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Recap: kabir broke his marriage with Karishma as per karishma’s request and they both became friends and the new entry was Rithvik Mishra sanchi’s bro

@ city

Kapoors reached their home

Kabir kept his phone on the table and moved towards his room which is in upstairs

Kusum – kabir beta stop kabir…

Anwar without making noise tried to go to his room but unfortunately Kusum noticed it

Kusum- Anwar stop

Anwar acted like talking to someone one in phone

Anwar- ma actually one important call I will talk to u later hello yes tell me ok …

Kusum- Anwar wait beta

Kailash- Kusum let it be give him some space we will discuss it later

Kusum gave a glare to him

Kailash- o my hip is paining I will take rest

@ Kabir’s room

Kabir- first I will change then we will talk to ma and make her understand,Ok let’s mess Anwar about it I think he will be in his room if he talks to mom she will be little calm when I am talking to her

Kusum sat on sofa waiting for kabir to show up

Suddenly his phone buzzed with a mess

It’s unknown no

Unknown no- thank u for your help now all set mom is convincing dad, I hope dad will agree for me and Ashish birthday

Kusum saw the profile pic it was Karishma

She was shocked, now she understood what all happened

Again kabir phone buzzed with a mess

Unknown no: thank u kabir now you are my friend too

Kusum saw the profile pic it was Karishma who was leaning on a boy’s shoulder

Now she assumed it should be Ashish

She checked kabir charts with Anwar

She now came to know the whole story

Kabir came downstairs he saw Kusum was holding his phone

Just then Anwar and Kailash came out of their rooms

Kusum came near kabir ,kabir understood with Kusum looks she know everything

Kabir- mom I am sorry kabir stammered

Anwar came near kabir forgive me too mom

Kusum hugged both of them and started to cry

Kusum- it’s not your fault, fault is mine I forced you for the marriage now see what happens

Kabir- no it’s not your fault ma you always think about your children welfare

If a mother cares for her child is it her fault no ma it is her responsibility you only tried to fulfill your responsibilities

Kusum- kabir I leave it you I will wait for decision from today onwards I will not force you for marriage it’s upto you take her own time

Kailash- if everything thing is ok then any one give me food I am really hungry

Kusum- kk come let’s have food

All laughed

Kabir saw his phone

Kabir- o this girl

Anwar- which girl

Kabir showed his phone to Anwar

Anwar and kabir exchanged an unbelievable look and said what a couple then they laughed they went eat their food

@ village

Rithvik reached Mishra family

Jaya came out to check whether everything was right

Jaya didn’t notice Rithvik standing

Rithvik- ma

Tears welled up in Jaya’s eyes

Rithvik ran and hugged Jaya

(Rithvik went to city for his studies he is returning after 2 years)

Both share a emotional hug

Sanchi and Apurva came out and noticed Rithvik

Sanchi- oi mental

Sanchi ran and hugged him

Rithvik- it’s psychiatrist

Apurva- welcome home bro

Rithvik hugged apurva

Rithvik- how are u Appu

Apurva- fine bhaiya

Jaya- you didn’t inform me you are coming today actually pa tried to contact you but your phone was not reachable

Sanchi- ma suprise I know bhai is coming today you know today is a important day so without bhai how can I enjoy this happiness and I only told bhai not to say anything

Jaya- sanchiiiii

sanchi- ma sryy

She hides behind Rithvik

Rithvik- leave her ma where is pa

Jaya- he is looking after decoration go and meet himFirst he will act as he is being angry with you don’t worry he will soon become calm you know about him na

Rithvik- ok mom don’t worry I will talk to pa

Suniel phone ranged

He attended the call

Random man- sir groom’s family met with an accident sir

Suniel- whattttt Suniel dropped his phone down

Just then Rithvik entered with Sanchi, Apurva and Jaya

Rithvik- pa

Suniel just sat down as if everything is lost

Rithvik- pa is everything is ok

Jaya came near Suniel

Jaya- what happened say something

Sanchi- what happened pa

Rithvik took the dropped phone and kept in his ears

Rithvik- hello(hearing this news Rithvik to dropped the phone

Jaya- what happened beta is everything alright

Rithvik- ma groom and his family met with an accident

Jaya- what

Sanchi- went to her room crying

Apurva followed her

Rithvik- don’t worry pa everything will be alright i am here na don’t worry

Suniel hugged Rithvik

Just then Rithvik phone rang

Rithvik- hello

Nurse- doctor patient 302 wants to talk to you

Rithvik- she is fine na

Nurse- yes doctor who doc

Rithvik- kk I will talk to you later I am busy with my family prb

Nurse- doctor

Call ended

@ city

In kabir’s room

Anwar- kabir we should advertise our newsoftware yar do you have any idea

Kabir- let me think

After a while

Kabir- will let’s explain our software freely to village school students so that we can get a good exposure right

Anwar- you are right but which village students

Kabir- let me search in Google after a while ok xyz village is suitable because that village is equal to city and most of them are well educated

Anwar- good choice I too heard about that village panchayat head he is a very honest man and when we are going

Kabir- why not tomorrow

Anwar- whattttt

@Kusum and Kailash room

Kusum- was seeing a girl’s pic and crying

Precap:Sanchi and kabir first meeting


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