time teaches everything….. part 21 (engagement, fun)


am again late sorry. thanks guys for ur response on previous part.thanku very much . so here u go with the next part.

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Recap: a birthday gift for tharu di and simin .
Today’s part:
Flashback continues:
Next day:

In collage sanskar is moving here and there in tension.
Laksh: what happen bhai?
Sanskar: yr I don’t know why my heart is saying I am doing something wrong as I am not getting my feelings.
Laksh: why what happen??
Sanskar: actually till I get to know about the alliance I was happy but after the alliance news I don’t know why I am so sad.
Laksh: what is exactly happening bhai.
Sanskar: only swara and mine happy moments are flashing. Her illness, her treatment ,our fights, everything is flashing in my mind. I just don’t wanna go away from her but this alliance will make us away laksh. Actually I think I love her but I am confused yr.
Laksh:leave that tell me what type of girl u want??
Sanskar: I don’t want a relation that serious all the times . I want someone with whom I can laugh and be silly with. Someone that not only gets my weird sense of humor, but think it’s hilarious too.
Laksh: means u don’t love swara.
Sanskar: no, lucky actually firstly I think that but after meeting her one more thing add in this list that may be a serious person is also make his all things possible and that’s why I love her and I wanna confess this asap to her.
Laksh: I am happy for u. And don’t waste time bro all the best.
Sanskar try the whole day to call or talk to swara but every time ragini, shomi or shekhar pick up the phone and after keeping the call they all laugh over swasan cute relation as their Roka is gonna happen and they have fear to loose each other but don’t know there alliance is set with each other poor swasan.

The next day dp and ap came to gadodia house for fixing the alliance of swasan and raglak some close friends are present here and after meeting all they call the couples . swaragini are looking like fairies came down from heaven they look very beautiful in their respective gowns. Swara is wearing baby pink colour gown looking simple yet elegant. Ragini is wearing a combo of black and golden gown looking beautiful in her look.
Sanlak are wearing sherwani. Sanskar is wearing red colour sherwani.whereas laksh is wearing black colour sherwani.
They all are looking best in their own dresses.
They all set up raglak knows that their both alliance are gonna happen but swasan is unaware of this fact. They think that some other alliance is there for them. That also happen with raglak .
Raglak are sitten together and swasan are sitting near them the family made swasan sit together and they start the ceremony of Roka.
Sanskar and swara face are not showing so much happiness but they r trying to smile for their parents.
They start doing Roma of swasan . all the things start happening .at last sanskar get confuse and asked.
Sanskar: dad where is the girl side??
Dp: beta they r here only.
Sanskar: but dad they r no where to be seen.
Dp: hmmm I can see them but why don’t u sanskar??
Sanskar: dad why r u talking like this tell clearly na??
Dp: sanskar laksh tell u about ur to be wife na . (controlling his laugh)
Sanskar: yes he say that we r gonna marry same time, same place and same things will happen but he don’t tell the bride name dad.
Dp: that is ur mistake that u don’t ask him now just think who is gonna be ur wife.
Sanskar: but dad give a hint na.
Dp :aksh already give u a hint. Now think upon that.
Sanskar: but dad the girl have to be present there only na for Roka.
Dp : she is here only. Just u have to find her.
Sanskar: she is here only than why can’t I get her.
Sanskar look all around and not find any girl else Swara so he say in irritation.
Sanskar: why u all r irritating why don’t u just tell who is the girl.
Everyone stay silent .

