Time Changes…SS…Part 8


Abhi was talking with doctor whereas a girll llistened to their talks so she immediately rushed to a nurse!

Abhi: Doctor i don’t know anyone as you are already aware of our conditions there is no one whom I know except pragya!

Doc: I know Abhi but it’s urgent!

Abhi says okay and he rushed to outside of hospital!

after sometime he reached at one of his friend’s house….

his friend: oh abhi, come inside na!

No! i want blood

his friend laughs and says abhi i don’t have 1 rupees in my pocket and you are asking me for blood please!

I m not in mood to joke! pragya is in critical condition ,we need blood of o negative group and I know yours is O Negative please help me!

I m sorry said abhi’s friend ,i wish i could but i already have diabetes ,i can’t put anyone’s life in danger sorry! saying this abhi’s friend closed the door of his house!

Abhi felt like a loser! he went from door to door but no one was ready to donate the blood! he unwantedly came back to hospital with no hopes and no expectations! he came and peeped into OT room, he looked at pragya and sat at bench outside the OT room! he started crying bitterly ,he started saying pragya you always gave me what i needed,you always helped me and today i can’t Even arrange the donar! i m a loser! i m useless, i m of no use! i m dumb! dumb of all! suddenly he felt someone’s presence ,he looked up and saw pragya!

pragya: hey crackpot never call yourself a loser i will kill you for sure!

Abhi: pragya, abhi was about to hug pragya but it was his imagination that vanished!

at same time doctor called him, he turned to doctor and started saying
Doctor i couldn’t ,I couldn’t even arrange the blood donar! doctor please save my pragya i don’t know how but you please…

doc: Relax Abhi relax, pragya is out of danger now! she is unconscious and will gain consciousness within 5 hours, you can meet her!

Abhi was stunned with this answer from doctor!
what? are u saying the truth! please don’t lie to comfort me! said abhi
No Abhi! a girl donated the blood! and now pragya is out of danger you can meet pragya! said doc
seriously? said abhi

Yes but now we will shift pragya to ICU! as still she needs 1 week to recover so somehow she is in critical condition! said doc

Abhi became happy and he hugged doctor! but doctor who is the donar? who donated blood?

Actually the girl! she said that you both know her and she will meet you after pragya gets consciousness! said doctor

okay thank you so kuch Doctor! saying this abhi went to pragya

Abhi went in the room and saw pragya with the fractured arm and dressed wounds!

oh wow! so now madam is sleeping ,you know right now i wanna slap you so hard that you would remember it for whole life! madam was going to leave me for whole life(madam mujhe poori zindagy k liyea chor kar jaa rhy thy wah bhai wah)

Get up i will teach you the manners! you know what i hate you seriously! i hate you hate you hate you wo bhi so wala much! yeah yeah i can’t hate you but kehne m kya jata hai?

Baree aayee chornay waali get up i m waiting for you, get up within 5 hours or else i will split the colddrinks over you! sounded weird? bcoz you are weird! see how much i m blabbering but you aren’t listening to anything! get up fast……

After 5 hours!

pragya takes the deep breathe she moves a little and sees abhi resting his head near her! she moved her hand and patted abhi’s head!
abhi lifts his head and says you got up so soon na!
pragya closes her eyes forcefully and says to herself you are gone pragya ,tu toh gayee pragya!

Abhi: what happend? sleep na, you were going to leave me right? Wow! what a plan, but your plan failed!

pragya was about to say sorry but abhi cuts her off

what sorry? yeah yeah now sorry! i won’t forgive you for what you were gonna do! you are very bad! said abhi

Pragya smiles

yeah now madam will smile! smile smile as much as you want. always gives me tension! you know how much restless i was, how much in tension i was! but no you are enjoying my scaldings! go sleep na why you came back! said Abhi

pragya: okay i will ask doctor to give me wrong injection then i will go in deep sleep!

Abhi freezed over this line!

Pragya thinks to herself OMG pragya what did you said! yeh kya keh diya tune!

