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So let’s start.
Recap- swasan intro.
PRECAP-flashback raglak intro and swasan moments.
Ragini-Are yaar what happened why are you so shocked to see each other.
Swara – didi voh

Swara is crossing the road during the red signal.
Sanskaar is driving his car when he tries to apply break it doesn’t apply .
He tries the horn but he remembers he needs to service it. Before he can do anything his car hits swara.
Swara faints and is taken to hospital.
Sanskaar-doc what happened she’ll be fine right
Doc-yes it is only minor injury so don’t worry we will dress her wounds .
Sanskaar-Dos she gain consciousness.
Doc-Yes .
Sanskaar.- can I see her.
Doc. -OK.
Sanskaar enters the room and sees swara looking around the room.
Sanskaar- hi kiddo.
Swara-Hey don’t dare to call me kiddo Varna. ..
Sanskaar- Varna kya.
Swara-Who are you what are you doing here.
Doc. -miss ….
Swara-Swara Gadodia.
Doc-On Mia swara this is the man who saved you in a car accident.
Swara-Oh Thanks Mr sanskar.
Sanskaar- how do you know my name.
Swara walks up to him and takes the notebook from his hand and shows it to him.
Swara- dekho your name is written on the book .
Sanskaar-How dips you know it’s my book.
Swara-Hey buddu theri nam book par lika he aur vo thri pas he.
Sanskaar-Good guess .
Swara-So mr sanskaar friends.
Sanskaar-sure why not.
Flashback ends.

Swara – so we used to go out together but one he went missing.
Saying that she takes a pillow and starts hitting him.
Sanskaar- aaa! Tum human ho.
Swara.-So bad you know just went missing no calls no messages no last bye bye.
Ragini starts laughing looking at their cat fight.
Sanskaar- your sister is hitting me so much and your laughing help me na.
Swara- don’t help him.
Sanskaar- ragini can you call your mom.
Ragini- why.
Sanskaar- cause I want to complain about the monster she has given birth to.
Ragini ‘s smile vanishes .
Laksh notices this.
Lucky-What happened why you are crying.
Ragini-Me and swara have parents they died when we were little.
L and s-sorry about that .
Ragini -laksh sanskaar can I talk to you for a minute.
Sanlak-sure why not.
Ragini asks swara to choose Hey bed and the trio goes inside.
Sanlak lock the door.
Ragini-Pls don’t talk about my parents to shona.
Ragini- because. ..


Credit to: Asmitha

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