The time to shine -Episode 4


Scene 1:
Kali and yug laugh and talk .The next morning kali is getting ready.
Manajri : Gauri help kali mother mad and I need to welcome the guests.
Gauri:Wait here I want to get you present.
Gauri goes to her room and takes out a metal stick from the room.She says “I saved you from a long time!!! “She goes to kali and hits her kali faints and she puts on kali ‘ s clothes to act like kali.The whole wedding gets complete and kali wakes up.Gauri and yug are about to take their blessings when kali stops them.Everybody is shocked and kali takes out the veil and sees gauri.
Gauri : Oh cut the crap and kali you told me to hit you with a stick and get married to yug so don’t act shocked!
Kali : Gauri shut up and yug you at least believe me!
Yug : No and there is no way kali Jha someone who is so mean will want to marry me and let’s go home gauri!!!
Kali : Wait I did not loose memory and I wanted to get revenge from gauri and teach her to be nice!!!
Yug:Too late let’s go gauri! ! !
Kali : Gauri Jha I thought you are my sister but you are a witch and you actually snatched away my happiness! !!Oh but you chose your scarf over me and let go of my hand so this is nothing for you to do!!!
Mad :You let go of her hand but you said her hand slipped!!!
Kali : Look she is also a liar and what can she not do???Today I curse you that you will loose all your happiness and when a sister curses she curses bad!!!
They then leave with his whole family and kali runs after the car shouting yug.It raims and her sindhur falls of.Everybody goes by her.She puts mud on her face and says gauri Jha I will get my revenge!!!

Scene 2:
2 years later:
“Everything has to be right and blossoms you know mam only likes roses.” A girl wearing a short dress comes and it is kali.She drinks the coffee and throws the cup on the floor.
Kali:Who made it Ahana???
Ahana : Arianna made it mam.
Kali slaps Arianna and says make nice coffee.KALI goes to her office.A handsome guy goes there it is yug.Kali’s chair is turned around.
Yug : Hi I am yug chaudary from yg productions.
Kali is shocked and turns her chair around.Yug gets shocked to see her.
Yug:Remember me ???
Kali : Yes.
Yug : Gauri misses you a lot and talks about you every day!!!
Kali : Yug in order to work with our company you have to follow 4 rules
Rule 1- Never talk about personal things in this office.
Rule 2 Never talk about my past because I tend to forget about it and I get mad and angry.
Rule 3 – Never ever mention Gauri and your family in this office.
Rule 4 – Never ever talk about Gauri and your family in this office.
If you agree to that you have a deal so the ball is in your court.Do we have a deal yug???
Yug:Yes and we have a deal!!!

Precap – Gauri and yug go to kali ‘ s house!!!?

Credit to: Shreshtha

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