Sanskar : ( irritated tone): dad only swara is here do u wanna tell me that mine and swara alliance is gonna happen .
Dp : hmmm u r right sanskar ur and swara alliance is gonna take place.
Sanskar without thinking: dad than why don’t u tell me just always here to irritate me.
Laksh: bhai what dad say??
Sanskar: that mine and swara alliance is gonna take place. Hey wait my and swara means me and u means
Laksh: control ur happiness.
Sanskar: means u all try it intentionally.
Ragini: sry jiju . just wanna tease u both.
Sanskar: mom dad u both also.
Dp, ap : what to do they add us also in their party so we have to do it . sorry sanskar.
Sanskar and swara is very happy with this and after their roka raglak roka take place.
Dp: as the roka is done now engagement ritual also get completed asap.
Swasan exchange rings with a cute smile on their faces .
When laksh ragini turn came than
Shomi: ragu take this ring and make it wear to laksh.
Ragini: ok ma.
Ragini ask for his hand laksh just forward his hand and when ragini is gonna make him wear ring he put his hand back.
Ragini: what is this laksh??
Laksh: ummmm…….. It’s fare yr some teasing and all.
Ragini: ok.
Ragini turn and say anyone else who wanna wear this ring
Lakah: ragini what is this??
Ragini: ummmm…….. It’s fare yr some teasing and all. ( like Laksh says)
And stick out her tongue.
Laksh: not fare .
Ragini: u only keep this rule na. Now see.
Laksh make ragini turn and make her wear him ring .
Everyone laugh on his cuteness and childish nature.
Ragini: u r so childish.
Laksh: that I am but only for u.
Ragini: good.
Ap: laksh now u make her wear ring.
Laksh: ok ma.

Ragini forward her hand .
Laksh: whom ask for ur hand??
Ragini: so whom u r gonna wear the ring ??
Laksh: that I will make u wear but in my style.
Ragini: and what is ur style??
Laksh sit on knee and make ragini twirl and she sit on his lap and laksh make her wear the ring.
Laksh: this is called my style.
Ragini: oh! Really.
Ap: everyone is present here.
They both fell shy but laksh say.
Laksh : so what I am loving my to be wife no one else na.
Ap: is that so.
Laksh: hmmm yes mom.
Laksh look towards ragini.
Ragini node with a smile.
Ap: so as now the ceremony is completed let’s have food.
Shomi: hmmm come have ur lunch.
They all went to have dinner.
Swasan and raglak are eating in same plate.
Sanskar: swara u eat like this only or some special treatment for me and this plate.
Swara: I eat…… like this..,……only sanskar.
Sanskar: oh really than I think u will be get very much weak .
Swara: why so??
Sanskar: because after marriage we are gonna eat in same plate and u eat like this only so u will be weak na.
Swara: but ……
Before she complete sanskar make her eat .
And than open his mouth indicating her to make him eat.
Swara also make him eat. Like this they both complete their lunch.
Raglak also eat in same plate.
Laksh: ragini i will be hungry whole life.
Ragini: why so laksh??
Laksh: if u continue to eat like this only than I will be hungry na.
Ragini make him eat and than eat herself one bite her and other him.
Than laksh say let me make u eat and ragini open her mouth.
Laksh take spoon near her mouth than take it toward his and eat.
Ragini make a sad face laksh make her eat next bite .
And she smile than they both fed each other and complete their lunch.
After that maheshwari went to their house.
Laksh call ragini.
Ragini: hello laksh u reached?
Laksh: yes I reached. 8 hours 12 min and 30 seconds are left for ur birthday.
Ragini: u r calculating every second??
Laksh: yup .,… After all its ur first birthday as my girlfriend and last as a becholer .
Ragini: ok .
Laksh: so what r u doing??
Ragini : nothing special just sitting freely.what about u??
Laksh: talking with the most special girl in my life .
Ragini: filmy lines. Not bad.
Laksh: for u the lines also can’t explain my feelings.
Ragini: but without speaking only u sat everything na so.
Laksh: hmmm heart say everything.
Ragini: heart connection is the best connection.
Laksh: hmmm that’s the beat connection.
They talk like this and cut the call.

