Time Changes…SS….Part 2

Abhi and pragya were sitting like lifeless bodies near hotel! Abhi gathered some courage and stood up…

Abhi: Let’s move Back to delhi
Pragya : Except of ma, no one was there for me,we had no relatives, Dad left us when i was just 5, and now mom left me when I m just 15! Since 1 month we were getting notices to pay rent, but Mom had no enough money,Our home is also sealed now,the owners just gave us last warning, Mom said to them that we will pay them rent after coming back to delhi! Why I should live now? There is no one for me! you can go! you have your own Chachu and Chachi,i have no one! ( In A low tone)

Abhi had tears in his eyes: Who said you have no one fuggy,I m here with you, My parents also left me when i was just 3 years old! Dadi looked after me! Chachu and Chachi! I don’t like them bcoz they are selfish but now except of them, I have no one in my life! And as For you! I was always with you, I will be Always with you! We hate eachother? no i don’t think, bcoz we can never live without fighting with eachother! Abhi forwards his hand and continues , Let’s go back to delhi!

Pragya holds his hand and says Thank you,she stood up, and said if we go to delhii by walk it will take 55 hours!

55 hours? But we need to go by walk we have no other chance! said abhi

You guyz have a chance! A voice came, Abhigya turned back and saw the same cop!

Uncle? Said pragya

hm well i m also going to delhi so I can drop you,lets go! said the Cop…

Really? Asked Abhi

Yess! Said the cop…

Pragya wiped her tears, Abhi too wiped his tears! they left with the cop!

on the way to Delhi:

Pragya was sitting like lifeless body, she was continuously looking outside of the window of the car! For Abhi it wasn’t a new thing, as he already lost his parents in childhood and again his dadi made him some how determined as for pragya, Surla was only the one with whom she could share everything, She lived for surla and surla lived for her! Abhi knew how it felt ,so he tried to cheer up pragya’s mood…

Hey fuggy can u pass me your Mind platterr Book! I wanna read that Boring book… Said Abhi hiding his tears

Here you go! Said pragya and passed the book!

Ah han it’s so boring, i don’t Understand how you find it interesting! It’s not interesting at all! Said Abhi in a hope that pragya would start fighting with him

May be for you! But My favorite writer Najwa Zebian wrote it! i find it interesting! said pragya while looking out of window..

Cop sensed that pragya is sad and Abhi is trying to make het smile,so he joined with Abhi to cheer up pragya’s mood…

Ah So you are talking about that Najwa! A teacher who wrote it! said the cop while looking from rear view mirror of car…

Abhi smiled at this as he knew Cop is helping him, Abhi said Yes Uncle see na Pragya likes the boring book!

Cop smiled and said My Wife too likes this boring book, i don’t find anything interesting in it! The Book is just a lullaby for me! Whenever my wife reads it to me, I feel like Sleeping!

Abhi laughed and said You are right uncle! this book is so boring!

Cop Says very much!

Can you please stop it! don’t talk further about my book it’s not boring! Said pragya with great anger

The Cop and Abhi laughed at this!

It made pragya more irritated and she started to pinch Abhi, Stop laughing Crackpot, Stop laughing, Said pragya

Okay…I will, But Again Abgi started to laugh…

This time pragya pulled abhi’s hair…stop laughing..

Ahh you pulled my Hairs…. Said Abhi and he started to mess pragya’s hairs..

What the hell! My hairs! Said pragya

You look like Bhootni… Said Abhi and started to laugh…

if i look like bhootni, You look like a Bhoot,you white Ghost! Said pragya and started to laugh loudly…. For 5 mins she continuously laughed! And all way long Abi and pragya were fighting and laughing and at last they reached at Abhi’s House!

Abhi’s Chachu opend the Door! He saw Abhi and pragya with the Cop, he called out Mitali, Mitali..

Abhi’s Chachi= Mitali

Yes Raj, i m coming….Said Mitali….

Raj = Abhi’s chachu…

Mitali said Cop?

Abhi didn’t uttered a word it seems Abhi hated both his Chachu and Chachi!

Cop explained everything to Mitali and Raj…

Raj= Maa! Abhi’s dadi! How can she leave us!

Cop said Himat rakhea, Please take care of pragya and Abhi ,i m leaving as i have flight for America! Please take care of these two…

Mitali had tears in her eyes, she hugged Abhi and pragya and said I will take care off them!

Okay then I m leaving…said cop..
Thanks Uncle ….Said pragya

Cop kissed at her forehead and left…

Mitali wiped her tears, Raj Too….

well we don’t run any NGO… you both can leave …said Raj

Mitali laughed, she held abhi and pragya’s arms and took them out of house!

she was about to close door, Abhi said you will pay for this…

Ahm May be said Mitali and closed the door forcefully…..

Abhi broken-down into tears….

No Pre Recap…..

Okay guyz Thank you so much for the Comments…

Varsha surely you can call me somi, somu,whatever you like ?

Mukand Raj: Yes Of Course, i will be posting frequently as i have Vacations now so I m not busy in any work…

Thank you guyz! and please tell me if you liked this part or not! ?

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