The time to shine – episode 1


The girls go on a universty trip to a mountain. Kali sets up the tent while gauri takes out pictures .

Kali : Gauri help me! !!
Gauri : Do it yourself! ! !

Suddenly gauri’s scarf falls of the mountain onto the branch! !!

Gauri: Kali get my scarf!
Kali :It’s too dangerous and when we go back home papa will buy you a pretty scarf and I did not even like that scarf!
Gauri : Oh cut the crap and I liked that scarf so get it back! ! !

Kali goes at the edge of the mountain and try to get it from the branch and trips and slips! ! !

Kali :Help me!!!
Gauri : Ok calm down and I will get help!!!

Everybody runs to see what happened!!!

Kali : Gauri you now have to choose between the scarf and me!!
Gauri : You are my sister and I love you but I choose my scarf!!!

Gauri then lets go of her hands!!!

Scene 2:

After 3 days gauri goes home and tells everybody the news and everybody gets shocked. The next day a pretty and beautiful girl enters the house.She is wearing a pretty dress and high heels and has her hair tied in a pony .It’s none other than kali!!!Gauri comes there and says can I help you???Gauri then gets shocked to see kali and runs to hug her!

Kali pushes her away and says:Get away from me!!!
Gauri: Kali it’s me your sister gauri!!
Kali : Gauri or whatever I am kali but not your sister!!!
Gauri : What???

Everybody goes there and tries to make remember everything and she faints!!!

Precap -The doctor says kali has lost her memory! ! ! ☺???

Credit to: Shreshtha

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