In shekhar and shomi room:-
Sehkar: shomi our company is facing many loss if we loss this deal than we r out from this business world.
Shomi: don’t worry shekhar we will get this deal and u will again set it to that heights where it was firstly.
Shekhar: but shomi how come we took the expenses of swara and ragini studies as the collage is very expensive and their needs ………(cutted by shomi)
Shomi: don’t take tension everything came to their place don’t worry shekhar everything will be fine.
Shekhar: hope so.
Swara hear their conversation and is sad by hearing all this and think how to help them come out of this problem.
She think about this and went to ragini room.
Ragini: swara what happen u r looking sad?
Swara: nothing ragini. I just came here to wish u advance happy birthday.
Ragini: happy advance birthday to u too.
Swara: thanku ragu .
Ragini: why u r telling now. U always wish me at 12:00 na than??
Swara: actually I am going to Mumbai for some tests so that’s why.
Ragini: may I also come.
Swara: no ragini u be here .
Ragini: but……
Swara: no but ……ok be here.I will come by tomorrow morning.
Ragini: ok by.
Swara went to shekhar and shomi and tell them about her going there. And tell sanskar about her where about and why she went there . sanskar say it he will come with her but she refused.
Swara went to Mumbai and go to bank and ask for her FD and all other money in her account after that she transfer her money to shekhar account but the transaction will be done next morning so she have to be there for some more time.
She stay in hotel and than next day come to bank and do the transaction.
She went back to her car and start her journey in the way the main road is not good so she go from over road and road is very dangerous . she is driving very carefully but got phone call and attend it was from sanskar for her birthday wishes she cut the call just after hearing happy birthday because a truck from the other side hit her car and her car fell from the cliff. And everything go blank.
Flashback ends.

On swasan side:
Sanskar: so ready for the next wish.
Swara: hmmm why not.
Sanskar: come we have to move.
Swara and sanskar went to a house.
There is no lights there.
They went inside and sanskar on the light.
The scene is like a forest view. The whole room is changed into a forest like place. The mats are of brown colour having leaves on them different type of flowers veils , trees and small plants are present there .the curtains look like climbers and the lights are like flowers decorated. The whole room is like this a view of forests in centre a basket and a mat is there and a small table made of bamboo wood . a beautiful and peaceful view is presented there.
Swara: sanskar is this a room or a forest room.
Sanskar: what u think??
Swara: a forest room.
Sanskar: that .
Swara: u say na.
Sanskar: we r gonna have a picnic there.
Swara: really .
Sanskar: yes.
Swara: picnic inside a house.
Sanskar: hmmm.
Swara: its a weird na.
Sanskar: I wanna do weird things.
Swara: that wish.
Sanskar: hmmn that one.
Swara: sanskar u do so much for me and me never did anything. Why u do so much for me sanskar??
Sanskar: will tell u when time come.
Swara: so bad suspense king.
Sanskar: that I am. Come.
They change in dresses made of leaves.
They both sit on sofa and than drink fruit juice in glass of mud.
And have their lunch in leaves the lunch is of fruits and some material that we get in forest .
Swara: sanskar this fell is really like forest na.
Sanskar: hmmm. That is true.
Swara:thanku .
Sanskar: now stop saying thanks. We r friends na
Swara:hmmm u do so much which no one do.

Sanskar: now stop it swara and come with me.
Swara: there are more.
Sanskar: this is only start.
Swara is shocked..
Swara: start .
Sanskar : hmmm.
They change their dress.
Swara and sanskar go in a shop and try different type of outfit and click pics in them .
They make animal pose .birds, British people, French, england, Indian culture previous type dresses and do full on fun wearing every dress.
Swara: wear a hat and a fat .an type shirt she look like a a fat and angry man who walk with lots of difficulty and sanskar make fun of her by walking like her in her style and at last both start laughing .
They both dress up in joker dress and make fun a and videos.
And enjoy very much.
After that they both went to home and she make sanskar wear girls outfit and do his manicure, pedicure, facial,nail arts , makeup and make him wear heels and dance on a song whereas swara took look of a guy and Sanskar as girl and they both Dane click pics in that outfit and videos and make fun of each other all together they enjoy the time very much.
they r busy with there investigation about swara but they get to know nothing and ragini see a scarecrow in field and ask laksh to make like that.
Ragini: laksh see na that I also wanna make one like that
Laksh: but ragini we came here for some other work.
Ragini: we r doing that from morning laksh if we take some rest than also there is nothing to gonna happen. And we got a hint also.please na please…. Please .,. For me na.
Laksh: ok meri ma( my mom)
Ragini: hmmm that’s like my laksh.
They both went there and ask the farmer about making scarecrow there.he say ok and they start making it .
And moreover throwing the dry grass on each other more than making the scarecrow.
Ragini: no no laksh don’t do that .give it to meet me make.
Laksh: ok .
He go away and ragini make but the face is still not fine.
Laksh: hahaha ragini what u make see.
Ragini: laksh u r laughing on me that’s not fare . u r bad.
But when she see her creation from far she also start laughing.
Ragini: hahaha laksh what I make.
Laksh; that only I am saying. Be like this ragini always smiling.
Ragini: hmmm when we find swara than this smile will never fade away laksh so chill.
Laksh: ok .so swara will be find soon.
They both make the scarecrow and click pics with the scarecrow.
And make there self also stand like scare crow.


