Time taken ( epi 3)


Hi there so you guys are thinking that my ff is short so I apologize for that I will try to make it longer.
Lets start-
Swaragini enter the collage from one end with sanlak behind them.
Lucky – bhai look at the ones standing infront of us I hope that we all are in the same class.
Sanky-yeah I really want to be ib the same class.
Swaragini and sanlak enter the same class.
Lucky-Sanky pinch me yaar .
Lucky-We are in the same class.
Teacher walks in.
Teacher-hi everyone so good to see collage freshman and year repeaters.
Every one giggles.
Teacher- so I am taking attendence.
In this collage we belive in team work so as usual two boys and girls will stay together in a cottage of these hostel. O Saturdays you can go home and return by Sunday night no going out of campus after 11 pm. No drinking or smoking in and around the campus.

Do time for knowing your campus partners.
Laksh Maheshwari
Ragini Gadodia
Sanskaar Maheshwari
Swara Gadodia
Cottage no. 24
Please proceed and settle down. There will be no classes for the next one week till everyone settles.
Lucky-Sanky let’s start flirting .
Sanky-Yes let’s start.
Sanky-ypu take ragini and me for swara.
Sanky -Hello miss swara . How are you?
Swara turns
Swara ams Sanky- YOU!!!!!!
Swara-What are you doing here wasn’t it enough that you tried to kill me on the road.
Sanky-i didn’t do anything my breaks didn’t work.
Swara.-Yeah I believed.
Ragini-What happened
Swara-what happened is. …….
I hope you liked it please comment.

Credit to: Asmitha

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