time teaches everything….. part 19 (plan)


Sry for late again. And Thanku for ur concern guys. Now i am ok. Thanku for ur concern.Ok now thanks guys for ur response on previous part. hanku very much . so here we go with the next part.

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Recap: swasan visiting wonders and raglak hearing about swasan alliance and icecream masti.

Today’s part:

Flashback continues:-
After the icecream fight.
Raglak start moving toward their house. But in the way they got a plan to tease swasan.
They are walking on road. Suddenly they saw a barat (the people of groom side going to get him marry) ( don’t get suitable word)going and than a plan came in their mind.
They look at each other and smile and than discuss their plan with their parents also.
They both went to house and started working for the plan .
And than at night talk on phone with each other.
Ragini : hlo laksh……
Ragini: oh Mister where are u ?? Why not speaking?¿
Laksh: umm……vo…. Rag…..INI……. I was ……
Ragini: what happen laksh why are u speaking like that??
Laksh: actually ……. In……. Excie..,tment of …… Picking ur ..,…… Phone….
Ragini: yes..
Laksh: I start…..
Ragini: what laksh tell na what happen.??
Sanskar; hi ragini its sanskar.
Ragini: got to know by ur voice.
Sanksar: oh ok …. Actually laksh in excitement of picking ur phone run and fall down from bed and his cheek got injured and swell up so he is having problem in speaking. And both ragsan brust out in laughter . while laksh makes faces.
Laksh: I care for …….u ….. So much….. And u ….r laughing.
Ragini:still laughing says sry laksh what to do ur excitement make u fall……. Fall oh god means u got hurt also oh god laksh u r all right na. ..u why u got so excited if u do like that na ….. I will not talk to u hate u ……. Who do so ha…..
Laksh: ragu….. U and ….. Ur mood swings ……..firstly u r laugjing…… And now……… Angy …….and now hate…… What is this??

Ragini: r u all right laksh …. Still its paining….. Eat some pain killer apply antiseptic….. And and……. Go to doctor….. Laksh u r so careless na…… What will happen to u….. Take care na…. U know my life lie in u and u……. Do things like this…….. Hate u…..
Laksh: I am fine just small …….injury and u r again saying…….. hate u ragu.
Ragini: we hate them whom we love and what small injury it’s so much paining and u r saying small injury . just go to doctor or else I am coming and ……
Laksh: no no ragu not now …….don’t come here ………ok its night na……. And I will take care…,. U too take care….. Love u..
Ragini: laksh…. Actually I call u because I wanna say plan is full on…
Laksh: really what about ……. Sw…..
Sanskar: which plan guys?? And who sw. Is.??
Ragini: sanskar many things r personal. So give some privacy.
Sanskar: oh new love birds became so forget friends na.
Ragini: stop ur drama ……. Mr. Cutie.
Sanskar: ragini I am not.
Rahini: u r…
Laksh: u call him cutie…. Sanskar u never told.
Ragini: not me swara call him ……so I also started.
Hearing swara name sanskar face colour changes.
Ragini: u know laksh tomorrow swara roka is also gonna happen.
Sanskar: her ROKa but with whom??? And why don’t she told me.??
Ragini: sanskar still she even don’t know about this Na…….. So chill na…… And why r u taking tension u…. R not leaving bachelor ur roka is also gonna happen. Don’t uncle told u??
Sanskar: mine rokabut with whom??
ragini: that I too dont know???
Sanskar: ok by.
He went from there thinking. And raglak burst out laughing.
Laksh: ragini u tease him so much.
Ragini: I have the right mr. Maheshwari.
Laksh: ok so now complete ur phase also.
Ragini: ok by
Laksh: by.love u
Ragini: love u too.
Ragini went to swara room and told her about the roka and all she also get shock but agre for parents because she fell that her parents will do everything good for her . so she don’t even ask them anything .
Here sanskar also do he same don’t ask anything from his parents just accept their decision but an unknown feeling s there in their hearts.
Flash back ends.
Ragini: laksh u know how we fooled them and their faces. Till now I don’t forgot the view.
Laksh: me too ragini. Just wanna their faces now. Sanskar is also there in Punjab and swara she is also there na so he will gey his memory soon.
Ragini: hope this will happen soon.
Laksh : it will happen ragu.u start packing ragini I am so much excited tomorrow we r leaving.
Ragini: ok laksh. And don’t become souch excited excitement is not good for u . she burst into laughter.
Laksh: ragu u r really too much never leave a chance to tease me.but I love this crazy piece only.
Ragini: me too love this crazy piece only.
They both smile at each other.

