Time Changes…SS…Part 12 (Last Part)


By Changing nothing, nothing changes! All great changes are preceded by chaos! One’s life doesn’t gets better by chance it gets better by change! Progress can never be made without any change!

It’s been 5 years again !

Let’s see if anything is changed in their lives? If they killed poverty? what if tanu is still there with them? Their life changed or not? Are they still living that same life? They overcame their poverty or poverty overcame abhigya?and the most important question Are they in love? They are married? They confessed their feelings? Or  they  married eachother or pragya found someone else as her prince charming? So many questions and just one answer let’s proceed to our final part of this SS(short story) it’s been always a pleasure for me reading all your comments ! but as everything comes to end this story has also an end but let’s watch out If TIME HAS ALREADY CHANGED FOR ABHIGYA OR STILL THEY HAVE TO CONTINUE WITH THEIR HURDELS!

Mam! Mam! shouted a boy…


Mam the showstopper isn’t ready i mean she is nervous I already told you to change the showstopper but…..

Stop it ronnie! I have especially designed dress for her as it suits her!

But pragya mam!

No more questions ronnie, go and ask the girl to get ready within 15 mins! go…

Okay pragya mam!

Oh so pragya has became faision deigner not bad! Oh that means she overcame the poverty, it means she isn’t living that same life! That’s pretty cool! but let’s watch out if Abhi has also became something or not! …

Sir you are a famous business tycoon and this project could have benefited you in several ways  why you dropped it?

The man turns and says Nikhil that’s the difference in you and me, that’s why I m the boss and you are my assistant!

Excuse me Mister Abhi, I know you have become a famous business man but that doesn’t means that you will forget your friend said nikhil!

Abhi laughed and said fine fine nikhil well yes you said about your girlfriend na i mean your fiance ,i talked to pragya about it she said of coarse your fiance could become showstopper for next show but before that she has to meet pragya!

Oh okay fine abhi but thanks buddy, but listen previous day a media person asked a question from you do you have any answer for that? said nikhil teasingly…

Whi….which,which question! asked abhi

Oh so you do not remember arey It’s been so many years to you and pragya right so media asked why can’t you accept pragya as your Sister? said nikhil

oh sister k bachay she is my bestfriend! said abhi

Bestfriend or more than that? think bhai think for it before somebody else proposes her, she is famous faision designer she can get anyone better than you! said nikhil

tu jata h ya nhi? Are you going or not? Go and continue with your work! said abhi

Okay okay! said Nikhil……

Okay so he was our Abhishek prem mehra who is now a famous Business tycoon! so really time changed! their lives changed! they aren’t living the same life! That’s pretty cool but yet not confessed the love? oh no but let’s see what will be next!

Is showstopper ready ronnie? asked pragya

Yes mam! said ronnie!

So call her! i wanna talk to her…

okay mam!

The showstopper came, pragya went to her and asked

So are you ready?

Yes mam! But……

You are nervous right? See I too m nervous  but just ignore the nervousness and just prove yourself! and yes I will come up with you so No Worries!

Thanks mam said neha!

Meanwhile pragya got a call!

Hey Abhi! You?
Yea pragya I wanted to ask when will you be back? asked abhi

Well just two hours! i mean the show is just gonna be started so maximumly I will be free after 3 hours i guess!

Oh I wanted to say something important to you! said abhi

Oh so tell me! said pragya…

I will tell it to you after you come back to home and yes I m in office right now I will meet nikhil’s fiance ,and then i will send her to you! said abhi

Oh okay fine!  said pragya!

Ohhhh so something important! let’s see what abhi wants to say to pragya but before that let’s see who is nikhil’s fiance? why her topic is coming again and again? so let’s move on……

Abhi was just using his phone and was going to his cabin and on the way he saw someone!

Tanu? said abhi
Tanu looks at him and says Long time man! How are you?
Abhi doesn’t replies!

Tanu continues: Oh and what are you doing here i mean Abhigya’s company? well i said na i will show you sucess! My fiance is personal assistant of the owner of this company!

Abhi just passes a Victorious smile, meanwhile nikhil comes and says
Abhi sir ,so you met my fiance?

Tanu doubtfully smiles and says Abhi Sir?

Tanu I always tell you about him, arey he is the owner of this company! He is really sweet, more than a boss he is my friend!

Tanu looks at abhi! abhi just ignores her…..

Boss? i mean he is owner? asked tanu

Yes baba! Abhishek prem Mehra! the owner of Abhigya’s company! Don’t you know what abhigya means? are it’s just merged name of Abhi and pragya! Abhi and pragya are the owners of this famous company! oh i forgot to tell you about pragya! Pragya is his bestfriend! After so much hardwork they finally achieved this, and Yes Pragya is the famous  fashion designer ,I told you about her before, I have asked her that if she can chose you as showstopper! said Nikhil

Nikhil you both continue ,i have some work said abhi

No no, Sir! let’s sit, I will tell everything to Tanu today!

