time teaches everything….. part 27 (fun)

Hi guys how r u? Thanku for comments and sorry for the mistakes…..so here we go with the story again i am here to bore u all so lets go to bore .

Recap: truth coming out

Today’s part:
Ragini: Laksh let’s call all family members and tell about all these.
Laksh: hmmm nice idea ragu…..
He call to gadodia and maheshwari family all were very happy after knowing that their swara is alive and but sad also that she is suffering from disease they have guilt that they Dont got to know that she was alive ….. But raglak made them understand that they r not at any fault and they don’t need to worry…..they all agree and say they will come there in 2-3 days by completing all the pending works and will decide what to do next….
Raglak tell mr. Rakesh (swara dad means aashi dad) about this all and they didn’t have any problem with this ….. Even he was very happy and say that just it look like sanskar like her and they both marry not anything else all agree to it.
Ragini: now everything sorted out…now what we do in this 2 days??
Swara: yes everything got sorted out now what??
Sanskar: I think u r forgetting Something.
Swara: what??
Sanskar: about ur last wish…. Adventure….
Swara: hmmm I forgot ….
Laksh: so what r u planning??
Sanskar: before starting a new phase let’s complete that wish also Na….
Ragini: means a day full of adventure.
Laksh: yes…
Ragini: yuhu ….. We r gonna do something new…(almost shouting)
Laksh: ragini yr….. Slow down….. We all have good hearing…. we r not deaf….. And don’t want to be deaf.
Ragini: what do u mean??
Laksh: means still no plan for becoming deaf…
Ragini: Laksh…. U r saying I am talking very loud??
Laksh: what to tell it’s truth ragini…
Ragini: Laksh u r insulting me..
Laksh: when I insult u??
Ragini: just now and now also doing.
Laksh: when I did I don’t know….
Ragini: oh really ….. Than think urself or ask swasan …..
Laksh: did I say something wrong??
Swasan burst into laughter seeing them both….
Laksh: now why r u both laughing??
Ragini: hmm same to Same question.
Swara:because….u both did not change even 1% in the case of fighting still fighting like two kids…. Who don’t get chocolate…hahaha….guys now become somehow mature in this case u r married now….
Ragini: u both r elder Na so u both be with matureness we r happy with this silliness only…. We become tired of being tired being mature for 4 years now no more matureness we can handle.
Swasan: ok.a s u both say….and again start laughing.
Raglak: stop laughing…
Swasan controlling their laugh: ok
And they went front there…. Saying be ready tomorrow.
Raglak: ok.
Next morning:
A new day which came with lots of new rays and new fun covering all the sadness of past just having happiness……a cute smile on faces of everyone…. Everyone is ready for the fun session….. So lets see what’s going on:
Sanskar: guys r u all ready for the adventurous day….
Raglak and swara: yes…..
Sanskar: so lets move…
Everyone sit swasan on front seat and raglak on back…..as it’s decided while going sanskar will drive and on return Laksh will drive… So the day starts……
They start their journey…
Swara: where r we going??
Sanskar: Chandigarh .
Swara: which adventure??
Sanskar: u will got to know.
After 4 and half hour drive they reach there…..
Everyone got up from seats and went to a lodge …..
Everyone went to their rooms for fresh and up after that everyone cane out…
Ragini: now where??
Sanskar: quad biking.
Laksh: quad biking…. It’s gonna fun.
Sanskar: yes . Come on guys… Saying this all went somewhere.
Sanskar talk to the man .
Sanskar: we want to do quad biking.
Man: ok.did u do it before.
Sanskar did it but thinking about swaragini he say no it’s our first time…
Man: ok be careful ….. It somehow different from other bikes…come with me…
They all leave with the man..
He gave them Atv helmet, eye protector,l in sleeve jacket,gloves, over ankle boots, full leg trousers….. And say.
Man: wear this things it’s for ur safety and wear properly…..than u all r ready to go.
Sanskar: ok thanku.
Man: smile.
All get ready with their dresses and came there.
Swara: this r so heavy.
Sanskar: hmmm it will be.
Swara: can we not go without them.
Sanskar: don’t u dare to do that swara…. Ur safety come first than anything else and if u don’t wanna wear don’t wear and don’t even do biking because safety is must and I can’t risk with ur life….
Swara: sanskar I just asked and u give me this much long lesson.
Sanskar: long lesson what u said ha to risk ur safety and I don’t wanna to do anything like this to think also and doing is very far.
Swara: sanskar but they r not connected…..
Sanskar: swara now no more talks on this topic please I don’t wanna to drag he topic.
Swara: ok my dear friend.
Sanskar: hmmm….. Come let’s move.
On raglak side:
Ragini: Laksh am I looking fat??
Laksh: why??
Ragini: vo I wear so heavy and heavy clothes and I look like a motto Na…. U r saying lie…
Laksh: oh hello I don’t even say this…
Ragini: but u r thinking Na.
Laksh: when I say.
Ragini: but in ur mind this is there Na.
Laksh: ragu but what I say??(puppy face)
Ragini: nothing…. I just wanna see ur puppy face…
Laksh: what for this u do this for looking my face…. Ragini u.
Ragini just give a cute smile and say yes…. Come let’s go…
All went and sit on there bikes….
(Guys quad bike is a four wheel bike it is small in height as compare to other bikes they r used for racing and all)
They all start the bikes….. Firstly they r fearing to drive but later they r enjoying their drive….shouting…. Whistling…… Whatnot full on fun…
Swara: sanskar I am loving this ride why don’t u take me before..
Laksh: hmmm it’s fun Bhai.
Sanskar: if I know Na u love I will take u before only.
After sometime they all come to the place from where they started and step out from the bikes….
Swara: it’s awesome experience u know.
Ragini: yup but it is seen from ur face only swara.
Sanskar: u loved it my pleasure.
Swaragini smile.
Sanskar: come on let’s move to the next place..
Swara: next yuhooo… Let’s move.
Sanskar smile on seeing her excitement.
All move to the next place after changing their clothes.
Firstly they fill up a form that if any injury or death happen the person’s r not at fault…. It’s our will to go.
Swara: is it necessary sanskar??
Sanskar:yup it’s necessary if we got any injury because of our stupidity than we can’t blame them Na….. So that’s why.
Swara: oh! Right.ok come let’s see the equipment.
Sanskar: sure.
They move towards the equipment.
Man: take this and tell them how to wear.
(They equipment consist of helmet,harness,carabinier, screw lock carabinier, double lock system, safety zip line pulley,l oose fitting outfit and sport shoes)
They guide them towards the cable and help them to adjust them self….and then the ride begins. firstly they have fear if they fall down but after some seconds they started enjoying seeing the beautiful valley and enjoying a new thing…..
After coming to the end..
Ragini: it’s amazing . From where u search about all this??
Laksh: why to think about how it happen when u r enjoying the thing.
Ragini:hmmm that also true. Ok leave it what is the next place?
Sanskar : just wait and watch…
Ragini: ok.
After they back to lodge it’s evening.
Swara: sanskar now how will we go . It’s evening and dark also.
Sanskar: the fun is in night.
Swara: means??
Sanskar: wait and watch.
All: ok.
And they move again.
There is a jeep and a person sitting in it.
Ragini: what we r gonna do a long ride??
Sanskar: something like that only…
Lets move and see.
All: ok Mr.suspense.

Precap: more fun to go….
Guys now next update will be after 15 date as I am going to massi home for some days so can’t be able to post the part til than and thanku for reading and do tell me my mistakes and ur views….. Thanku

.credit to: who read and comment Love u all

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