no u
Ragini: no u
Laksh: no u…….
Sir: stop ur fighting come here or go out and sort out who will come in first{in anger}??
ragini go firstly followed by laksh
Raglak:sry sir
Sir: hmmm don’t repeat this again
Raglak just nod
Sir: the most important for which I called u is about the dance pairs for u by the way where is sanskar and swara
Ragini: sir actually swara hand start bleeding again so they went to medical room for her dressing
Sir: ok so ur partners in the duo dance and group one is as
diya and karan
kamya and sharad
sahyna and raj
swara and sanskar
laksh and ragini
Raglak: no … this can’t happen
Laksh: i don’t wanna to be partner of this girl in dance no sir pls any girl but not this
Ragini{angry}: oh hello i am also not dieing to be ur partner or i also can’t dance with u
Sir: you both have to dance with each other or else no one u both are out of group than
RAglak: but sir…

Sir: no but what and all that think about it
Raglak: ok sir we will dance with each other
saying this they glare at each other
and go out of office

Sanskar: where this nurse went
Swara: she will came wait
Sanskar: this blood is not stopping and u r saying me to stop this all
SWara: how can u care someone this much
Sanskar: because u r my friend and for friends life is present and u r asking about this care
Swara: ok but i hear that u hate me
Sanskar: oh i don’t hate u i hate that first year girl who have same name as u but the nature personality everything is different so i hate her because i think she is double standard girl and i hate double standard people but she is not it is a misunderstanding that create because of me …. she stop all this and let me do ur dressing i don’t know when this nurse come{with anger for nurse and his misunderstanding and love and care for swara}
sanskar take her hand in his and just start cleaning the blood softly so that it doesnot hurt her with so much care and than apply antiseptic and than do the dressing swara is seeing him all this while with wonder
Sanskar: why are u looking at me like this
Swara: nothing just thinking that how can a person have so many shades
Sanskar: a person like that is in front of and she is asking the question which i wanna ask
Swara: i don’t have different shades
Sanskar: u have
Swara: no
Sanskar: yes
Swara: no
Sanskar: yes
Swara: no
Sanskar: yes
Swara: no
Sanskar: yes
Swara: ok than tell me what different shades i have
Sanskar: i don’t know every but whatever i know i will told u
Swara: ok
Sanakar: ur helping nature, no attitude, ur thinking, ur simplicity, ur beautiful thoughts, ur nature, no anger, ur caring, thinking about other before u, forgiveness without asking , understanding, maturity, selflessness, ur behaviour everything is just different from others and may be many more things are there but i only know this all?
Swara: sanskar u tell so much u know i also fell that u have this all i am just going to tell u this
Swasan: our thinking and behaviour is similar even our habits
they both smiled at each other and than go out of medical room and proceed towards office for seeing raglak
in the way:
Sanskar: how come u know i hate u??
Swara: actually when u and laksh are talking that u hate swara i heard the last words and from there i got to know but i don’t know why u hate me because after that u passed away with laksh and ragini with me i think to ask u about this but this thing got clearified before only but i wanna meet that girl for whom u got angry o me and by the way what she said??
Sanskar: she said……she ….

SWara: sanskar she
Sanskar:{in one go } she said that she love me she like me my personality my style she fall for me by seeing me once only and she really love me….??
Swara: because of this u harte her blurt out in laughter??
sanskar firstly give her a glare but after that just start adoring her lovely and start laughing with her

PRECAP: swasan cute chat raglak doing a prank dance practice and masti

so guys done with it and sry for late and sry for keeping u bore and i try to add precap hope it is good and i have done my work now u also start doing ur work by commenting that i know my mistakes thanku and now u guys work start sry for wasting ur time

CREDIT TO:whoever read and comment ??

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