Time for a kiss between puskar and preeti (ek duje ke vaaste)

hyyy guyss its me maria
i have a post about preekar so i think to share it with all
soo sorry that i am posting it on a ff page although it is not ff
apology for dat…..
so guysss here is d news…

loyal viewers of sony’s edkv get ready for a sensuously beautiful episode

well. but this romantic sequence will be between preeker not shraman .
viewers have witnessed shravan and suman clashes , but with pushkar and preeti’s romantic moments audience will get to see some light hearted moments

as per a reliable sources ,” pushkar and preeti will be going out and suddenly pushkar will kiss preeti in the car which will shock the lady”

furthermore , she will start avoiding pushkar as she does not have the same feelings towards pushkar ….
so aren’t u excited guyss !!?!!! 😀 😀
so what u think what will happen with this love story…???
share ur thoughts in comments ….

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  1. shit!! a kiss .. y so suddenly? mmm… now she will avoid him.. 🙁

  2. This is confusing.. I mean.. A kiss?? Pushkar ke baby steps ka kya hua??? PreeKar will also stay seperated then..!! Both thr cute couples will be seperated.. Noahh!!

  3. yeah it is also confusing for me nikita di its a post from facebook ….. pushkar ne kuch ziada bada jump hi le lia!! :O

  4. I just read this news by ABP news. But I am sad by the fact because actually Preeti likes Puahkar as a friend as her best friend by doing this maybe Preeti will break friendship with him. And then he will be a 2nd Shravan ( as losing the love lady they like).

  5. LovelyLady

    Yeah really so fast step by pushkar………
    I mean sidhe kiss….. no pushkr u shd not do this ….. no any grl wld like it…

  6. Mukti.H

    So fast… pushkar ke baby steps ka kya hua…
    Use aisa nahi karna chahiye tha…
    In girls on top a same scene happened between azia..

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