time teaches everything….. part 24 (past revelation)

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Here u go with the part

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Recap:- next wish fulfilment and raglak met swasan

Today’s part.

Sanskar: laksh I wanna truth to hear.
Laksh: ok .
Laksh see towards ragini and she just nod her head .
Laksh: we both r always best buddies our bond is like friends, brothers. By seeing us anyone can easily say that we care and love each other very much . our brotherhood is the topic for everyone to talk on.we both share everything to each other . u always protect me from others . u r the best brother.
Sanskar: that I know laksh tell me that what I don’t know.
Laksh: from college life??
Sanskar: yeah.
Laksh: we both went to college until 2nd year starting everything go well but when the 2nd year start than we ragini came in my life and we r best buddies. We 3 r known as a group she became my dance partner and we both fight so much and while fighting only we fell in love and than our marriage is fixed and we both got engaged at that time ur accident happen and than u know……
Sanskar: laksh u r telling the truth na??
Laksh: yes bhai.. why I will say lie….. (He says with full of confidence)
Sanskar: thinks once again.
Laksh: yes bhai saying truth only.
Sanskar: there is not any girl in my life??
Laksh: no bro…. U r always away from all this…. Na ….. That’s why.
Sanskar: and ragini best friend??
Laksh: why r u asking about her??
Sanskar: I just ask na.
Laksh: she don’t have any bestie … As she don’t get time …… She only fight with me all the time na that’s why…..
Sanskar: and how come u both met ?
Laksh: actually by mistake u hit her bestie and she just start yelling on me.
Sanskar: u say she don’t have any bestie than how come??

Laksh just looked shock as how he get stuck on his own saying.
Laksh: hmmm she have but she go from there ……
Sanskar: ok. I am bigger than u na so why mom dad don’t find any alliance for me before u??
Laksh: vo bhai dad ask u but u don’t wanna marry at that time so that’s why he got me engage …. To give u time for finding a girl.
Sanskar: ok but why accident happen??
Laksh: u were going for a work in Mumbai and in the way ur car get out of control and accident happen.
Sanskar: ok …… And after that??
Laksh: after that u know……
Sanskar :ok
He moves towards ragini.
Sanskar: ragini u have a sister na??
Ragini: yes .
Sanskar: where is she??
Ragini: actually she died .(ragini just start to cry)
Sanskar: how??
Ragini: in accident.
Sanskar: how the accident happen??
Ragini: her car s……slipped ….. Down the hill….
Sanskar: when it happen??
Laksh: bhai …
Sanskar rase his hand indicating laksh to stop.
Sanskar: ragini say.
Ragini: on 7 Jan.
Sanskar: mine accident also happen on the same day na.
Laksh: yes but….
Sanskar: is this a coincidence ??
Laksh: may be bahi.
Sanskar: on the same place laksh.
Laksh is shocked to hear this.

Laksh: how ….u know??
Sanskar: laksh I say u to not say lie … But u say lie …. On every damn question ..,… All the answers are a big lie….. Why the hell u r not telling me the truth….. Why r u both hiding my life past from me?? Why….. I want to know what happen?? Why happen ?? How all this happen?? I wanna know about swara and mine story from starting…
Laksh: u know about swara….. How??
Ragini: u got ur memory.??
Sanskar: some flashes.why u both r telling lies and why u both dont react on seeing swara??
Ragini: because of u.
Sanskar: means??
Laksh: while u come out of danger doctor say not to give u stress and tension and……

The time when the person is in hospital and doc says
Doctor: there are less chances of survival and may be they become conscious after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month or may be it take 1 or more years. The injuries r deep . hope for the best.
And the patient sleep to coma. Now its on the time how it heal them and on the response they give to the medicines and all because it is seem that the person have hope to live but somewhere it is like the person not wana live. Its just on the response that we can tell u anything further.if u wanna u can transfer them to home with the machines. But u have to take care of them .there are 50%-50%chance so immediate recovery. If they respond to the medicine than we can say they will be recover but when we too don’t know about it.its on them.
Hope for the best.
All the family break down by this news but somehow manage them to stay strong for their child who is between life and death and is having a war from death to be alive.
They make papers and transfer them to home.
Flashback ends

Laksh: And u know u took 2and half year to come out of coma and in this time many things changes.
When u came back to life….. All r very happy but still everyone have the fell that swara left us. She died but we have the trust that she is alive but i cant do anything to find her……. As ragini is also missing so i cant find her. Everyone believe that swara my shona left us but they was wrong…. Because shona is alive and u only make me trust on this fact…….. U remember our last conversation.

