Time Changes…SS…Part 10

Months passed Tanu and abhi’s bond grew stronger and stronger whereas it affected the relationship of abhi and pragya! abhi used to come home lately,he used to hide things from pragya which made pragya sad, she was always happy for tanu and abhi but abhi’s this step made pragya feel lonely!It was one week to Surla’s birthday thou surla was no more but whenever Surla’s birthday was around she used to feel sad! and abhi was always there to cheer her up but these days as abhi more cared for tanu and neglected pragya, pragya was much sad even she used to cry as she had no one but just abhi! she always decided that she will talk for this matter with abhi but abhi was never serious! he never took anything seriously this made pragya more upset, she decided to go at park where she could meet kids and it was only the way through which she can feel fresh! as she entered park, she listened to the music and some of these hindi alphabets ….she saw some girls telling these alphabets in lyrical way!
a aa i ee u oo ri ae ai..
o au ann aha
a aa i ee u oo ri ae ai..
o au ann aha

ka kha ga gha Da
ch chha ja jha
Ta Tha Da Dha Na

ta tha da dha na
pa pha ba bha
mai yay ray lay vay

[This is the Hindi alphabet.]

a aa i ee u oo ri ae ai..
o au ann ah.
This reminded pragya of surla, surla always used to teach hindi alphabets in lyrical way, tears came in hrr eyes,she was missing surla so much so that she wanted surla to come back and teach her again everything so she started singing:

ungli pakaD ke phir se sikha de.
godi uTha le na maa..

(pragya remembered how surla used to hug her over little little things)

aanchal se mera munh ponchh de na
maila saa laage jahaan….

hold my finger and teach me (to walk) once again,
pick me up, O mother.
wipe my face clean with your scarf,
the world seems to be grimy..

The girls saw her singing and again the continued singing Hindi alphabet:

a aa i ee u oo ri ae ai..
o au ann aha

Pragya remembered how abhi’s chachu and chachi pushed them outside of house and she thought if surla was there they would have been living a happy and peaceful life so she started singing:

aankhein dikhaye mujhe jab zindagi
yaad mujhe aati hai tere gusse ki
pragya remembered how surla used to scold her so she continued:

DaanTa bhi to tune mujhe, phoolon ki tarah
kyun nahi maa saari duniya teri tarah.

when life shows me eyes (prov., means when life frowns upon me, or tries to scare me)
I am reminded of your anger..
even when you scolded me, it was like flowers..
O mother, why isn’t the entire world like you..
pragya remembered how abhi is nowadays neglecting her and enjoying with tanu,she thought if surla was here nothing such was ever going to happen,now no one was there to take care of pragya, no one was there to ask her if she had eaten something or not! how she is feeling no one was there so she was complaining this to surla:
maatha garam hai, subah se mera
rakh de hatheli na maa
‘tune kuch khaaya?
der se kyun aayi?’ —
koi na poochhe yahaan

my forehead is feverish since morning,
why don’t you put your palm there on it mother..
‘Did you eat something?
Why are you late?’
— no one asks me here..
The girls continued :

a aa i ee u oo ri ae ai..
o au ann aha

Now pragya was remembering how surla brought her up with so much love that she is missing right now! she wants that much love back! so she started singing:
heera kaha, kabhi nagina kaha
mujhe kyun aise paala tha maa

Pragya remembered abhi and complaind to surla:

teri nazar se mujhe dekhe na jahaan
duniya ko to DaanTegi na, DaanTegi na maa

you called me a diamond sometimes, and sometimes a gem,
why did you bring me up like that, mother?
this world doesn’t see me with the same eyes as yours,
won’t you scold the world? you will right?
Pragya started crying but she still bad complains with her so she continued:

mujhko shikaayat karni hai sabki
mujhko sataate hain maa
ab tu chhupa le, paas bula le, 
mann hai akela yahaan

I have to complain against everybody,
all trouble me, mother.
now hide me, call me near you,
I feel lonely here in my heart.

The girls continued:
a aa i ee u oo ri ae ai..
o au ann aha..

Pragya couldn’t hold her tears anymore she sat at bench, closed her mouth by hands and started crying as much as she could, she wanted someone by her side to comfort her but no one was there! girls were confused,  a person was continuously suspecting her! she was crying much bitterly ,so a girl handed her water bottle but she wasn’t ready to stop,she was missing surla much thou 10 years have passed but she still had more love for surla afterall she losed her mother! the greatest gift! she wanted to stop crying but again and again the moments with surla were coming in her mind which made her even more upset! ..The more she was missing surla the more she was getting upset of Abhi!
Abhi already saw this all, he went and sat beside pragya, he held pragya’s hand,but pragya turned her face, abhi said pragya, but pragya gave no response, abhi again called pragya ,pragya stared him for a while and got up! Abhi said pragya why are you so quite? why you aren’t talking to me? and why are you crying? Pragya stares him and starts walking, abhi pats his head and said to himself abhi surely you would have done something that’s why she is so quiet! Idea! Song! her favorite apology song! Abhi went to a lady and bought some flowers, then he went to pragya and tried to give flowers to her but she gave the flowers to a kid! Abhi stepped back ,he held his ears and apologetic way, he started singing:

gumsum ho kyun paas aao na
(why are you so quiet, come close)
ruthe ho yun maan jaao na(
why are you angry, please don’t be)
gumsum ho kyun paas aao na(why are you so quiet, come close)
ruthe ho yun maan jaao na(
why are you angry, please don’t be)

he bought candy floss and gave it to pragya but pragya gave it to a kid…. abhi continued

dil mein hai jo, khul ke kaho(what ever is in your heart, just say it openly)
dil mein chupaao na(
don’t keep it in your heart)

but pragya wasn’t ready to utter a single word…so he continued

gumsum ho kyun paas aao na
(why are you so quiet, come close)
ruthe ho yun maan jaao na
(why are you angry, please don’t be)

Abhi was comfused for what thing pragya is so quite and angry! so he asked pragya :

jaane kis baat pe tum aise khafa ho gaye
(don’t know why you got angry on me)
Abhi again said :
shaayad anjaane mein koyi mujhse khata ho gayi
(maybe unintentionally i made some mistake)
jaane kis baat pe tum aise khafa ho gaye
(don’t know why you got angry on mes)
shaayad anjaane mein koyi mujhse khata ho gayi
(maybe unintentionally i made some mistake)

he was so much confused that he asked pragya by holding her hand!

bas itna toh bata do ke meri kya bhool hai
(just tell me what wrong have i done)
phir chaahe jo saja do mujhko woh kubool hai
(punish me in whatever way, i will accept it)
Pragya took her hand back and wasn’t ready to utter any word! so abhi said :

kuch toh kaho chup na raho aise sataayo na
(say something, don’t be quiet, don’t torment me so)
gumsum ho kyun paas aao na
(why are you quiet, come close)
rruthe ho yun maan jaao na
(why are you angry, please don’t be)

pragya came back to home she sat stove over fire and started cooking something with no smile over her face! so abhi said:

tum jo hasati ho toh yeh mausam muskuraata hai
(when you laugh , this atmosphere also seems to smile)

kaliyaan khilati hai saara aalam gungunaata hai
(the flowers blossom, the whole era seems to sing)
tum jo hasati ho toh yeh mausam muskuraata hai
(when you laugh , this atmosphere also seems to smile)
kaliyaan khilati hai saara aalam gungunaata hai
(the flowers blossom, the whole era seems to sing)
jo hasati ho har sitaara jhilmilaata hai
(when you laugh, all the stars shinemere )

dil ka sheher khusi se jagmagaata hai
(my heart shines with glitter and joy)

Abhi cupped pragya’s face and wiped her tears:
dekho kabhi rona nahin, mujhko rulaao nalook,
( don’t ever cry, don’t make me cry)
pragya again started doing household works ,abhi was behind her:

gumsum ho kyun paas aao na
(why are you quiet, come close to me)
ruthe ho yun maan jaao na
(you are angry, please don’t be)
gumsum ho kyun paas aao na
(why are you quiet, come close to me)

Pragya was still not ready to look at abhi and she didn’t said any single word which made abhi sad ,he sat at bed but wasn’t able to bear the silence of pragya so he got up and hugged pragya tightly,  pragya broke hug and was about to go just then abhi said Sorry pragya now i knew all these months i was ignoring you. i wasn’t giving you the time! we used to spend time with eachother but all long I was with tanu,  seriously sorry, u needed me and i wasn’t there, pragya saw the guilt in abhi’s eyes! abhi continued I already said that if any girl will come in my life I will even then look after you but……okay! enough if my relationship with tanu is affecting our relationship I will end my relationship with tanu today!

pragya: Oh crackpot! Seriously you are crackpot! yeah you are right that I needed you and you weren’t there but this doesn’t means that You have to end your relationship with Tanu! but promise me that you won’t leave me!
Abhi hugs pragya tightly and says i will never leave you!

Pre Recap: Tanu insults Abhi….

Okay guys seriously Thanks for the comments and emmy your chocolates were really very sweet! hehe! okay so yesterday’s episode was of Tabhi and from now onwards It’s of Abhigya! sorry for adding the songs but i seriously love the songs especially that one Aisa kyun maa from Movie neerja so i added it here! Seriously Sorry for everything ,and so you can expect good seeing the pre recap let’s see what happens after tanu insults abhi! I will try to upload next episode today itself and yes krithika Thanks for the idea! Sandhya I seriously am sorry can’t tell what’s love and what’s infatuation! can’t tell but thanks for sharing it like a sister and it really means to me!

Thank you all! ? have a good day!

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    shining in the shade in sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on feel mee (how I am feeling now) shining in the shade in sun like a pearl upon the ocean come on heal me o heal me……….
    Oooh somu I can’t resisting by songs yr that much I liked it and u know I can’t stop singing so I am writing just written
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    2. arey m theek hun tu bata k tu kaisay hai or haan mein samjh gayee thy k tun busy hogy! and yes moms are best! lekin tu na sorry kuch ziyada hee bol rhy hai yeh aadat nikaal le!

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