At swasan side:-
Sanskar wake up and get ready and proceed towards swara room. He is about to knock the door but swara herself open it and because he make her hand in knocking position and is about to knock .
Swara ask him want r u doing?
Sanskar: I was just about to knock but u urelf open the door that’s why.
Swara: ok but still why u don’t leave this position .
Sanskar: means??
Swara: ur hand.
She laugh at him.
He is still make a knock of hand.
Sanskar also laugh looking at him and just brush his one hand in his hairs.
Swara: ok mr. Now stop this all tell me what we r gonan do today??
Sanskar: we r firstly gonna eat breakfast and it will come any time .
Swara: u order it.
Sanskar: hmmmm yes.
Swara: I am bored by eating this dishes I wanna eat something Indian today.
Sanskar: I order Indian only.
Swara: really but how come as it is not Indian restaurant and indian food is not available here.
Sanskar: when we wanna fulfil our friends wish than only a small thing is needed and that is trying.it is said na koshish karne valo ki kabhi had nahi hoti. (The people who try not end up loosing).
Sqara: hmmm that is true.
The room service came and give them food.
They both eat it and than talk.
Swara: sanskar its so tasty. U know I just loved the food.thanku
Sanskar: my pleasure that u loved it.
Swara: by the way how come u got to know that I wanna eat Indian.
Sanskar: if I don’t know my friend than whom will I know.
Swara: so sweet of u sanskar. U always know what I want.
Sanskar: hmm we know our friends well.
Swara: that is true.
Sanskar: come led move to the next wonder.
Swara: ok . say with a smile.
Machu peru.
They reached there after travelling of 2 hours.
The view just take them with them a mountain like structure is very high from the ground level and the scene is like a beautiful valley like a garden in ancient times. It looks like a place full of greenery. Every green one. They both just fall for the view. Its so much peace there. Its like a place leaving the crowded area of the cities away. As they came here to fell the peace and this beautiful environment. The look and the place the environment just look like they are made for them only. They are dumbstruck by seeing the view only.
Swara: sanskar its so beautiful na.
Sanskar : that’s why only its one of the seven wonders.
Swara: it look like a scenery. Nature have so much to give us.
Sanskar: hmmm nature have many things but we never care for the things. Which they give us.
Swara: it is said n people only care the thing when it is taken away from them jut like that this is happening.
Sanskar:hmmm people only get to know about the things when they got yo know there importance.
Swara: what u know about this beautiful valley . the storehouse of nature like this much beautiful place .
Sanskar: Machu Picchu stands 2,430 m above sea-level, in the middle of a tropical mountain forest, in an extraordinarily beautiful setting. It was probably the most amazing urban creation of the Inca Empire at its height; its giant walls, terraces and ramps seem as if they have been cut naturally in the continuous rock escarpments. The natural setting, on the eastern slopes of the Andes, encompasses the upper Amazon basin with its rich diversity of flora and fauna.
Swara: its interesting . it is so high sanskar.
Sanskar: hmmm that is ….. U know swara:-
The ancient city’s property covers 32,592 hectares of mountain slopes, peaks and valleys.
Swara: its so much big .
Sanskar: hmmmm ….. And Machu Picchu has three primary structured identified by archaeologists; the Inti Watana, the Temple of the Sun, and the Room of the Three Windows.
Swara: really its so amazing to know about this the structures how they come up and this beautiful place.
Sanskar: u look so excited let’s roam.
Swara: really..
Sanskar: yes come.
I will tell u some more about this.
Swara: what tell na.
Sanskar:-ok so hear.
*Machu Picchu suffered a great amount of damage in the past; most of the outlying buildings have been reconstructed in recent years in order to give tourists a better idea of what the structures originally looked like.
*The Intihuatana stone, which is a sculpted granite rock found at the site is believed to have been utilized as a solar clock or calendar.
*Before its reintroduction to the world, the ruins of Machu Picchu were covered with vegetation except for the cleared agricultural terraces that were used by farmers as vegetable gardens.
*The Inti Watana stone is one of many ritual stones in South America. Several of these stones are positioned in such a way to point directly towards the sun during the winter solstice.
*In 2005 and 2009, the University of Arkansas made detailed laser scans of the entire Machu Picchu site.
*In January 2010, heavy rain caused flooding which buried or washed away roads and railways leading to Machu Picchu, trapping more than 2,000 local people and more than 2,000 tourists.