OKO today game:-
I don’t have a game today no mood to give a game today wanna know ur experience for:-
1. The weird thing u do??
2. Ur favourite subject?? (Will tell u something)
3. Ur favourite famous personality??
4.something weird u wanna do??
5. Ur bestest buddy in everything. Fun, anger, crazy ness ,study, everything……?? One favourite experience with them.

Ok now answer them


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    1. Radhika..

      Glad that u feel it nice.thanku for commenting dear??

  1. Raglak scenes are nice

    1. Radhika..

      Glad that u feel raglak scenes nie. Thanku for commenting dear.??

  2. Nice…..

    1. Radhika..

      Glad that u feel it nice. Thanku for commenting dear.??

  3. awww nice epi dr.
    sry 4 cdnt cmnt in ur epis!

    abt ur quizs!

    my fav sub is biology!
    and other quizs!
    i dnt knw!

    keep writing
    be happy always

    1. Radhika..

      Thanku for ur commenting.
      And no worries about not commenting on previous one. I think u comment for the first time on my ff.
      And don’t say sry and thanku for commenting.

      Mine is physics.
      Ok no worries.
      Hmm will try.
      U too be happy.

      Thanku for commenting dear.??

  4. Nice..
    I hardly do any weird stuff and my favourite subject is biology..

    Due to some error I was not able to reply to u’r comment about my phone, it has some major internal problem so I brought a new one instead

    1. Radhika..

      Glad that u feel it nice.
      Ok no worries about that .me too do very less.
      Mine is physics.
      Ok no problem about that dear.hmm new one congrats for the new phone.
      Thanku for commenting dear??

  5. IQRA222

    radhu di the epi was awesome as usual
    coming to the game
    1)do hula hu adivasi dance
    2)my fav subject english and hindi
    3)tejasswi praksh
    4)go to a trip alone to a scary world
    5)Sanya. we both went to hyderabad

    1. Radhika..

      Glad that u feel it awesome.
      Really u do like that we dance on 3rd floor of canten on Punjabi songs madly.today also my friends so many things which make us laugh. Still i am laughing remembering there crazyness.
      2.ok mine is physics.
      3.ok ..
      4.hmmm its a type of adventurei I will also join u in that.
      Thanku for commenting dearie.
      Love u????

  6. Asra

    awesome dear….loved it….
    and coming to ur question….
    1) I don’t know dear if do any weird stuff….am thinking..,whn i remember i tell you…
    2) my fav sub in school biology now college nothing s my favourite….
    3) Mother Teresa…
    4) to do a bridal make up for my hod….i want to see how he look in bridal attire….i think it’s not a weird stuff. But I wish to do that…
    5) my sister afra….
    tkcr dear….

    1. Radhika..

      Glad that u feel it awesome and loved it.
      1. Ok tell me when u remember.
      2.ok u r in collage I don’t know about this. In which standard u r?? If u don’t wanna answer than no worries..mine is physics.
      3.hmmm she is really an inspiring personality.
      4.ok will do and see how he looks. But i dont get the word hod what it mean??
      5.ok . siblings bond r somehing like this. Na.

