Time Changes…SS…Part 4

AFTER 10 years……

We will work hard, we will achieve something one day for sure! Absolutely Right! Right now he is working hard! Actually he has done PHD, PHD in what? Sleeping , He is still sleeping ,Give him Brain Bhagwaan!…

So She was our sweet charming Pragya, who is really annoyed of our Abhi! if we look at their house! It’s same at 10 years before ,one room house! but it’s quite settled thou! there are 2 beds! with Arjit’s poster everywhere! with Abhi and pragya’s pics everywhere! and yes Najwa zebian’s pic too…it seems pragya is still fan of her!

Hey Sleeping worm get up, it’s 9 00 am right now! we are getting late for our work! said pragya

2 minutes fuggy! said abhi

Uff this crackpot na! Idea! said pragya… .

Arjit sir you are here so glad I m…you are here for Abhi, Abhi see Arjit Sir has came…said pragya while looking at poster..

what? where? abhi jumped up from his bed and saw pragya talking to Poster! he fumed in anger and said Fugggyyyy, you are very bad!

Pragya laughed and said Thanks dude!

ahhh, i need to fresh up right now!

pragya laughed and said go!

Pragya beigns to prepare the breakfast… Oh no this much dough! I mean like only one chapati could be made! Okay never mind i will drink tea! oh no Not enough milk,its only for one person! Leave it, today i won’t have breakfast ,let Abhi eat breakfast! said pragya to herslef….

Breakfast is ready Abhi…Come, said pragya while placing the breakfast over bed!

Okay I m coming replied Abhi…

Pragya started to clean the room!

Abhi came and was about to take a sip of tea but he stopped! He looked at pragya and asked You had breakfast?

pragya tried to avoid eye contact and said Yes!

Abhi said pragya why are you lying when even you can’t lie with me?

okay okay baba i m not hungry that’s why! said pragya

What a co-incidence! i m also not hungry! said Abhi…

Okay okay don’t do drama! said pragya

but you, yourself started your drama..said Abhi with fake anger

Arey the dough and milk wasn’t enough for 2 persons so! said pragya

So what! we will have half half breakfast! after all my half life is yours and your half life is mine! said abhi

Pragya smiled at it….

arey even when i will get married na, you will live with me in the same room! said Abhi

pragya laughed at it and said what if your wife asks you to get me out of your room and life then?

then! I will get her out of my life! said Abhi

So in this way no girl would marry you! said pragya

if no one will marry me, I will marry you then! Said abhi with a teasing smile…

Cheee…I won’t marry you, Crackpot… said pragya, let me bring the cup, or else your bak bak would eat my whole brain!

Wow, A new thing discovered today! Pragya Arora, whom I call fuggy has Brain! said abhi and laughed

ufff ooo! Said pragya, okay now i m getting late, it’s already 9 30, i need to leave at 10 00, so let’s have breakfast!

So if we guyz talk about pragya and Abhi’s profession then, Pragya is a dance teacher who works at dance Institute ,like from 10 00 am to 12 00 am! She also does some part time works like She goes for home tutions ,as she is good in Biology and Maths so she is a teacher! But her real ambition is To become a successful writer and be a fashion designer, she works hard for it! last time she just submitted some of designs in a competition , so results will be announced today on her and Abhi’s birthday, oh yeah today is her and Abhi’s birthday at same day! 31st may! But the difference is that abhi is just 1 year elder, so pragya would turn 25 and abhi would turn 26! Okay if pragya would get selected in that competition ,she has chance to go to paris and after when she goes there, she will be awarded 6 laks rupees! but she needs to be in paris for 3 years! Now if we talk about abhi’s profession, he is a guitarist so gives home tution to many students so overall pragya’s income is 15 000 so is abhi’s but they give 50% of this in charity!

Ajeeb hai yaar! It’s weird yaar, pragya always wishes me before I wish her happy birthday but still she hasn’t wished me! thought abhi

Arey Abhi what are you thinking? it’s getting late! said pragya

Pragya don’t you remember what’s day is today? asked abhi

Arey i remember na! said pragya

Abhi becomes Happy and says Seriously, then tell me!

Pragya says It’s Tuesday today, and it’s 31st may!

and what’s on 31st may? asked abhi

I don’t know! leave it! come now! said pragya

Abhi with a sad face says okay let’s leave

pragya controls her laugh and thinks to herself Abhi surprise is waiting for you!

Abhi is still sad! he thinks to himself so what, pragya i will give you one surprise and i m sure you will be super duper happy!

They leave for their respective works!

At Dance Institute: Arey it’s 10 00 am and still no one is here? what’s wrong!

Happy Birthday Mam shouted all kids suddenly! pragya turned back and saw all kids with flowers!

Pragya hugged them at once! and said so girls! you remembered my birthday?

Yes…said one girl

oh Thank you so much! said pragya

Mam today is your birthday so you will teach us kathak on one song!

okay so which song? Asked pragya

Itni si baat hai mujhe tum se pyaar hai song! said a girl

you mean kathak on this one? asked pragya

But how? asked pragya

Girl says we don’t know and laughed! but you have to!

