Time Changes…SS…Part 9


Okay don’t be senti wenti now, my arm is paining leave me! said pragya
oh okay sorry fuggy! said abhi, but who was the girl?

Girl? asked pragya

Yeah she who donated you the blood, like you,  your blood group was also rare ? said abhi

pragya laughs and says oh is it? blood group was rare like me! 

stop laughing fuggy, don’t you dare to think that I have forgiven you! said abhi

you mean you are still angry! No way! said pragya

Yes way! I m angry with you! said abhi

pragya was about to say something but there was a knock at room door so abhi turned and saw doctor standing there!

Pragya said doctor!

Doctor: OMG after this accident you are looking so fresh i mean like other patients look so dull and week!

Actually doctor you know this all was pre planed! said abhi

Pre planed? asked doctor

Yes doctor this fuggy na already planed that after this accident she will leave me! but see I asked her to stay back so she is here! but i hate her seriously! said abhi

Abhi yaar chor na! stop it! i said sorry !

Doctor: okay continue your fights after this! actually abhi i brought the girl who donated the blood! 

oh is it? then call her na i have to say her thank you! said abhi

Doctor: Please come in!

The girl comes in Abhi and pragya are happy to see her!

Pragya: Tanu?

Tanu: Yes!

Abhi : Wow u donated blood it means your blood is running in pragya’s veins!pragya ki ragon m tumhara khoon dor rha hai …

Pragya laughs and. says Thank you so much!

Tanu: Ah no need actually you saved me yesterday so it was my duty to save you today!

Abhi: Seriously Thanks! and yeah sorry for the Equality slap!
Tanu laughs and says We are friends right! so No Thanks and no sorry!

Abhi bends down and whispers to pragya’s ear friendship leads to love!

Pragya: in this case we love eachother hahaha i mean we are friends from past 10 years!

Abhi: yeah yeah just stop your bak bak now!

pragya: Tanu but how you came into this hospital?

Tanu: Actually this government hospital is after my dad’s name so i visit it every day!

Pragya: Oh! that’s great!

Abhi smiles and says yeah yeah great!

Time passes pragya is already shifted to ICU, whereas abhi and tanu were busy in chit chat of random things! pragya was feeling jealous as again and again Tabhi were laughing at lame jokes and were sharing hi-fi!
That’s how 1 week passed with pragya feeling jealous but inbetween this Tabhi’s bond grew stronger! they used to hangout with eachother! Thou Tanu was from rich family she never behaved wrongly with Abhigya but pragya started hating her! Next day pragua was about to be discharged from hospital so she was somehow relieved that tanu won’t come to their home! but unfortunately Abhi asked tanu to accompany them till home,this made pragya mad and she said Why this Macacamulatta will accompany us?

Tanu: What? I mea what do you mean by macaluta?

Pragya : Not macaluta, it’s Macacamulatta ,this word means beautiful in latin!
Tanu: Oh is it? let me google it!

Abhi: Nooooo! Noway! i… i mean leave it na tanu it will take time!
Tanu holds Abhi’s hand and says if you are saying then i won’t!

pragya thought to herself:
Ahhhh Again this rhesus monkey held abhi’s hand can’t she talk without holding abhi’s hand! Macacamulatta is right name for her!

Pragya had fracture in arm so tanu was helping pragya in some works like cleaning the house and cooking the food! somehow prgaya started liking her but when tanu went near abhi, she always felt very much jealous!

1 month passed Abhi was very attached with tanu, he started sharing his ideas over his career, pragya had no objection over it so sometimes she used to join them too! Pragya had strong feeling that Abhi has started loving Tanu! so she used to distract herself from all these thoughts while writing song lyrics!

It was One day that Tanu Started feeling strange whenever abhi holds her hand she used to be on cloud 9! She called this strange feeling as Love!

It was one day that Abhi was busy whole day so tanu was with pragya!

Pragya was busy in writing some notes but she saw tanu smiling and blushing! they were in park, so pragya looked here and there but no one was around so she shooked tanu!

Tanu…. Tanu….called pragya but there was no response!

Tanuuuu…shouted pragya

Yeah Yeah! what happend? asked Tanu

Where are you lost? i mean like you are smiling yourself? blushing yourself? what  happend? asked pragya

Tanu stood up from bench, she stretched her arms and music of song Ishq hua hee hua from movie aaja nachle started to play…..

