Time Changes…SS…Part 7

Pragya to herself stupid why are you feeling bad okay if Abhi is in love with someone let him be in love, what’s the problem?

Abhi… Pragya!

yes yes said pragya!

will you come inside the house or your plan is to stay outside whole day? where are u lost?asked abhi
Nowhere! just was thinking that we met tanu half hour before and you are in love? i mean like…. said pragya
oh ho pragya! we call it Love at first side! said abhi
ya yea! Right! You know what love is when you know someone deeply i mean like you fall in love with their soul but you know what in your case it’s not love but affection! said pragya
yup may be! But are you jealous said abhi teasingly!

Me jealous! Oh please abhi stop it! The girl who would marry you na will be the unluckiest! said pragya

oh ho yeah right now stop your bak bak and bring me a glass of water! said abhi

Okay said pragya

okay go baby! said abhi

Baby? ah u seriously are out of your mind! said pragya

Abhi starts to sing with his real voice: Pyaar Hua Iqaraar Hua Hai
Love has happened, acceptance (of love) has happened
Pyaar Se Phir Kyun Darta Hai Dil
Still why is the heart afraid of love
Pragya continues:
Kehta Hai Dil Rasta Mushkil
The heart says that the road/journey is a tough one
Maaloom Nahi Hai Kahaan Manzil
And it doesn’t know where exactly the destination is
Abhi continues : Kehta Hai Dil Rasta Mushkil
The heart says that the road is a tough one
Maaloom Nahi Hai Kahaan Manzil
And it doesn’t know where exactly the destination is
Pyaar Hua Iqaraar Hua Hai
Love has happened, acceptance has happened
Pyaar Se Phir Kyun Darta Hai Dil
Still why is the heart afraid of love
Pragya continues: Kehta Hai Dil Rasta Mushkil
The heart says that the road is a tough one
Maaloom Nahi Hai Kahaan Manzil…..

Abhi was about sing but pragya cuts him off and says Bas dramebaaz stop it! okay okay it would be love!

Abhi: Well pragya, i have always shared my views over my to be wife and all, you never told about your prince Charming!

pragya laughs at this and says if you are here na i do not need any prince Charming! You got it?  Abhi tauntingly says So someone is flirting?

pragya says Kind of that!

Abhi laughs and says you are my sweetest fuggy!

Pragya says i know that!  No Thanks! 

Abhi says Yeah!

Pragya arey i forgot we need to go to the children at park they must be waiting!

Abhi says you are telling me now! let’s go!
pragya: okay but take your guitar with you!
Abhi: oh okay!
They left for park!

Abhi starts to sing:  arrey laDki beautiful, kar gayi chull…

the beautiful girl has made me crazy.

pragya looks here and there and says whom are u talking about? Tanu isn’t here!

Ayeee i m talking about you, no one is more beautiful than you and no one will ever be….( arey m teri baat kar raha hun na koi tujh se ziyada sundar hai na koi kabhi tujh se sundar hogee tu ek hee hai rare peice)

Pragya: Oh Is it? well Thanks
Abhi : hey where are the kids?

Kids came from back and said we are here Abhi bhai and pragya di!
Abhigya turned and the kids hugged them!

Pragya says so bacha party what will you eat today?

Ahm Candy floss! said abhi

Kids: Yesss candy floss!

So how many kids are there! pragya started counting 1, 2,3 ,4,5,6,7,8 ,9.
okay so 9 kids! i will bring, you guys wait…
ayee fuggy you forgot to count me! said abhi
okay so here are 10 kids! said pragya and laughed!

1 kid said bring 9 candy floss, i don’t like sweet things!

Pragya says in this way you also should not like me, I m sweetest na!

Abhi said very bad joke! bring him a lays!

Pragya says okay baba! wait for sometime i am coming! and pragya walks out of park to bring the things!

It was 5 mins and pragya wasn’t back ,this made abhi restless so he asked kids to be in park he will himself go and check where is pragya!

He came out of park and saw a crowd! he was concerned so he started to walk towards the crowd!
1 women says oh My God it’s so much bleeding she can’t be saved! Bhagwan bachaye isko! Abhi heard it and he went further in!
And she was our pragya in pool of blood!
Abhi: Pragyaaaa. ,he rushed to pragya!
he placed pragya’s head in his lap and said pragya what’s this get up!  but there was no response from pragya,  abhi started to shout somebody please call ambulance! why you guys are staring! com’on! but no one called ambulance! he shouted don’t you guys know what’s humanity? please i beg you call ambulance! please, he starting crying! but he gathered some courage and picked  pragya up in his arms and started running towards hospital ,he can’t waste time as already pragya was unconscious!

He reached hospital and started to shout doctor doctor , doctor!

Doctor came and said we need to carry out operation , nurse nurse shouted doctor! nurse came, it’s heavy blood loss just admit her in OT ! we need to start operation ! Quick!
okay said Nurse and they went in OT!
Abhi sat outside of OT, he closed his mouth by hands and started crying bitterly!
She can’t leave me! She is just the one! how can she even leave me! No No, she can’t! after dadi she is for whom I live! Pragya! abhi started crying more bitterly!

after sometime doctor said MR abhi we need O negative blood!  due to heavy blood loss we need it urgently! please MR abhi fast!

Abhi says okay but My Blood group is Ab positive!

Pre recap: Abhi angry over pragya…

Guys i will upload next part today itself after 7 pm may be if you guys want!

Sandhya your one comment is enough for me! you are really sweet!

Thanks Guys! ?

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    1. ah no need for sorry sandhya! well i didn’t understood that you were longing to see whom? Sorry for that! and yes i have uploaded my next part 😉 sorry for making you wait seriously sandhya! You are seriously the sweetest person!

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