time teaches everything….. part 25 (choco)

Hlo guys how r u all?? Thanku for all ur comments… I dont think that I remember the ff but u remembered…… And I am again here to bore u … So here we go and sorry for mistakes…..

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Today part:-
After hugging and all raglak went away from swara room….
Sanskar:- be ready tomorrow.
Swara: why??
Sanskar: we r going somewhere.
Swara: where??
Sanskar: u will get to know tomorrow till than take rest tomorrow is gonna be a very big day so u need rest.
Saying this he went from there.
Swara sleep.

In raglak room

Sanskar: Now time to find out the truth.
Ragini: but how come we find out the truth.
Sanskar: leave that on me u both be ready tomorrow we are going somewhere.
Raglak: where?
Sanskar: that u will get to know tomorrow saying this he went away.
Ragini: what he is Upto now??
Laksh: only he knows what is going in his mind and what he is planning leave it why to trouble our brain??
Ragini: hmm right .so what we do now??
Laksh: nothing much a beautiful and peaceful sleep after so many years.
Ragini: hmm a peaceful sleep after so many year…
Saying this they both also went to sleep.
They both sleep so lets went to other room the next room
It’s sanskar room let’s peep in
Sanskar put his phone on bed. He is lost in thinking.
Sanskar pov:
Everything is ready … Now just a wait for tomorrow….. My questions r gonna be Answered…..Just now wait for tomorrow and than everything will be clear…. I just wanna hear from her mouth why she is doing all this why she is not telling me the truth?? Why she is hiding that she know everything?? Why u r telling lie?? Why?? Why?? Why?? So many questions but no answer of any of these…. But I am sure tomorrow I will get all my answers…. Just one more night of suspense and than everything will come out… The truth will come out…
Sanskar pov end.
He also sleeps.
Next morning come with a new ray may be for changing everything let’s have a look what this day is storing in it… So lets peep.
Everyone is ready and waiting for sanskar to reach.
Ragini: when this sanskar will come??
Laksh: don’t know…
Swara: but he never come late….(she is cutted in between by sanskar)
Sanskar: and not today also…so come let’s move
all of them sit in the car and sanskar starts the car….
Swara: where r we going??

Sanskar: patience….
Swara : ok.
They reach a place…it looks like some factory….
They all went inside….
It is a chocolate factory…
Ragini: sanskar u take us here for eating chocolate??(excitedly)
Before sanskar can speak.
Swara: means the chocolate wish.
Sanskar: yes….
Laskh: what is that??

Swara: my wish list and he is fulfilling all of them..
Laksh: oh someone is making wishes fulfilled ….
Ragini: yup and u dont even make my simple wish fulfill and here sanskar is full filling her all type of wishes…..
Laksh: nothing like that ragini…I always fulfill Na…
Ragini: oh! Really I think I forgot the day then may be my memory don’t remember it…..when u do like that….
Laksh: I do na that ice cream wish….

Ragini: that was a treat not wish….
Laksh: but ragu what’s the difference….
Ragini: there is very much difference leave it…. I am not gonna talk with u…
Laskh: ragu sorry Na ok ask what u want…
Ragini: let me think …. Umm…. Will tell later now I want the Choco…come Laksh let’s eat…
Laksh: sometime ago I think u were angry on me…
Ragini: so u wanna me angry??
Laksh: no no……
Swasan laugh on their fight…

Swara: they look so cute Na…
Sanskar: yup….
Swara: u know sanskar I also wanna do such silly fights….
Sanskar: so what u can do Na….
Swara: but I don’t have that much time… In this time I wanna to live all the life and to spend each moment with u….
Sanskar: me??
Swara: ha…..hi….vo….
Sanskar: what ?…..
Swara: for fulfilling my wish I don’t wanna die so soon if not whole life but I just wanna fulfill my wishes till life…
Sanskar: and if u die before it than??
Swara: no sanskar I know I have that much time…

Sanskar: but still think Na ….
They both have tears in their eyes but sanskar dont wanna show her….
Swara : than i will think the cause of my lie will be waste…
Sanskar: which lie??
Swara: vo… No one… What r u talking about sanskar…. which lie …. I don’t know about any lie…I don’t sry any lie….
Sanskar: easy swara u r talking as if I caught u doing some robbery…. Is there really something??
Swara: (angry) no….. Just leave me alone I am going…
Swara go from there

Swara pov:
What is he trying to find out?? And u swara u Na gonna tell him. everything … Don’t even know how to keep a secret now don’t do any fool thing…
Pov end
Sanskar: swara ur wish was to eat all the chocolate of the world but u know what there r so many brand and some brand r not known means copy Choco…. So how can I make u eat every brand but still I tried means not all the chocolate of the world but the famous chocolates of the world r here in front of u….. Here is ur Choco Land eat how much u wanna eat….
Swara smile and say thanku sanskar and went with ragini to eat the Choco.
Sanlak stand there seeing both of them and their antics…..
(Guys here I am giving a list of Choco and some information about them which which chocolate name is coming they r having it….so no confusion and information about them r taken from net)

1. KitKat: Going back to 1935, a confectionery company launched a product named ‘Kit Cat’ which consisted of finger bars made of wheat and milk coated with a sophisticated layer of hot settled chocolate. The popularity of the brand grew whereas the mob really liked to intake it.