Aaaab okay! said pragya and very sweetly and properly she danced a bit!

Screen freezed over Abhi playing guitar and pragya doing kathak!

Pre Recap: Just jump to next part….

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  1. hai somu….sorry i wasn’t there to comment for last few days as i was out of station…and am really unaware about such an incident…..i too agree that commenting with someone else’s name is not good..if they don’t want to disclose their name then its ok…its up to them….
    but somu how do you comes to know that its aashti….anyway be calm..and handle it calmly… i think after reading this she should have understood about the things….
    love you somu…..we all know hoe u r …so don’t worry about it…..

    1. Aarthi she met me over instagram! and that’s how I know her, well i m glad you commented!

  2. super nice going…..

  3. but too short yaa…

  4. It’s really short bt nice….
    Don’t worry Somiya everything will be alright frnd

  5. Nice epi dii☺and dnt feel bad its gud tat u said abt her u r right its not right to cheat frnds and aashti pls dnt do this ma?

  6. heee heee i also wish her.. get well soon… and i dont know i am correct but i saw there’s another tina in here some times she may not aasti..but i use tina(suha) bcoz that..

    anyway itz better you inform this to us.

    nice epi.. i love this.aren’t they rich?

  7. It’s short but very nice….nd I agree that commenting with anyone’s name is wrong aashti pls don’t do this it’s really very wrong…..

  8. Wow really it was nice waiting for next episode

  9. Super epic but too short….

  10. very short ya but nice.

  11. Fingers crossed..#Aasthi get well soon#….anyways loved ur SS somi…..juz keep rocking lyk this

  12. the episode was so nice dr….
    really feel bad for that guy aashti….
    dont feel worry sowmiya….
    we all r support u….
    plz ignore that guy….

  13. Nice epi. But really it’s toooo short I m badly waiting for the next part plzzz update it soon….and it should b link deal?

    1. Nice epi. But really it’s toooo short I m badly waiting for the next part plzzz update it soon….and it should b link deal?deal?it long……

  14. Awesome dii it was really nice set couldn’t comment in ur previous episodes I was so happy after yr ss u can’t measure it I know dii Fr ff writers it will be that much hurt when someone misuse their name so I also pray..,#GETWELLSOONAASHTI##….

  15. Nice…. But to short yaar

  16. Nice episode yaar bt short I’m eagerly waiting for next long episode

  17. Nice episode….pls uplaod a long one..

  18. superrrrrrrrrr Akka and thanks for taking leap.I have doubt will abhi marry pragya. r they I’ll Mary some other.and today’s episode was superrrrrrrrrr
    and me too thala fan.thank you

  19. Awesome

  20. seriously it was too shocking that she is hurting all three of us like that I am glad that nivi wasn’t there at that time she escaped from that worst interrogation and personality also it was good but the thing which happens was not good she warned us she yelled at us and what she didnt said she stated all of liars seriously believe me somu I wasn’t able to tolerate that and I am not able to do so too it is disgusting how can a person be so low I wonder damn ! I don’t know who is she weather a girl or a boy but want to say one thing that for that person truth is RIP for sure this much lies god so it is obvious one thing is sure God give him/her some brain and get well soon.

  21. ok ye hui uski baat ab karti hoon episode ki baat to sun sirf kuchh words me describe karti hoon chhota hai par mera hai yes kehne ko ek scene tha bas magar yakeen maan 100 scene k barabar tha aur 100 par bhari tha as usual I love it ??????

  22. superb

  23. Superb. Loved it. And don’t worry about that person. She will get to know about your feelings when the same things happens with her..

  24. Superb. Loved it. And don’t worry about that person. She/ he will get to know about your feelings when the same things happens with them ..

  25. Nice epi Somiya…. Looking forwatd to the next one!

    1. forward*

  26. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb Somu….

  27. See aashti how much u hurted and irritated others by ur lies.. I don’t know y u r doing like this but if you continue this definitely u r destroying ur future… Just I want to say GET WELL SOON FROM THIS DISORDER OF SAYING LIE..

    1. Anyways somi just leave about that.. Coming to ur three episodes.. I mean ur 2,3&4 part.. It was amazing awesome wonderful lovely and so on..u r rocking Chinese I really loved it keep rocking and waiting for ur next update

  28. nice epi somiya dont feel bad be calm aftr this he wil surely understnd hr mistake……waitng fr te nxt part…………

  29. Oh sry dr i wasn’t able to comt u 4a long time n awesome epi somu,n haan aasthi wht a kind of character is this? Pls change this behaviour otherwise u r the one who is gonna suffer a lot comntng bad abt others is a bad habit n using others name is too bad so better get rid of it k n somu v know vry well abt u so v won’t misundrstnd u so now close ur eyes take a deep breath n think abt ur swt ones i always want to see u happy my dr frnd so give a wide smile 4me

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