*Several artefacts regarded as treasure have been excavated from Machu Picchu, among them are ceramic vessels, silver statues, jewelry, and human bones; mostly dug up by Bingham between 1912 and 1915.
*Researchers suggest that most of its inhabitants died from smallpox introduced by travelers before the Spanish conquistadors.
*While archaeologists believe thatMachuPicchu has around 150 buildings ranging from baths and houses to temples and sanctuaries; Excavations in the 1960s by Gene Savoy andlatter extensive mapping by Vincent Lee suggest that this ancient city has over 450 buildings in its enclosure.
Swara: its so interesting sanskar.
Sanskar: that’s why it is one of te seven wonder.ok come we have to go also .
Swara: so soon.
Sanskar: no firstly we have our lunch here.
Swara: really. In this beautiful valley.
Sanskar: yes . come.
They both hev there lunch and then level for airport which is 2 hours from there and then take a flight to mexico.
It took 2 hours to go there it is 4:00 p.m. and than they went to
Chichen Itza.
Its a pyramid like structure.
Swara: what is the speciality of this one.my dear teacher of tourism.
Sanskar: now I am ur teacher.
Swara: yup u become na.
Sanskar: ok so hear. El Castillo also known as the Temple of Kukulcan, is a Mesoamerican step-pyramid that dominates the center of the Chichen Itza archaeological site in the Mexican state of Yucatán. The building is more formally designated by archaeologists as Chichen Itza Structure 5B18.
Built by the pre-Columbian Maya civilization sometime between the 9th and 12th centuries CE, El Castillo served as a temple to the god Kukulkan, the Yucatec Maya Feathered Serpent deity closely related to the god Quetzalcoatl known to the Aztecs and other central Mexican cultures of the Postclassic period.
The pyramid consists of a series of square terraces with stairways up each of the four sides to the temple on top. Sculptures of plumed serpents run down the sides of the northern balustrade. During the spring and autumn equinoxes, the late afternoon sun strikes off the northwest corner of the pyramid and casts a series of triangular shadows against the northwest balustrade, creating the illusion of a feathered serpent “crawling” down the pyramid. The event has been very popular, but it is questionable whether it is a result of a purposeful design.Each of the pyramid’s four sides has 91 steps which, when added together and including the temple platform on top as the final “step”, produces a total of 365 steps
The structure is 24 m high, plus an additional 6 m for the temple. The square base measures 55.33m across.
Swara: u know so much about this things na.
Sanskar: no I just know because of u.
Swara: for my one wish u search so much.
Sanskar: hmmm so what u r my friend na.
Swara: that but .
Sanskar: no but what ok .
Come let visit inside.
They both went inside and see the whole place while sanskar tell more about the place.
Sanskar: the facts are:-
1.The word “Chichen Itza” is derived from a Mayan name which means, “on the mouth of the well of Itza.” It is also called “El Castillo” which means “the castle” in Spanish.
*The Chichen Itza was discovered in the year 514 A.D. by the priest Lakin Chan who was also called Itzamna. It was re-discovered by an American explorer John L. Stephens in 1841.
*It is often said that the Chichen Itza was built close to two large natural sink holes that would have provided water throughout the year as no rivers or streams were passing through this area. One of the sinkholes was thought to have been used for human sacrifice in times of droughts as a sacrifice to the Chac God.
*Along with fine stones, some pyramids have an inner layer of mica from Brazil, 2,000 miles away without any wheeled transportation. Mica is a good insulator. Other Mayan pyramids were covered with stucco.
Swara: they r interesting u become a tourist teller .
Sanskar: thanku come time to move.
Swara: ok
They came out of there.
They have their dinner. And swara say.
Swara: I can’t believe sanskar we … We see every wonder in so much less time.
Sanskar: hmmm that is true we see all the wonders.
Swara hug him tightly in happiness.
Swara: thanku thanku thanku……… Sanskar…. Thanku very much. Because of u I see all the wonders and my wish got completed.
Sanskar: oh madam now stop becoming overexcited. There are so many things to come.
Swara: what. ??
Sanskar: will tell u tomorrow for now take some rest .
Swara: ok.
And they both leave for the hotel and sleep in their rooms.

Thanku for reading guys..


OKO today game:-
1. http://www.ultimatelovecalc.com/love/3829298 calculate it and tell what come.
2. Ur favourite flower??
3. Ur favourite colour??
4. The place u wanna. Visit??
5. The adventurous thing u do ever in ur life??
Ok now answer them all the best and don’t reveal the secret keep a finger on lips .


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