The time to shine – episode 2

Everybody tries to make kali remember everything! !!Kali faints and Vishwa calls the doctor.

Doctor:I am sorry to say this but kali has lost her memory and if you keep on trying to make her remember then she will have to go to hospital and she can die.I’ll take your leave.
Vishwa: okay thanks and I’ll show you the door.

Gauri goes to get orange juice while mother mad and manajri go to the kitchen to cook.Kali wakes up and sees that she is in her room.She then says:I’m really sorry gauri I have not lost my memory but I need to teach you that you need to be nice and not mean.You chose your scarf over me but now it is time for revenge!!!

She then opens the cupboard and looks at her pictures with gauri and goes to see her picture of her and gauri and she throws it on the floor and the frame busts and there is glass everywhere! Kali then hears gauri coming and closes the cupboard and jumps back into bed.
Gauri : Oh I heard glass break and kali what’s on the floor?
Kali : Gauri stop asking questions and you can see it is glass so pick it up!

Scene 2 :
Gauri is listening to music when kali pushes her .”Owe you pushed me and I dropped my phone idiot!”Kali slaps her ,pulls her by the hair and says “Don’t you ever dare to call me idiot and you fell yourself so shut your mouth and get one thing straight I don’t like you !!!”

The next day:
Vishwa tells everyone that they are going to an important person’s house.They then entire the house and it’s none other than yug ‘ s house!Leela tells kali that they should go to the temple.The girls then go and kali drives.Gauri does not like the songs kali plays and changes it.Kali says “It’s my car so I will play whatever I like and if you don’t like it then you can get out and this will be a long journey so get used to it!!!”

Precap – The car breaks down and the girls go to a house and kali makes gauri scared!!!?

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