Abhi nodds, and they trio sit at sofa!

Nikhil continues: You know Tanu ,Sir was in love with a girl but the girl left him beacuse he had nothing with him, he was poor, but the day his girlfriend would see him with so much success na she will surely feel sorry for leaving Abhi! seriously she was the unlucky girl!

Tanu flashbacks for about how 5 years before she said to abhi that : one day I will come again and will show you my success, my fame and at that time you will feel sorry for leaving me! bye Mister Abhi, Bye Miss pragya!
……………… fb ends!

Tanu feels really guilty!

Abhi smiles at fate!

But but but,…..nikhil continues, I think abhi was never in love with the Macacamulatta, arey yes i forgot to tell you something pragya used to call abhi’s girlfriend Macacamulatta and it actually is scientific name for rhesus monkey! and i think this was a perfect name for that girl! she left abhi na! and you know Abhi never loved the girl it was just infatuation! But this stupid Abhi ,he loves Pragya but he never confessed it to her! Nikhil was about to say something but abhi cuts him off and says Nikhil I think this much introduction is enough,  and if you talk about confession ,just wait and watch! ….. And yes,  Abhi forwards his hand to tanu and says Nice to meet you Miss Tanu!

Tanu really feels guilty!

Abhi leaves!

And as usual again Pragya’s this show was also a huge hit!

after sometime she was in cabin waiting for nikhil’s fiance as abhi already asked her to wait, she was busy in checking some files anf there was a knock at door!
Pragya: Yes!
Finace i mean Tanu: Mam i m nikhil’s fiance!
pragya doesn’t looks up and says oh come come sit!
Tanu: Thanks pragya!

After listening to Thanks pragya, pragya felt something similar so she looked up and was stunned to see Tanu!

Pragya: Tanu?
Tanu: Mam! Yes me!

Pragya says come sit!

Tanu sits and shows some of her pics!

Pragya really got impressed and said seriously tanu that’s damn amazing i mean yes i can assign you as showstopper for next show!

Tanu: I m really sorry pragya, what I did 5 years before was seriously the worst thing I did!

Pragya: Time changes Tanu! It also changed for us!

Abhi enters cabin and says you are right pragya!

Tanu stood up and looked at abhi….

Abhi: Pragya i want to tell you something important ,i don’t know if after this Things will go awkward between us!  It’s been years and we are living with eachother still! and I m really lucky to have you!

Pragya says is everything fine crackpot?

Tanu: Oh I shouldn’t disturb you bye pragya bye abhi…..

Tanu leaves!

Abhi comes to pragya and says pragya i want to tell you something!

P: okay baba tell me what happend?

Abhi: I don’t know how it happend but it happend?

Pragya: you are making me restless tell me what happend?

Abhi:Love happend!

Pragya : tu bhi na! With whom?

Abhi takes a deep breath he goes at his knees, he closes his eyes, he takes pragya’s hand and says
i cant imagine growing old with anyone but you. i want to make you my life and dedicate my life to ‘us’. …. whatever i do…my first thoughts will be….is it good for us, will my actions contribute to the goodness of the relationship? …i want to share my life with you forever…you are the one who makes my heart sing…you are the one i need with me for a lifetime…i want to experience the rest of my life with you, my fuggy!

Pragya also goes at her knees and at this time both abhi and pragya are sitting at knees pragya holds abhi’s hand and says…

Into you i have always found my happiness ,into you I have always found my love, Into you i have always found my prince Charming! Abhi I don’t know how?  when? why? But Yes I love you, i want to spend my whole life with you! Since cradle we are wuth eachother ,we will be with eachother till grave too!  There will never be a day in which you aren’t my first and last thought!

Abhi: I looked at you in millions of ways and I loved you in each! you were always there for me in my hard times! Today I have got everything and today i say I believe that GOD IS THERE! AND TODAY I BELIVE THAT TIME CHANGES!
*abhigya hugged eachother*


so finally time changed! Thanks guys for always those lovely comments and especial thanks to all those who never missed to comment on my any episode! that’s really sweet of you all! Thanks silent readers! I have already replied to all comments over previous episode hope you checked it if not then here is the link http://www.tellyupdates.com/time-changessspart-11/
…… Guys I wish i could continue this ff but i can’t as it’s Ramadan and I have to keep fast! but Yes Nirmal that’s a promise I will be back with new one! Till then Sorry guys and Thanks and Last thing I wanna reveal!

Secret! yeah actually shriti’s guess was right! I m the writer (secret) i wrote both One shots but as many of you asked to really tell the name so It’s mee who wrote both One shots! So Thank you guys! And Thank you Thank you. Thank you so so so so so much! waiting for your comments!

Credit to: Somiya

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