Time taken ( epi 6)


hi am Asmitha had a busy schedule this week thus couldn’t update now will. thanks for all your support and comments.

Recap- Swara commits sucide
Precap- Two years leap

doc- wo.. actually she cut her wrist deeply and a lot of blood loss also so we need blood .
our blood bank doesent have her type please call her parents or family member.
Ragini- I am her elder sister we are twins please checkmy blood .
Doc- ha ander aayiye.
Two weeks later.
College last day
Sanky- hi guys I am sanskaar and I wanna propse to the love of my life.
Many people are excited among them one is Kavita the other Is Swara.
Sanky- toh sonlo meri pyaari Swara I love you ager tum nahi hota na fir me kase jived nahi batha he will you light the lamp of my house will live with most importantly will you marry?
swara’s eyes are moist.
Swara – yes Sanskaar.
One Year later……
Swasan are married
swara feels very dizzy she falls down Ragini catches her at nick of the moment.
Ragini- Arre Swara Kya Hoga Tum tik hona?
Swara- yes don’t worry I am fine.
Ragini- go sit down me and Bhabhi will manage.
swara- par..
ragini- I have told and no one will go against it
Swara- Ha okay I will sit..

In the evening
They do shivji pooja all women break their fast.
Swara- Sanskaa…a…r
she faints.
Sanskaar- Swaraaaaaa!
doc comes and checks her.
Doc- Mr sanskaar congrats you have become a father.
Sanskaar- What ?!?
Doc- yes your wife is pregnant pls take good care of her.
he leaves.

Precap- Mood swings.
—————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————Are you guys happy no one will seprate swasan and raglak as they are married or is it just not yet?
so according to the latest spoiler swara will get memory loss so do you want that track and have complicatins in swasan raglak’s lives or you want it to go smooth without any twists.if option one suggest a boy and girl name for villan enteryand child.
if option two then suggest name for baby.
you guys want boy or girl.
yourwish my command.

Credit to: Asmitha

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