Flashback continue:-
Laksh: bhai where r u ?? U know swara car is slipped from the hill and everyone….
Sanskar: laksh just hear me shona is all right …… She is all right but don’t…..l….leak … This …. News …… She is …. Somewhere far…,. Away…we …h….ave…. To …… Fo….. Find …. Her…..
I …. Have…..le …..s….s.s…..ti……me……u ….fi…..nd….he….r.
Laksh: bhai…..
And the call disconnects…..
Flashback ends.
Laksh: and doctor told us don’t to let u know about shona accident as u r deeply connected to her and her this news will may give a shock to u so we dont wanna to loose u again thats why we dont wanna u to know the truth….. We loose swara but we dont have the guts to loose u we dont have bhai please give me pardon …… I am …. sorry……
Sanskar: its ok laksh….and they both hug. Each other.
They both have tear in their eyes.
Laksh: that’s why we don’t react
Ragini: but how u find swara??
Sanskar: as I told she is my partner daughter but his daughter is aashi she is a look like of swara so to save her wife from death he just make a lie and present swara as aashi as she didnot remember anything else her name.
Laksh: and she dont remember anything right??
Sanskar: may or may not.
Ragini: but why may not??
Sanskar: i saw something in her eyes when u both came here
And some of her antics aslo i think she may remember us.
Ragini: but will we find it?.
Sanskar: its easy ….. ……….(he says a plan)
And everyone get in the plan…..
Sanskar: so plan starts from tomorrow.
Raglak: yup…. Plan swara memory back ….. On the way.
Sanskar: now u both take rest u must be tired.
Ragini: sanskar i wanna hug shona after so many years i saw her..,. Ca…n ….can ….. I??
Sanskar: why to ask permission u can do it….let me call her.
Sanskar call swara and after sometime she came.
Ragini went and hug her.
Swara have tears in her eyes but she stop them from flowing….sanskar notice it….
Swara: why u hug me??
Ragini: actually I remember my sister she look similar to u so I just get emotional and hug u. Sorry.
Swara: its ok ….I understand and give a smile.

Precap:-swara: yes i am selfish …..
I know I do wrong but I don’t have any other choice…… ….
Sanskar: __
Swara: yes …..I love u but I can’t I will die in some time…… I am facing death every sec

Ok thanku guys for reading and tell me my mistakes and how is the part??


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  1. Devihaa

    Hi dear…..the chappy was fab…..
    So ….that’s the reason y raglak didn’t react……
    Day by day the story is getting interesting…
    Keep going dear…
    Swara….what happened to u…??
    Y ur behaving like this…..* thinking*…
    The precap looks interesting…
    Swara saying that she is selfish…..
    Then I think she remember her past….
    Then her meetings with Sanskar…. She knew that he is her love…???
    Hmmm…..lots if suspense to unfold….
    Update next part soon….dr……
    Love u….

    1. Radhika..

      Hlo….glad that u fell the part fab…
      Hmmn that’s the one…
      Really u fell it interesting….. Thanks for such a beautiful compliment it made my day.
      Some reasons to be unfold u will get to know soon…..think think….
      May be or may be something else…..
      Lots of suspence is there just wait for the next parts t will be found soon…..
      Will post asap….
      Love too??
      Thanku for commenting??

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    1. Radhika..

      Glad that u fell it outstanding.
      Thanku for commenting dear??

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      1. Shifa96

        Yes shifa is my name.. Afra is my sister’s name but since I am so much addicted to reading ff’s in TU, I created my own account.

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      Glad u fell it nice. Thanku for commenting dear ??

  5. Awesome dear

  6. Simin

    so both got their memory back
    but swara is faking it

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