2.Mars:-. Its immense taste includes nougat, minced almonds, caramel toppings and rich honey coating. It comes in different varieties such as Almond, Dark , Light, Midnight, Lava and The Fling.

3.Galaxy:To consider love for the chocolate taste, Galaxy would be one brand which makes a person slumber deep into admission of its mumble taste.

4.Cadbury: The delightful Cadbury bar comes in Flakes, Milk Bars, Fruit Nuts and crunches.

5.Toblerone:. It Consists of Nougat, almonds, honey and rich cocoa covered together. It is then cut into small prism shapes making it more attractive and murky.
9.Lindt & Sprüngli (Lidnt)
10.Ferrero Rocher
11. 100 Grand Bar
12.3 Musketeers
13.3 Musketeers Truffle Crisp
14.5th Avenue
16.Aero Caramel
17.Aero Mint
18.After Eight
19.Air Delight
20.Almond Joy
21.Amul Chocolate
22.Baby Ruth
24.Bar One
27.Dark chocolate
28.Aerated dark chocolate
31.Cadbury Dairy Milk
32.Cadbury Fruit & Nut Chocolate Bar
33.Cadbury Tempo
35.zero bar
36. Yorkie
37.yankie bar
38.wunder bar
39. Wonka bar
42. Walnut crush
43.vice versas
46. Twirl
47.sky bar
48. 5 star
49. Skor
After eating one or two bites of each they stop
Swaragini: sanskar we can’t eat more.
Sanskar: but both did not even eat 1/4 th of the chocolate and u r saying u don’t wanna eat more.
Swaragini: till now we only eat 1/4th???
Sanskar: not even 1/4th…
Swara: how many chocolate r there in whole world??
Sanskar: that I also not know….but I find this all…
Ragini: sanskar who many type of chocolates u order??
Sanskar: near about 450 or 500 why??

Swaragini: this much…
Laksh: he always do big thing Na… So this much number of chocolates…
Sanskar and laskh smile on swaragini expressions….
Sanskar: swara u eat this chocolate…. Giving a dairy milk
Swara: no sanskar I dont wanna eat more….. please….I don’t like eating this much chocolate.
Sanskar: but this is ur favourite Na…
Swara: I will eat some other day….
Sanskar: please Na swara just one bite for me…
Swara think and than eat one bite of the Chocolate .

Swara: now u r happy Na.??
Sanskar: yes …by the way how u feel by eating so many chocolate ??
Swara: I feel like never eat them again ur my mouth is like I eat a bitter thing….
Means eating so much sweet thing I am feeling it’s bitter.
Sanskar: more sweetness also start taste bitter when we got it in excess amount that’s why we can’t eat sour and sweet all the time like this only life path is not easy because if it become simple than we feel it difficult to do the same thing everyday but with challenge it make life a fun…. By the way why we r talking about this …let’s move ..
Swara : yes…
And while going swara feel dizzy and she fall down everyone look at her….
Ragini: swara….

All turned back and see swara laying on the floor….
Sanskar hurriedly went to her and take her in his arms and ask laskh to take out the car and they drove to the hospital……..
They reach hospital.
Sanskar took swara in his arms and run toward doctor cabin.
Sanskar: doctor….. Doctor… Please see what happen to swara……
Doctor: let me see…..

The end…… Shocking Na everyone end on suspense so why not me ……let’s see the precap

Precap: sanskar: doctor say u have only 1-2 hours swara…….
Swara: yes i am selfish …..
I know I do wrong but I don’t have any other choice…… ….
Sanskar: __
Swara: yes …..I love u but I can’t I will die in some time…… I am facing death every sec

So now think what’s there coming up next …. Till than by by meet u tomorrow or may be the next day after tomorrow….. Have to move fast …. Now bear me for more 4-5 parts than the story is gonna end….. Get bore for some time guys by this ff than its over…….
And sorry for boring u and my mistakes …… Please make me tell my mistakes and give ur views….. thanku for reading ……love u all
Meet in comments by by till than

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