time teaches everything….. part 11 (confusion¿¿)


Hey guys thanku for the response u all give on previous all chapters just love u all thanku for supporting me that’s why I completed so much chappy. And sorry for being late again but now 1 day only what to do my health don’t allow na and I will not post for coming two days means Saturday and Sunday I am going to Chandigarh so I don’t think I will get time so…….. Ok now stop of my talks…….
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Prev:sanskar aashi fun , aashi craziness , raglak diwali celebration with lots of teasing.

Today’s part:
Someone from back shout:swara
sanskar see is she calling the swara he knows.
Aarshi looked confuse.
The girl came near sanskar and aarshi .
Aarshi:mai to gai aab(I am gone now)
Girl:swara what r u doing here ?? U have a meeting in delhi na??? So……
Sanskar:excuse me I think u r misunderstanding she is not swara she is aarshi.
Girl:no she is my friend swara…….wait wait ……. Swara what is all this??
Aarshi: what huh what yr nitu that’s not fare …..

Sanskar(confused) :what’s not fare??
Aarshi: she told my truth.
Sanskar:which truth…… Wait wait….means u r swara??
Aarsji:hmm I am swara.
Sanskar: than why all r calling u aarshi ??
Why didn’t u tell me before that u r swara???
U r the same swara which meet me on airport??
The same girl who helped me and do all craziness???
Why u take me here than??
Why r u silent speak up na??
Swara: if u give me time than only I will speak up na u r like a train start up and not stopping what’s that ha??
Sanskar:know tell.
Swara :for 1st one my name is swara aarshi kukreti an deveryone call me from aarshi from middle name in business as ur is maheshwari just like that.
For 2nd one because my heart say me to do some fun with u so i do it by teasing u like this and making u fool I think it would be tough but u became fool so easily..
For 3rd one:hmmm. I am the same swara that’s why I do the prank na …but this netu na she spoil it warna I am going to tease u like hell.
For 4th one:hmm I am that girl who do the things but that’s not crazy at all ok so not even dareto say them crazy one.understood.
For 5th one: because I live in Punjab and as we r working together so u have to know about this na.,……..
For 6th one: I speak up and I am not silent ok….
For 7th one: I think the questions ended up so, that’s it….
Sanskar:u do all this for fun ha??
Swara:hmmmmm yes
Sanskar: but why??
Swara:because I just love to tease u , I love to see u smiling, I love to see u making different faces on my talks as people made on eating various type of things ,the boring look, the weird look, the monkey look, the crazy look, the sweetu look, the cutei pie look ,the …….. Can’t explain more(make a cute face) , I love to see ur expression on my doings, I love ur antics, I love ur everything , I love u yr……. that’s it……
Sanskar:what I just said ??
Swara:that’s it…..
Sanskar:before that.
Swara: I love ur everything..
Sanskar:after that…..
Swara:I love u.
Sanskar: I love u???
Swara:just friendly don’t take it serious u to know na I am full to crazy so bear ur this crazy fellow.
Sanskar:crazy girl…..
They both hear flashback a girl saying love u
Boy:what u said??
Girl:(without thinking) love u if not sry and thanku we say love u only na we do that in our friends group na. so, what happen??
Boy: (adoring on her innocence) but i think they all must be girls and am a boy.so,
Girl:so, what (than getting everything) ……….. vo i didnot mean it ( she bit her tongue)ouch….
Boy: (concerned) what happen ……….? Are u ok?
Girl: bit my tongue.
Boy:swara why r so innocent and somewhat crazy.
Girl:its not like that. Ok, i am sleepy. So, good night. Boy:sleepy or don’t wanna talk??
Girl:both good night.
Boy:good night.
Boy: crazy girl.

The word s keep revolving in swara mind crazy girl……. Love u…… So…… Crazy…… Love….. Night……. Love ……… Yr……… Vo …… Crazy …… Love……. Didnot ………… Talk…… Sleep……. The words are revolving in her mind. But he let it go as as he fell a jerk and the next moment swara is in his arms and he see that she fainted. sanskar and netu take her to hospital and netu call swara family.
sanskar is very worried about her condition.

on raglak side:
ragini:laksh did u remember our collage trip after diwali day.
laksh:hmmm i remember.
sir:students as u all know that today we r moving for our tour to xyz place and their we give u tasks and u all have to complete the tasks in groups and every pair contain 2 members while other will take 4 members and the 4 members u decide and the 2 members will decide by chits selecting from the 4 member groups only. ok now u all take ur seats in bus.

almost all the students get in one bus and some in other bus with teacher in other bus.swaragini and sanlak sit in one bus. and they thought to play truth and dare amd they atart spinning the bottle first it comes to aakash he choose dare he have to do a dance on a song as he is one of the dancer in sanlak group like this others turns also came and than it came to ragini. she chooses truth but laksh tease her and she choose dare.
the bottle points toward ragini
swara:what do u wanna choose truth or dare??
laksh:so u r afraid of doing a task ha.
ragini:nothing like that i just choose truth.
laksh:oh really means u r not afraid??
ragini:yes really i am not afraid.
laksh:than why don’t choose dare.
ragini:that’s my wish.
laksh:simply say na u r afraid.
ragini:i am not.
laksh:u r .
ragini:no i am not.
laksh:than do it na if u r not afraid.
ragini:ok i will do it.
swasan and all others are just looking as how laksh complete his dare so easily.
flashback(fashback in flashback):
bus stop at a place and ragini went to get something from her friend who is in the next bus.
and in that time the bottle point toward laksh.
and he choose dare
swara:what do u wanna choose.
laksh:absolutely dare i love loves so what else will i choose.
ajay:ok so do a work that is next to impossible.
swara:guys no work in the world is imposibble.
split out the word iimpossible it will come up as i am possible.
all:u r right swara.
aavni:laksh i have a dare . u have to change ragini decision of choosing trutg or dare it is very difficult because she never changes her decision easily even not by intating anyone.
laksh:done guys.
flashback ends(flashback in flashback end)
ragini see all of them and say what happen guys¿¿
swara tell her the whole thing.
aavni:ragini from when someone talks start intimating u yr??
ajay:yes yr u never came in anyone talks and never change ur decision than what happen today??
vani:only swara have that power but now laksh also??
ragini just start thinking about these all.
ragini POV:
what happen to me ?? till now only swara can convience me to change my decision but what happen today that i change my decision. when laksh say that is laksh saying and words Meant so important to me ?? god what is happening?? why he is becoming so iimportant. he tease me always fight with me but still his words impact me the impact which no one other have?? ehythis gof why??
POV ends
her POV ends by laksh saying.
laksh,i say u firstly i only know to won okay now i will give dare to u ragini.
swara:what’s that.
laksh:not so soon.
tell that till the end of the tour.
sanskar: ut why so?
laksh:have to think what dare should i give to miss fighting queen.
ragini:u ………….

Guys done with this part can’t typeore as my eyes and health will not support and today game is not there mind not working so tell me what are the climatic condition in ir region ?? Tell fast waiting for ur answers and comment to tell me how was it and also my mistakes so that i will improve them. Love u all thanku for reading ??

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  5. Awesome radhu. Swara n sanskar talks are adorable. I just loved them. N ragu changing her decision for laksh kuch tho baath hai. I just loved the epi….

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