      U too take care.
      Thanku for commenting dear.
      Love u????

  7. Simin

    Lovely one shona
    Sanskar u are a gem u know

    1. Simin

      I love maths but i am a bio student
      Helly and varun i just love them

      1. Radhika..

        Ok so u r also bio student I got to know about many people in this game..mine favourite is physics just loved it its our daily life only. than chemistry its interesting one its like a thing that happen in daily life but we cant get it and than bio what to say about it without it nothing will happen many people don’t even know anything many get to know everything. A confusion with a solution itself .
        Loved them all but most physics.
        Me too live them .they look cute together.
        Love u????

    2. Radhika..

      Glad u feel it lovely cutie.
      Sanskar is gem really than hope u will get a gem like him.
      Thanku for commenting.
      Love u????

  8. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Swaraaa, you are too good.. It’s amazing doll.. Loved it.. Aww, so caring for each other??..Swasan present scenes so nice.. Shona,you are soo lucky*pulling your cheeks..Keep going doll.. Waiting for nxt part like always..

    Game time..
    2)English and Accounting..
    3)Helly Shah
    4)I want to meet vampire.. I am crazy about them.. I don’t know they exist or not..
    5)My school bff Moni..She is my partner in all staffs.. And favorite experience, I told you that proposal wala.. Wahi hain..

    Now tell me yours.. Take care.. Keep smiling??. Love you??

    1. Radhika..

      Glad u fell swara good lovely.
      And fell it amazing.and loved it.glad u fell there scene nice.will try.will post asap.
      1. Ok
      2.mine is physics ..
      4.hmmm some say they exist some say no but may be they exist or may be not if yes than hope that u will meet them.
      5.ok she Is ur bestie means . mine bff is Stuti and still we r together and. It is being 7-8 years we r bff.
      Hope ur friendship will be like that only.
      I told.
      It oo take care and how r u now?? Ur illness went away na.
      U too keep smiling.
      Thanku for commenting??
      Love u too ??

  9. Radhika..

    Glad u feel it lovely cutie.
    Sanskar is gem really than hope u will get a gem like him.
    Thanku for commenting.
    Love u????

  10. It’s awesome episode…swara you are such a caring daughter…and really liked raglak part…eagerly waiting for the next part..playing game..
    1hmmm..i can’t remember such a thing..I’ll tell you when I remember ok..?
    2 for me chemistry and physics..really love them..
    3 my favourite helly shah and varun Kapoor..i like them..
    4 going to another parallel world..i know they are just imaginative but I like to see how they are
    5 her name Prabodha.we are besties from school and now college too…even she read your ff and appreciate it…
    And I already told you and now time has come to leave tu ..but still will miss you…all the best for your upcoming life..hope you will get all the happiness..love you dear and stay blessed…and thanks for being my friend

    1. Radhika..

      Glad that u fell it awesome di…… Aww…. U feel her caring di…..glad u liked raglak part….
      I just now completed it. How is ur trip ??oko when u remember than tell me.
      2. Sane pinch dimine also thy both .
      4.oko if thy exist hope u will visit them one day.
      5.ok di …. Say my hi to them…… Really they appreciate it….. Its mine pleasure.
      Me too will miss u di and ur wirds……
      Hope u will come back soon and all the best for ur future abd exams…..
      Thanku for ur best wishes di.
      U too will get all te happiness of life di.
      Love u too di.
      U too stayed blessed.
      Ur welcome di and we r sisolove u very much.????

  11. Sorry couldn’t comment on last few episodes
    Those r wonderful
    Eagerly waiting for next episode
    Update asap

    1. Radhika..

      Me too sorry because I too don’t post from so many time and replying also late so sorry and dear don’t be sorry because u tell ur words now u told ur words. Now or before it don’t meant . just the feelings meant.glad. u feel them wonderful.
      Just now completed it.
      Hmm I already update now se when tu will post it
      Thanku for commenting dear.??

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