The time to shine – episode 6


Scene 1:
It is aarti’s birthday and they have a party.A servant serves everybody juices and jessie takes out some poison and puts in a orange juice. Jessie goes to kali. ” Drink this aunt she says with a smirk.”Kali faints and twinkle phones a doctor,Aliya gets some water and aarti tells everybody to leave.Kali is rushed to hospital and operations are done and everybody waits and waits.Finally the doctor comes out.
Doctor:I am sorry to say this.We tried our best but kali is dead.
Aarti:No you all are such liars ma will wake up and say papa is joking.Let me go see her (She laughs and opens the door.).
Aryan:Ma is dead ,ma is dead!!!(Crying).
Aarti runs saying ” Ma is not dead”.She runs and goes out of the hospital .It starts to rain.Aliya and Twinkle run after her when they see her at a temple.
Aliya:Aarti come back we all know that mum is gone we miss her but come back.

A few months later:
The girls are at school when aarti tells a girl ally that her hair is upset.Ally goes to the toilet and aarti puts glue on the bench.Ally sits on it when she gets stuck.Later that day when their dad says stop.
Aryan:Aarti what is going on with you this is the 5th time your school phoned and complained about you!!!
Aarti:Nahi papa I did not put glue on the bench.
Aliya: Yes you did!!!
Twinkle: Do not lie !!!
Aryan:I know you miss mum and we all do but you have to behave in school and before ma died you were the smartest established most welled behaved girl.
Aarti : Oh please papa don’t give me that talk again.
Aarti goes running to her room but Aliya and twinkle follow her.
Mad:Come on Aryan she is a kid and kali just died 2 months back so understand what she going through.
Aryan:I understand but she needs to be nice,good and behave.
Aarti is crying in the room while looking at kali ‘ s picture and says “Papa no one knows why I am like this after ma died I have decided to move on and yes it’s hard so acting bad and misbehaved is the only way to make me forget about the past.”
Aliya: Aarti what is going on? ??
Twinkle :Stop crying and come on.

Scene 2:
It’s the next day and gauri and her family . Aarti, Aliya and twinkle take Taylor ,jessie and peyton to the basement.
Peyton:It’s so dusty and is that aunt kali and uncle aryan ‘ s picture.
Twinkle:Yes now let me tell you all a story .Once there was a lady who had 3 daughters just like us.One day her sister’s daughters just like you all mixed poison in her juice and she died but there is a huge twist her daughters will get all of their revenge back!!!

Precap : Everybody goes to see where is screaming coming and see taylor ,jessie and peyton screaming because aarti,Aliya and twinkle locked them up in the basement!!!!?

Credit to: Shreshtha

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