Time taken ( epi 2)


Hi guys this is my second epi I hope you like my fan fiction from next episode onwards swasan and raglak meet .
So no more Bak Bak let’s start.
Recap-swaragini intro swara faints gets scolded by ragini.

—————————————————————————–a room is shown where two boys are sleeping above each other and their sister uttara comes in.
Uttara-BHAI ! Wake up. You are getting late .
Boys-chup karo yaar hamne sone do.
Uttara- on you sleep I will call ma. Mom sanskaar ams laksh are still sleeping please kuch karo na ma vo meri bath nahi sun raja he.
AP-Let them sleep is okay.
AP signals utts not to make any noise she comes in with a bucket of cold water .
Sanskaar-see mom is so good chipkali.
Utts-agar me chipkali ho fir Tim dono chudail he.
Sanky and lucky- chipkali.
Utts – chudail.
AP & Utts laugh.

Lucky – Tum dono bi na.
AP- Fine go get ready other wise you will get late.
S and L -fine.
Utts – bhai when did tou come to Sanky’s room did you sleep walk thinking about your dream girl.
Lucky starts to chase utts meanwhile Sanky gets ready ams comes in between lucky ams utts .
Lucky-Sanky go away don’t come in between.
Sanky-Go get ready am leaving in 20 mins.
Lucky-Fine am going . So unfair I am elder by two mins but nobody listens to me.
Sanky-Did you say something Mr Laksh Durgaprasad Maheshwari.
DP-Sanskaar Tum kyu mera pora nam liya.
Sanskaar-kuch nahi badipapa.

The three (utts , lucky and Sanky ) go to collage.
AP – Before this three go to collage right the house will break.
so how was my second epi . Pls comment. Thanks for reading.

Credit to: Asmitha

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  1. nice plz wrte in englsh i dnt knw hindi

  2. nice….make it long…..

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