Tanu: Hulcul Hui, Zara Shor Hua
(There was a rustle, then there was some noise)

Tanu started imagining pragya as abhi ,she went and sat beside pragya:

Dil Chor Hua Teri Ore Hua
This heart got stolen and went in Your direction

Hulcul Hui, Zara Shor Hua
There was a rustle, then there was some noise

Dil Chor Hua Teri Ore Hua
This heart got stolen and went in Your direction

pragya was confused! Tanu held her hand and pulled pragya towards herself, she started dance and sing :

Aisi Chale Jab Hawa
When such a breeze blows

Ishq Hua Hi Hua
Love surely happened

Aisi Chale Jab Hawa
When such a breeze blows

Ishq Hua Hi Hua
Love surely happened
Pragya says what Love?

Tanu Continued:
Hulcul Hui, Zara Shor Hua
There was a rustle, then there was some noise

Dil Chor Hua Teri Ore Hua
This heart got stolen and went in Your direction
She imagined A man to be abhi, she went to him and hugged him, pragya held her head and said yeh toh gayee! She went to tanu and apologized man,  Tanu again started to sing:

Hulcul Hui, Zara Shor Hua
There was a rustle, then there was some noise

Dil Chor Hua Teri Ore Hua
This heart got stolen and went in Your direction

this time pragya pushed tanu and started singing:
Aisi Chale Jab Hawa
When such a breeze blows
Ishq Hua Hi Hua
Love surely happened

Aisi Chale Jab Hawa
When such a breeze blows

Ishq Hua Hi Hua
Love surely happened….

Tanu continued:
Ishq Hua Haaye
Love happened, Oh my!
pragya said stoppp!  okay okay Love happened but with whom?

Tanu: Abhi!

Pragya was stunned but she wasn’t shocked at all, she hugged tanu and said you know what abhi also loves you!

Seriously? asked Tanu

pragya nodded her head!

Abhi listened to the talk, he closed his mouth and said fuggy! what is this you told everything to tanu?

Tanu goes and hugs abhi tightly! she says I love you abhi!

Abhi hugs her back, he also saved I love you but to be honest seeing his face it was looking like Abhi wasn’t sure! whereas pragya thought to herself pragya your abhi has found Miss right for her so you should also find Mister Right for you!

Abhi breaks hug and says fuggy will you whole day smile looking at us?  come for the hug!

And trio share hug!

Pre Recap: Pragya is sad! 

Okay So i know what i will get! rotten tomatoes and eggs of coarse! but I already said without Tanu story won’t go ahead she is the main character! Sorry! and yeah Rita I changed the Montage! Thanks! ? #fingersrossed #rottentomatoes #welcomed!

Credit to: Somiya

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  1. Really u deserve those rotton tomatoes and eggs???………I think she became only Frnd….nd after that accident abhi will love pragya…..but here TIME CHANGES……??…….So I m here to wait for d next epi……and plzzz unite abhigya….becoz……..TIME CHANGES u know???……..and one more thing d montage s ????……..luvlyyyyy……

  2. arey yaar….what is this…pls unite abhigya…ot tabhi…pls…

    1. OMG sana! i thought you aren’t liking my any story! surely time changes! so abhigya will be united!

  3. Hahha….I guess rotten tomatoes n eggs r not avail so no need to wry…..as usual its splendid…..I meant dat word di……d way tanu hugged d man in d park was.so madd…..hahahha….it was not d mad wat u think its abt d mad on love…..

  4. Omg dear pls ubdate d next episode im dying to no wat happens next
    CANT WAIT!!! !!!

  5. no no no this shouldnt be happen… you are so bad. i am crying here .pls do something . i hate tanu

  6. Deepika bhaasker

    Niceee yaarrr plzzz unite abhigaya Nd pragya

  7. Who said di today’s part is bad actually today’s part is awesome! di!!.di, actually i didn’t see ur reply in part 7 i thought u would reply in epi n forgive ur lil sis di.di the person whom i am longing to see is special person of my life,my love,my story is like fantasy di.we both love each other but we didn’t confessed it,as i am still in doubt as it is infatuation or love.u no need to be sorry di,i should hve told u in detail.ok i ll continue my bak baks later.