Abhi just turns his face!

pragya: listen na abhi i m sorry, i don’t know how car came, okay okay my mistake, sorry na crackpot! you always say that my half life is yours so how can i take away your half life with me! i had to come back see now i m back, i didn’t went to ma and dadi bcoz they are happy there! if i would have left you i knew you were gonna do something foolish ,so i had to come back, now i won’t ever leave you that’s My Promise! Time will change but My promise won’t ever get changed! I am with you and will always be with you! please cool down your anger!

Abhi smiles a little with his face turned

pragya: hans toh raha h udhar mun kar k ab muaaf bhi kar de…. yeah you are smiling now forgive me na!

Abhi turns and tightly hugs pragya

pragya says ouch ouch!

Abhi is still hugging her and says It’s not your promise but my promise also that i will never leave you…yeh tera hee nhi mera bhi wada hai k m tujhe kabhi nhi chorun ga!

screen freezed

Pre recap: Pragya calls tanu Macacamulatta, Abhi stares pragya...

…. Macacamulatta is scientific name for rhesus monkey……

okay guys after seeing 25 comments on part 7 i today itself am gonna upload this part 8! hope you all enjoyed!

and krithka= There is no villian in my story….

and guys i have already thought the end of this story so i think you guys would now know that abhigya would get married but it will take time so just enjoy the upcoming parts there are many twists! stay tuned! Thanks!

Credit to: Somiya

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  1. sahi bataun jab abhi pragya ko daant raha tha na by god aisi feel aa rahi thi mano tu mujhe daant rahi hai ???? jo tu jyadatar karti hai waisey phir se tune jaanlewa episode likha hai ?? Wakai mast ekdum every feel was clear haan mje aisa laga ki tu mujhe daant rahi hai par believe me emotional tha scene ar bayan bhi tune hi kiya so aj mje kuchh nil nahi raha bolne ko.so ye pakdo
    batana bhi nahi aata chhupana bhi nahi aata hume tumse mohabbat hai jatana bhi nahi aata ????? u r the best

  2. don’t end yaaaaaaaaa

    pls coni yaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    i love this ff lot

  3. Wow super but don’t make abhi to fall in love with tanu i want abhigya

  4. Hey!!!! Hi somiya…
    I have read ur whole ff today itself…
    I m in love with it and cant stop myself from commenting on it…
    U r a grt writer and i m seriously ur fan now…
    Ur description of story is so wonderfull just cant stop thinking abt it….
    Eagerly waiting 4 next update….
    Lots of love???

    1. ?????? I m so so so so much glad shiya!

  5. Omg superbbbb epi…..and abhis blabbering r soooooo cute………I really lived it alottttttt………waiting for d next part…….

  6. First I’m macacamulatta now tanu is macacamulatta lol??? eagerly waiting for next episode and yeah you should never call me macacamulatta because that’s tanu role now??and today’s episode is awesome I thought you will make pragya die and will scare abhi and tanu being a ghost lol??anyways you broked her legs na that’s a treat for me??? And this episode is awesome!! Loved it a lot that little lottt??????actually my mother told me to sleep but after seeing your episode on TU I can’t control myself so I said I will sleep in my room and without making my mom know I read this episode! Once again this episode is awesome and amazing!!

    1. Hey I’m reading it again because I can’t sleep but it’s still awesome and funny I’m eagerly waiting for next episode waiting for the reaction of tanu when pragya calls her macacamulatta lol??

  7. Omg tis epi is so lovely I luved it n its awesome and im a silent reader of ur ff will accept me as your frnd?

    1. in this case i should ask you will you accept me as your friend lisa? Thanks!

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  9. Awesome episode yaar really abhi’s love n care 4 pragya really chanceless n love it…

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  14. Pavi i just read your comment over previous update now! well i m fine and if you are asking about daily routine then nothing much! Vacations all around so bored! how are you?

    1. Haan dr i am fine n same pinch i am too feeling bored in my vacation n wht r u doing? I mean to ask abt ur studies n to say abt tdays epi superb dr lovd it to the core da somu k tc bye bye my dr frnd

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    1. loved your comment too sandhya! i replied to your comment over part 7 too hope you checked it! thanks for this much lovely comments ????

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