The time to shine – episode 3


Kali sees a mean girl Ahana pushing a girl.
Kali : Oh what do you think you are doing to her?She is not your toy to play with!!!
Ahana :Shut up Jha girl!!!Can’t you see I’m BUSY? ??
Kali: No and if I tell the principal you will be in trouble! !!
Ahana runs away!!!

Gauri remembers how kali used to say that about bullies before she lost her memory! ! !

The girls go home and see yug and his family! !!
Vishwa : Kali we are discussing your marriage and leela thinks you are perfect for yug!!!
Gauri and kali is shocked but agrees!!!

Scene 2
After 2 weeks it’s kali ‘ s mendhi night!!!Gauri is not too happy so tries some tricks!!!The girls are applying mendhi on kali ‘ s hand but gauri runs and stop them and says ” That is a cheap mendhi and your hand will burn let me get the expensive one.”She runs to the kitchen and gets grounded chilles and puts it in the mendhi!!!When the mendhi dries it starts to burn her hand!She then puts cold water and when she is sleeping she soaks it in ice cold water!

Precap -Yug comes by her windows and they talk and laugh!!!?

Credit to: Shreshtha

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