  8. wait let me sing this first so here we go
    kadmo se kadmo tak jo raah nikalti hai guzrena wahan se ye teri galti hai hooo rehte hai ab hum wahan ishq hua hi hua ?? song k liye A aur madam ab mje hasne do “Macacamulatta” I mean seriously mje ye word bada pasand hai cartoon aata tha pehle achhe se yaad hai mujhe timon aur pumba humesha timon pumba ko yeahi kehta tha ?????? aur fir pragya to chha gayi aj kya to boli wo jo boli ek dum mast aur fir show agar kisi ne churaya to wo thi tanu ????? hayee kya mast gana gaya aur Pragya ka dialogue ye to ggayi ???????? u r the best somu u r the best ayeee chal gana poora kar deti hoon
    nazron ko sambhalen par dil ka kya Karen dil ko to sambhale nazron ka kya karen nazarein hui hai zubaan ishq hua hi hua ?????????

  9. No so sad for pragyapragya. Waiting for abhigya

  10. Awesome awesome and im not gonna give you rotten eggs because you know i m lazy to buy it and this episode is little funny macacamulatta means beautiful in Latin lol????

  11. Ohh diii i feel sad but its ok coz i knw u wil unite abhigya soon?☺

  12. Actually this epi was really good… So no tomatoes or eggs will be thrown by me… Felt sad for Pragya though…and even though Tanu is nice in this story i still dont like her lol….
    Keep up the great writing Somiya!

  13. hooooo no egg and tomato it is nice and different but please at last u join abhi and pragya.as tanu love abhi from 1st so she had arranged the goons and pragya accident. to get abhi’s attraction. so just go like that.don’t think bad that I am saying story.I. though to give u some idea.don’t mistake me please

  14. Ofcource u vl rotten eggs n tomatoes only…after writing tz episode how can u expect u won’t get tat nu here tanu s +vs character how can abhi leave tanu n goes to pragya… Really soooooo sad eagerly waiting for next part tat there vl b some good twist which make abhigya realize their love with hope…

  15. U r really awesome at describing part…????
    I just loved the way u r processing with story..??
    But plzz unite abhigya not that abhi and tanu..???
    Just waiting 4 the next part..

  16. oh…..no….sorry ya…..rotten tomatoes and eggs were not available…..so let throw some chocolates n desserts…………..

  17. frist time tell this tanu scence super.. and tanu sing a songs super……

  18. Firstly after reading this episode this song runs in my mind “sanam re sanam re tu meraa sanam hua re”I think I loved this episode alot so only this song runs in my mind and secondly.. seriously u don’t deserve rotten eggs and tomatoes.. U deserve beautiful roses that too my favourite yellow roses… From me..??Because this episode is superb superb superb..???It was funny too??haha macacamulatta ?????.. Which means beautiful in Latin ???.. Seriously I laughed alot for this..??? and I know if u include tanu as a main character definitely their will be some reason behind it but whatever be I loving ur ss soooooooooooo much..????? And yes definitely the time will change so we want to wait for it.. U r rocking Chinese keep rocking and I am waiting for ur next episode???

  19. Epi is interesting but what about abhi is he really loves tanu r not u r not giving correct information ? but whatever it don’t keep any romantic scenes between them make fast abhi to love pragya?(๑

  20. sure rotten eggs n tomatoes thr hahaha just kiddng ya to be honest i lk te bondng btwn te trio nd pragya’s jealosy was sooo cute nd tat ‘Macacamulatta’ seriously yaar just awesomeeee i laughed a lot dr….. egarly waitng fr te nxt epiiiiii………….

  21. Miss somiya i hate ur story ur ff is not gud…i don’t lyk ur story script…v always luv abigya…tanbhi luv story v can’t c in real story and imaginary story too….ur writing the track lyk this way plze stop it now….v don’t lyk this track i am silent reader of ur ff….y u separate abigya…u story title name i think ur creating in differant way..but now this story track juz disgusting huh and make me regret..i can’t c pragya is suffer…

    1. excuse me Rajesh all here are abhigya lovers not alone u r here we all are frustrated with tabhi but in original kkb here all are enjoying this ff with their interest so only the writer is writing did u got it if we all will resisting she won’t write so but we are not doing so we are enjoying this because is giving us such a different plot understood so when u say just first think that u are continuously watching that crap for Abhigya reunion and it is not going to happen ever but here u are not able to wait until two or three episodes disgusting seriously she is not disgusting u r disgusting understood Mr

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