Time Changes…SS…Part 5


after dance class pragya just took a day off as it was hers and abhi’s birthday! she just went to garden and sat there, usually after tiring day abhi and pragya go there! so pragya sat at the bench! a kid came and said her happy birthday di,here you ho with chocolate! pragya smiles and says i have never seen you, then who sent you? Kid says Crackpot ,and went away…

No way! i was first to give him surprise but he gave me! so sweet! suddenly someone closes her eyes from behind, Pragya says who else than my crackpot!

Arey you spoiled it fuggy! said Abhi

Acha wait wait again close my eyes! now i won’t predict who are you and then you can continue your surprise! said pragya teasingly

Ah ha! fool! okay i have a surprise for you! said abhi

ahm before you can give me any surprise ,i have a surprise for you! said pragya, wait i will bring it to you,just close your eyes!

okay…said Abhi…

Pragya brings something ,okay now you can open your eyes Abhi….

Abhi opend his eyes and saw the same guitar which he brought from his home 10 years ago but the guitar’s strings were broken down so he thought if he will give it for repair then it will cost much so he left guiyltar in that condition but now guitar was in it’s fine condition! Absolutely looking same! he hugged pragya and said thank youuuu for repairing it! ,pragya pushed him back and said thank-you haan? iseee Guitar say sar phor dena h m ne tera! don’t you dare to say thanks again!

okay baba no thanks! said abhi

so here was your surprise! where is my surprise that you were gonna give me!

Abhi hesitates and says fuggy i will give you at night, let’s enjoy our birthday!

okay as you wish said abhi, so first of all we will go to Mandir! said abhi

Mandir? no way i m not coming! said abhi

Abhi it’s first time i m asking you to come with me in Temple please…. said pragya

Tu please na kaha kar, tera please suna nhi jat mujh se! you should never say me please bcoz i can’t hear that word from you! said abhi

Ah han dramebaaz to chal na, kya problem hai? so come na what’s problem?
said pragya

okay okay i m.coming! said abhi

They went into temple!

Pragya begun to pray: Please give abhi all the things he deserve! he is the only one who is always there for me! give my all happiness to him!

Abhi: I don’t believe in you since you snatched my dadi but if still you are there then Please always bless pragya and give her the all happiness she deserves!

Pragya= Abhi let’s go!
Abhi= Okay!

okay so what’s the plan now pragya?

hmmmm! not sure! said pragya

okay let’s roam around the city! said abhi

Okay let’s go!

Time passed it was evening ,abhigya were sitting near the lake!

Abhi where is my surprise? asked pragya
it’s with me, okay so now i can give it to you! said abhi, he stood up and took a paper out of his pocket…..

pragya also stood up nd said paper?

abhi gave it to pragya!

And it wasn’t only a paper,it was opportunity for pragya! she has been selected for paris! but why was abhi hesitant to give this? bcoz pragya had to go to paris for 3 years,and abhi can’t live without her but as it was golden opportunity for pragya so he pretended to be Happy!

Arey i m selected? said pragya with normal tone..

yes fuggy aren’t you happy? said abhi but he got a call so he left..

arey abhi bhi na budhu hai! Arey this abhi na always behaves like crackpot, where will i go leaving him! never ever ( usay chor kar m ne kahan ja na hai? kabhi nhi) ,i m not going anywhere without him……

Time passed it was late night,abhi was outside of his home, he was looking up at sky, he wanted to stop pragya but he never wanted to discourage pragya so he is hiding his tears from pragya….

Pragya came and held abhi’s hand, abhi wiped his tears, he said pragya, you are here? it’s late night you should sleep!

so in this case i should also ask you to sleep! said pragya

yes let’s go, said abhi and was about to go! just then pragya stoped him and said..

Look at me! how can you think that i can leave you bcoz of my passion! Yes i want to become a fashion designer the day you will become rockstar ,in each step of life i m with you! so…. pragya took the letter and tore it of!

what the hell pragya, you? said abhi

see, i can be given another opportunity but i can’t get another bestfriend like you,leaving you for 3 years! no way! said pragya

Abhi hugged her tightly!

okay don’t be senti wenti now! said pragya while wiping abhi’s tears!

let’s go to sleep said pragya…..

Next day: Abhi is standing near dance Institute where pragya works…

Suddenly a girl hugs him!

pre recap: Abhi in love? or affection?

Guyz i previous day submitted my part 4 but it was all lost bcoz site got offline so uploaded both parts today itself ,thank you so much!

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Stay Blessed ?

Credit to: Somiya

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  16. Guyz Sorry for the inconvenience but i again submitted my Actual part 4, which was a bit longer! I Don’t know why telly updates hasn’t posted that one but already posted this! I have asked them to again post The Actual part 4 so you guyz can enjoy more one! Till then Thanks Guyz and Yes Nirmal, Vaishali thank you guyz! Vaishali A very Happy Birthday to you, May God Bless you!

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